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Mode shift ux sofia j kalbach


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UX Sofia,

Published in: Education
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Mode shift ux sofia j kalbach

  1. 1. Mode Shift @JimKalbach
  2. 2. Empathy Photo : Don Hunstein, used with permission Uncertainty Patterns
  3. 3. Patterns
  4. 4. 12-Bar Blues 16-Bar A A B A 32-Bar AABA
  5. 5. A A B A
  6. 6. What are some patterns of practice in UX design?
  7. 7. There are no mistakes in jazz
  8. 8. The reality is that we have no idea what the end state will be... We don’t know what the end state will be...
  9. 9. Like jazz improv, products, brands and services are never finished.
  10. 10. Listen to each instrument separately • What role do they have? • How do their roles change?
  11. 11. How does UX design embrace uncertainty?
  12. 12. Photo: Jim Kalbach
  13. 13. How do we gain empathy for others in our teams?
  14. 14. Thaler, E. - This image was provided to Wikimedia Commons by the German Federal Archive - CC-BY-SA-3.0-de
  15. 15.
  16. 16. …we don’t have any management, and nobody “reports to” anybody else. We do have a founder/president, but even he isn’t your manager. This company is yours to steer — toward opportunities and away from risks.
  17. 17. They will bring … creativity, passion, character, and collaborative spirit—their humanity, in other words.
  18. 18. If what is demanded of managers today is empathy (more than execution, more than expertise), then we must ask: what new roles and organizational structures make sense…? All the questions about management are back on the table – and we can’t find the answers soon enough.
  19. 19.
  20. 20. Thank You