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Kukua - Our Team Values


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Since making the first draft of our team values in 2015, we always believed that building a company based on strong and authentic values lied at the heart of the company we wanted to build. Over the past few years our values have shaped our team culture; they have allowed us to hire a passionate and diverse team; and in times of disagreements, they brought us together and pointed toward the right answer.

As a mission-driven company, we’re keen to make sure that everyone we work with understands what we believe in. In July this year, at a pivotal time for Kukua, we felt that it was time to sit back down to renovate our values. We did this as a team, because it is important for everyone at Kukua to feel ownership of the company culture and hence for everyone to contribute to it’s pulsating heart. We came down to 5 core values which we all feel encapsulate the way we work and represent this company’s ethos.

Our intention is for our values to continue to reflect in our everyday routines, to be infused in our strategy and products, to be in line with our mission an to exemplify who we are as a team. As with everything we do, this document is a constant work-in-progress – one that we’ll be validating with the growing team as we go and updating twice a year.

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Kukua - Our Team Values

  1. 1. Our team culture
  2. 2. K U K U A We believe the only way to achieve our ambitious and transformative mission is to create an authentic and empowering company culture based on strong values. As with everything we do, this document is a constant work in progress and we go back to it twice a year to update it. The latest version was produced in July 2018.
  3. 3. K U K U A VA L U E S W E H O L D 5 CO R E VA L U E S 1. Mission-driven 2. Relentlessly imaginative 3. Magical 4. Positivity 5. Growth Mindset
  4. 4. K U K U A M I S S I O N - D R I V E N VA L U E # 1 We build solutions around problems that matter and for which we strongly and genuinely care about. We have an urgency to leave the world changed for the better and the patience and drive to be here for the long run. Together, we are the product of perseverance.
  5. 5. K U K U A R E L E N T L E S S L Y I M AG I N AT I V E VA L U E # 2 We pride ourselves with being different and enjoy pioneering paths that have not been walked before. .We are resourceful and creative; one way or the other — we find our way onwards and upwards. We are insatiably curious.
  6. 6. K U K U A M AG I C A L VA L U E # 3 Everything we produce is beautiful, thoughtful and thorough. We apply heart and judgement and insist on creating products and experiences that “Wow”. Every pixel we design sparks inspiration and shifts paradigms.
  7. 7. K U K U A P O S I T I V I T Y VA L U E # 4 We intentionally and always choose to anchor ourselves in a positive mindset. We design our surrounding environment to foster happiness and believe in the power of nurturing authentic relationships. We’re optimists about the future and stay energised and poised even when faced with challenges.
  8. 8. K U K U A G R OW T H M I N D S E T VA L U E # 5 We are perpetual learners, and make time to grow intellectually, spiritually, and emotionally. We consciously choose vulnerability and push the limits of our comfort zone. Nothing feels impossible, final or unsurmountable.