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World's Strongest/Cheapest Home Building System


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Patented Building System replaces all other forms of construction for homes, classrooms or other types of structures up to three-stories in height, stronger, better and cheaper than every other option. Resistant to Hurricanes, Earthquakes and all but the most powerful Tidal and Flood-Surge. Country-Specific Distributorships now available for purchase by largest builders. World's least expensive and strongest building system, literally "bullet-proof." Contact Tom Martin for complete details at 954-816-4066 or

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World's Strongest/Cheapest Home Building System

  1. 1. WORLD’SSTRONGEST HOMES?Quickest, Strongest, Cheapest Patented Home Building System
  2. 2. Concrete Block Construction OBSOLETE? © Photo by Sharon Karr/FEMA
  3. 3. Replicable Hundreds Of TimesUsing Mostly Unskilled Labor
  4. 4. “Hang” Standing Mesh Walls In Just 2-Days Hurricane Straps Bonded Into Wall System
  5. 5. All Building System Components Needed To Build 40 Of These Shipped Anywhere Worldwide
  6. 6. Unified Floor/Wall System For “Bonded Slab”
  7. 7. Resistant To EarthquakesHurricanes & Flood-Surge No masonry connections to fail
  8. 8. Spray With Shotcrete & Screed To Finish
  9. 9. Removable Beams & Frames Re-Used Again & Again
  10. 10. Bonded Hurricane StrapsSecure Roof Truss Attachment
  11. 11. Dried-In & Ready To Finish 1 Week After Slab Prep
  12. 12. Distributorships By Country Now Being Marketed By Contact: Tom Martin - Fort Lauderdale, Florida - (954) 816-4066