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UX Sofia 2011 - Vladimir Petkov-Kaladan

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UX Sofia 2011 - Vladimir Petkov-Kaladan

  1. 1. Why mobile will dominate?• Everyone has a mobile device;• Mobile internet will become cheaper;• Mobile internet is not a lux, its a lyfestyle.
  2. 2. The theory for the casual user
  3. 3. Media characteristics• Users use them (81% browse, 77% search, 48% watch video)• There is no ritual;• Everywhere (39% bring them in to the bathroom)• Stress;• Saving traffic and money.
  4. 4. Type of products• Smartphone Mobile Website;• Smartphone Mobile App;• Tablet Touch Website;• Normal Website Tablet Ready;• Tablet App.
  5. 5. Platforms 2015• Android;• Windows Phone 7;• iOS;• RIM.
  6. 6. Go HTML 5• Fast and cheap development;• Web-apps for the mobile;• Serverside updates;• One product on many platforms.
  7. 7. Media Development• Mobile first;• Free and Premium version;• User registration;• IAP;• The Good Old UNIX Philosophy;
  8. 8. Content Development• Speed;• Context;• Notifications;
  9. 9. Bonus Advice• Watch for Kindle
  10. 10. Thanks!