Bolthouse Farms Markets Baby Carrots As Junk FoodFresh Vending: A Quick And Healthy Snack FixDunkin‟ Donuts Launches K-Cup...
BOLTHOUSE FARMSMARKETS BABYCARROTS AS JUNK                                                                 MIKE AND IKE, H...
FRESH VENDING: AQUICK AND HEALTHYSNACK FIXIf you have always frowned upon the seeminglyunhealthy chocolate bars, crackers,...
ORANGINA APP SHOWSYOUR ORIGINIALFRIENDS ON FACEBOOKOrangina is celebrating 75 years andthe brand has created an app for it...
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Snacking Trend Tracker September 2011


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Snacking Trend Tracker September 2011

  1. 1. Bolthouse Farms Markets Baby Carrots As Junk FoodFresh Vending: A Quick And Healthy Snack FixDunkin‟ Donuts Launches K-Cups; Starbucks Soon To FollowOrangina App Shows Your Original Friends On FacebookAnd more
  2. 2. BOLTHOUSE FARMSMARKETS BABYCARROTS AS JUNK MIKE AND IKE, HOTFOOD TAMALES HIT SWEET SPOT WITH MOBILE PROMOTIONLast year‟s successfulmarketing campaign from Candy maker Just Born Inc. is running aBolthouse Farms positioned sweepstakes promotion that incorporatesits baby carrots as a tasty mobile bar codes on its Mike and Ike andsnack rather than highlighting Hot Tamales sweets.their health benefits. Starting August, consumers can enter for aAdvertising agency Crispin chance to win music, candy and gear viaPorter + Bogusky created a the instant win and grand prizecampaign with the tag line sweepstakes promotion. The company is„Eat „Em Like Junk Food,‟ andcreated three TV spots, a web series, display ads, billboards and vending also use social media such as Facebook tomachines in two high schools. New packaging was designed as well: drive awareness about the initiative.individual snack packs that look just like potato-chip bags, with bold junk “Our strategy for this promotion is to createfood-style graphics. excitement and relevance for our teen andBy the end of the year, sales in their test markets were up 10% to 12% than young adult target,” said Donald Houston,the year before. The vending machines were selling 80 to 90 snack packs senior brand manager of Just Born.per week and a number of schools have approached the company about “By using music to reach this group, weinstalling their own machines. can combine the love of their favorite musicSource: and (picture) and the love of their favorite candy in one fun promotion,” he said. Just Born is a privately owned companySUNKIST READIES founded in 1923 and headquartered in Bethlehem, PA, where it manufacturesMULTIPLE MOBILE Peeps, Hot Tamales, Mike and Ike, Zours, Peanut Chews and Teenee Beanee candy.SITES TO SUPPORT IN- Learn more here. Source: mobilemarketer.comSTORE SHOPPINGSunkist is launching a total of seven additional mobile sites by the end ofthe year as it looks to drive purchases and make it easier to shop forproduce in grocery stores.Sunkist launched its mobile marketing strategy last year and has beenrolling out mobile sites dedicated to specific varieties such as lemons andCara Cara navel oranges. Now, the company is readying additional mobilesites and expects to have a total of 11 mobile variety-specific sites live bythe end of the year.“The real idea behind this is that we realize shoppers are using phonesmore and more during their shopping trips and we want to give them theresources they need to help with their purchasing decisions,” said JulieDeWolf, director of retail marketing of Sunkist, Sherman Oaks, CA.“With the right mix of other elements, mobile can drive sales,” she said.“If someone is in the produce section and doesn‟t know what to buy, havingthat information at their fingertips absolutely might sway them to buy ourproducts rather than some other product.”Source:
  3. 3. FRESH VENDING: AQUICK AND HEALTHYSNACK FIXIf you have always frowned upon the seeminglyunhealthy chocolate bars, crackers, and corn chipsdisplayed in typical vending machines, then FreshVending may pose as an enticing alternative. Basedin San Diego, Fresh Vending is an on-the-gosnacking concept that showcases about 400 choicesof organic and natural snack & beverage options.While the machine still features cookies and DUNKIN’ DONUT LAUNCHEScrackers, these will be from brands that use only K-CUPS; STARBUCKS SOONpremium, all-natural ingredients, such as sugar TO FOLLOWinstead of corn syrup. The vending machines is alsoequipped with dual-climate capacity, making itpossible to store a wide range of healthy food, from Dunkin Donuts restaurants are beginningsoymilk and fresh fruits to granola bars and potato to sell the brands coffees in single-servechips. Keurig K-Cups.Source: and (picture) That gives Dunkin a slight jump on Starbucks, at least on the restaurant distribution front, since Starbucks will not start offering K-Cups in its restaurants (and in mass retail) until the fall. Dunkin announced its K-Cup agreement with Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Inc., parent of Keurig -- which owns about 80% of the single-serve market -- in February. The agreement does not extend to selling the Dunkin brand coffee cups at retail,Britons used to sing a nursery rhyme about swallowing a fly, bushtucker outside of its own restaurants.trials have become an excruciating staple of TVs "Im a celebrity, get me The suggested retail is $11.99 for a packout of here" and stores and online suppliers are selling exotic snacks such of 14 Dunkin K-Cups. Five of the brandsas crickets and worm crisps. coffee flavors are available. Learn moreNow food standards watchdogs across the European Union are preparing give them safety tests. Though such dishes are being increasingly seen Source: andas the food of the future for affluent as well as poorer societies, the (picture)European commission in Brussels and agencies in members states haventa clue about how many citizens are now eating the foods.They are asking suppliers, retailers and natural history experts to help themestablish just how far down the road Europeans are in following othernations dietary habits, such as cockroaches (China), witchetty grubs(Australia), locusts (many places in Africa) and agave worms (Mexico,where they accompany tortilla as well as tequila). Learn more here.Source:
  4. 4. ORANGINA APP SHOWSYOUR ORIGINIALFRIENDS ON FACEBOOKOrangina is celebrating 75 years andthe brand has created an app for itsFacebook page called Show Your LID THAT ENHANCES THEOriginals. „Like‟ Orangina to find your FLAVOR OF TAKEAWAY„original‟ friends on the social network, COFFEEthose who were your first 10 friends,those who commented on your posts,wrote on your wall and liked your The quest for the perfect brew continues.comments before everyone else. Their Just a couple of months ago Coffeepictures are displayed and this can be Joulies launched their thermodynamicsaved or posted to your wall. This app stones designed to keep coffee at the rightis available in Europe, Asia and Africa, temperature, and now Mint Urbanand it was created by KONG, an ad Technologies hope to improve the flavor ofagency based in Amsterdam. takeaway coffee with the Aroma Lid. Hong Kong-based MINT have a particularSource: and (picture) interest in the coffee cup lid, of which over 100 billion are used every year. Following their original biodegradable MINT coffee lid, they designed the Aroma Lid as a solution to the problem of plastic aftertaste and restricted aroma — smell is apparently responsible for 80 percent of taste —RED MANGO IS IN THE experienced when drinking through regular lids. Made in two parts, the primary lidGAME comes into contact with the coffee, with a secondary lid made with aromatic material that sits on top. MINT representative Marc Miller explains that coffee consists of 800Red Mango, the fast-growing frozen-yogurt and smoothie quick serve, has distinct flavors in the same way that winetaken its smoothies to the varsity level in a first-of-its-kind corporate has a “bouquet”, and the Aroma Lid usespartnership with Baylor University Athletics. the finest of these flavors to enhance theNever before has a deal been made between a fro-yo or smoothie quick taste of the drink. The lids are available inserve and an NCAA Division 1-A college program, the company says. Red a generic design or in a brand-Mango will provide smoothies to Baylor athletes and strength training and customizable format, which MINT believeconditioning staff in a move that emphasizes the impact of health and will enable store owners to serve “superiornutrition on athletic performance. tasting” coffee without having to change ingredients or processes.“You simply cannot succeed in todays college athletic environment withouta strong nutrition program,” says Kaz Kazadi, assistant athletics director for Offering a simple solution to a problem thatBaylor University Athletic Performance. “With good nutrition, you see clear many will not have even been aware of,reduction of injuries, better body composition, and quicker recovery time. the Aroma Lid is tapping into a hugeThese smoothies are a part of the program to help provide that.” Learn market of coffee drinkers. If the tastemore here. benefits are palpable, we predict a brightSource: future. There‟s no end in sight for coffee- related innovations! Source:
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