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Pete Sanderson - Using internet apps to support independent learning


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This presentation was delivered as part of TeachMeet Leicester: Digital Literacy #TMDL14, held at Crown Hills Community College on 18th March 2014.

For our round of the event, see:

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Pete Sanderson - Using internet apps to support independent learning

  1. 1. Using apps/internet to support independent learning Pete Sanderson @LessonToolbox
  2. 2. @LessonToolbox – Apps for Learning, Feb 2014 Picture/Video Enhancers Video Apps Vine (free) Create short, (9 second) looping videos Imovies (installed) video making and editing, with movie trailer features Blogging Apps Glogster (free) – interactive posters which can include videos, text, web links etc Blogger (free) – online text with embedded images, and links Wordpress (free) - online text with embedded images, and links Video Blogging Touchcast (free) - Enhanced video that is fully browsable, responsive, and can include webpages, images, and videos inside the live stream Interactive Pictures/Posters Thinglink - Use ThingLink to instantly add video and text to images Podcasts Audioboo (free) - Record up to 3 minutes for free. Post your clips easily to the web, Spreaker (free) - Create and share LIVE audio broadcasts on the go from your mobile device Soundcloud (free) - Record audio with one touch and easily share it to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Tumblr etc Voicethread (free) - Add images and videos from your camera or photo library. Flip through pages and annotate them while you narrate. Share by sending email. Sharing Ideas & Resources Evernote (free) Create and edit text notes, to-dos and task lists • Save, sync and share files • Record voice and audio notes • Search for text inside images Pinterest - Pin images from around the web. Explore pins and boards on different topics Twitter - Get real-time stories, pictures, videos, conversations, ideas, group discussions Edmodo - Secure classroom discussions, Posting assignments Animation PuppetPals/PuppetPals 2 (already installed on all ipads) that lets you create animated cartoons Tellagami (free ) - create and share a quick animated video Shadow puppet £1.99 Record a puppet and talk through your photos. Quickly and easily create a narrated slideshow to share your stories In-Class Assessment Socrative - Short Answer Questions, Quick Quiz, Multiple Choice, class voting (Essential app!) Mind Maps Popplet – installed – mindmapping software (VERY easy to use) Memegenerator – Makes memes (pictures with text) Quipio – Also make memes, but with better quality finish – looks professional Office 365 (subscribers only) - Secure classroom discussions, sharing resources Coach's Eye – review video with slow-motion playback and drawing tools Pete Sanderson @LessonToolbox Please find below some apps I have been trialling with groups this month. If you know of any more or different ways of using them please share with me @LessonToolbox on twitter. Thanks, Pete :)
  3. 3. Homework Objectives: Digital Homework Menu Pen & Paper  Use a pen to write a response to the homework objectives in your book or on a worksheet. Take a picture and email it to me (or just hand it in) Use a the website or app to record your response to the homework objectives verbally and email it to me. Audio  Video  Use the Vine or YouTube app or website to make a clip based on the homework objectives and email the link to me Blogg  Use the Wordpress, Blogger or Glogster websites or apps to write type your response to the homework objectives and email the link to me Visual  Use the memegenerator website or app to add text to images linked to the homework objectives Interactive  Use the Thinklink website or app to add links, pictures or YouTube clips to images linked to your homework objectives and email the link Email digital homework to (teachers email address here)
  4. 4. Audioboo – Device Agnostic Pete Sanderson @LessonToolbox
  5. 5. Audioboo Pete Sanderson @LessonToolbox
  6. 6. Audioboo Pete Sanderson @LessonToolbox 
  7. 7. Audioboo Pete Sanderson @LessonToolbox
  8. 8. • Device agnostic (works on phone, tablet, laptop and desktop) • Can leave feedback on the account as a post • Post a “boo” as feedback, write on the webpage, or write feedback in the students book Pete Sanderson @LessonToolbox Audioboo
  9. 9. Digital Homework Student Examples
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  11. 11. • subculture
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  14. 14. • M6CvA
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