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Reggie Grant - Using media for literacy


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This presentation was delivered as part of TeachMeet Leicester: Digital Literacy #TMDL14, held at Crown Hills Community College on 18th March 2014.

For our round of the event, see:

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Reggie Grant - Using media for literacy

  1. 1. Using Media for Literacy Reggie Grant, M.S. Media Production teacher Lincoln High School Tallahassee, Florida
  2. 2. Mass Media • Video production • Music production • Print and electronic publishing • Social Media • Video Games
  3. 3. Positive attributes • Increased student engagement • Promotes reading and writing • Promotes critical thinking skills • Promotes creativity • Project-based learning cal·cu·lus:Thebranchofmathema ticsthatdealswithlim itsand the differentiation and integration of functionsofoneormorevariables. Lincoln’scalculusteam won first place atthe statewide MuAlphaTheta com petition in February2006.
  4. 4. Thank you! @Media4Literacy Reggie Grant