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Comedian Jim


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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Comedian Jim

  1. 1. MagicalCelebrity Conversations In My Mind
  2. 2. Broadway BoundFree and at large around theWorld, Jim Dailakis,Comedian Extraordinaire,has a global following from hisnative Australia to Canadaand beyond the ArticleCircleJim is desperately trying toflee ….. to Broadway!!!
  3. 3. The Mind of Galactic DailakisStories abound from far and near, withwicked abandon, telling long tales ofpatrons of venues suffering from laughingpains in the stomach and about the face -sure signs that Jim Dailakis has beenperforming.Standing ovations are magically mandatory,without a funny bone left intact, nor a bellyleft without laughter
  4. 4. Facts * & * FiguresSold out performancesfor 99 years!!!Rave reviews - usuallylunatics raving or at leastgiving raspberries to theman who can be anyCelebrity we Know &Love ….
  5. 5. Comedian, actor and writer, Jim Dailakis is a Greek-Australian triple threat based in New York. The son of Greek immigrants  grew up in Perth, Australia watching classic American sitcoms like “All in the Family” and “M*A*S*H.” A Trained actor at LeeStrasberg Theatre and Film Institute and the ActorsStudio in New York City; he also does voice-over and commercial work. He has four original screenplays coming about, including “Not Until She Sings,” acomedy-drama.Jim Dailakis has performed at many of the nation’s best comedy venues such as New YorkCity’s Caroline’s and Laugh Factory, Atlantic City’s Borgata Hotel, Raleigh’s Charlie Goodnight’s,Jacksonville’s Comedy Zone and Chicago’s Riddles.
  6. 6. Presently, Dailakis tickles audiences in  a three-night stand-up comedy show Thursday at the Funny BoneStation Square on the South Side in Pittsburg.He isa master of accents and can take on any character. You can spot him doing dead-on imitations of Dustin Hoffman, Sean Connery, Harrison Ford, and Seinfeld’s Kramer in his acts. Audiences are so pleased with Dailakis’ acts that his original plan for athree-month comedy tour in the States has turned into an indefinite stay. Dailakis told the Pittsburg Tribune how he feels more like an actor than anything else, “I was always acting,” he says. “That’s what I am first and foremost. I could almost say I’m acting the part of a comedian. I’m acting the voice-over guy. I think it’s all acting. I think it’s all integrated.”
  7. 7. World WideAustralia PerformancesAmericaCanadaEnglandGreeceFrance
  8. 8. Impressions and Wonderment Al Pacino Rocky BalboaKramerSean ConneryDustin HoffmanJack NicholsonHarrison Ford
  9. 9. This is Jim – or is it ? ...Yes, Jim does grows on youOf course hes a beautifuland creative talentAll Eyes are Always on JimJD is a Miracle of Comedy,sparkling innovation andbrilliant repartee’ – plushe’s a good guy too!
  10. 10. This is Jim – or is it ? ...Excerpt from Blogging Jim:Basically, if you sow positive seedsand nurture them with faith,determination and courage, they willgrow with all your desires.If on the other hand you sow seeds ofa negative nature, again, this is whatwill grow... detrimental and negativeoutcomes.Its amazing how powerful themind is.I’ve always been inspired by peoplelike Thomas Edison, Martin LutherKing, Helen Keller, Mahatma Gandhiand Mother Teresa to name a few. Allof these wonderful people alwayssowed positive seeds and theiroutcome, even in times of greatdistress and tragedy spawned nothingbut positive energy beyond their yearson earth that we continue to beinspired by to this day.
  11. 11. Now Is The Time to Get Your Jim On!
  12. 12. Conversations in My Mind
  13. 13. Conversations in My Mind