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M121024 altech regular ppt_final

  1. 1. A Luckie presentationfor AltecMarch 16, 2012CONFIDENTIAL - PROPERTY OF LUCKIE & COMPANY. © 2011 LUCKIE & COMPANY. Reproduction, distribution, presentation,display, license, and derivative works by written permission only from Luckie & Company.
  2. 2. Our Story
  3. 3. We were born telling stories.We’re a full-service, fully-integrated, independent ad agency.  But what we really do is tell storiesthat build brands.What makes us different is our ability to create an authentic brand story that moves people, movesproducts and services, and moves markets. We use the science of consumer and business dataand the art of integrated marketing to fuel the magic of brand storytelling. And we do it with adiligent eye on marketing and financial performance.We create and share stories in surprising and innovative ways across all media in order to buildbrands, increase sales, improve ROI and grow loyal customers.From marketing to psychology, research proves that ideas conveyed as stories —not rational benefits, not feature and price points, but stories — seep throughthe clutter and imprint themselves naturally in the human mind.Every brand, every company, every experience has a story waiting to be told.Stories that engage, entertain and get shared. Stories that build brands.
  4. 4. Agency FactsOffices: Birmingham, AL Atlanta, GA San Antonio, TXCapitalized Billings: 2009 – $125.3 million 2010 – $153.2 million 2011 – $182.2 millionYear Established: 1953Employees: 150 totalAverage Client Tenure: 14 years
  5. 5. Agency Leadership Tom Luckie Ed Mizzell President/CEO Chief Operating Officer / Managing Director Tom may have his name on the door, but he’s Ed’s career in sales and marketing has taken him right here in the trenches with the rest of us. around the world countless times. He returned to Since 1977 Tom has been an integral part of the States in 1982, joining Luckie & Company, the agency, leading each of our growing teams where he’s been ever since. Ed makes sure the and making sure that Luckie’s high standards agency runs smoothly and the clients are well are always met. served. Brad White Patti Siegel Chief Creative Officer / Managing Director SVP / Director of Account Management Brad has more than 25 years of agency Patti Siegel is the patron saint of getting down experience working on diverse brands and to business. Her extensive portfolio includes a tough marketing challenges. His ability to wide range of leadership experience, including balance creativity and strategy has won Luckie leading acquisition and retention efforts for plenty of awards and, more importantly, our major hotels as well as a national insurance clients lots of new customers. provider and national retailers. Jane Mantooth Jay Waters SVP/Chief Financial Officer SVP / Chief Strategy Officer In an industry that continuously evolves, Jane As the leader of Luckie’s communications Mantooth has seen it all. Jane has served as planning and brand planning functions, he financial guru through Luckie’s mergers and offers firsthand, real insight into consumers’ demergers and has helped the agency serve its purchasing decisions. Whether it’s Alabama or most tenured clients, including American Cast Iron the rest of the world, Jay gets it. So much, in and Pipe Company, AT&T, Blue Cross and Blue fact, it’s almost scary. Shield of Alabama and McKee Foods. Check out the rest of the team here:
  6. 6. Brands that trust us to tell their stories.
  7. 7. What we do wellStrategy, Research, Business Intelligence, Customer Segmentation,Creative in all channels, Media Planning and Buying, Direct Marketing,CRM, Digital Design and Development, Mobile and Development,Social Media, Search/PPC/SEO/SEM, AnalyticsIndustries we serveConsumer Package Goods InsuranceRetail Lawn & GardenUtilities/Energy RetailBanking TelecomB2B PharmaceuticalTravel and Tourism RestaurantHealthcare
  8. 8. Storytelling is media agnostic. We reach across all channels. EmailPrint/Collateral Out-of-Home Video Radio Point-of- Direct Public Relations Purchase :30 :15 Support all campaign initiatives Sponsorships Sweepstakes Customer Service Community Facebook Digital Twitter Banners Video Paid Search Location Based Mobile Mobile Intelligent iPad/iPhone App Marketing Blogger POP iPad Ads Banners Opt-In Facebook App Facebook Ads Outreach/PR
  9. 9. When you blend the emotional power of brandstorytelling with the sales-driving ability of bigdata, the result is marketing that builds volumeovernight and an enduring brand over time,turning customers into lifelong fans.
  10. 10. A Success Story
  11. 11. AMERICAN“The Right Way”SituationAmerican Cast Iron Pipe Company (ACIPCO), Birmingham’slargest manufacturing employer ,was in dire need of rebrandingthat would reflect both the companys seasoned history and its21st century evolution. ACIPCO did not have a unified corporateimage and brand, and each division of the company was verymuch a “silo” – generating its own marketing materials andcommunications objectives.SolutionLuckie & Company proposed a rebranding campaign that wouldbe embraced and incorporated across all divisions of ACIPCO.Based on customer and employee surveys, we realized that the“American” name was common across all divisions and hadcome to represent deep, lasting relationships with customers. Inaddition, these relationships were based on such things as trust,reliability, performance and professionalism. In short, customerstold us that the AMERICAN name meant things were done theright way. AMERICAN was the company, brand and story thatneeded to be told.Luckie created internal marketing materials that featured thenew brand look and tagline – “AMERICAN: The Right Way.” Printads, stationery, business cards and all other communicationsmaterials also emphasized the new AMERICAN brand name.The rebranding effort was especially important on the newAMERICAN website, which Luckie redesigned and rebuilt after atop-down content audit.
  12. 12. ResultsThe rebranding at AMERICAN has been a huge success bothinternally and externally :•  Website visits are up 100%•  Corporate and employee pride and morale have increased across all divisions•  Corporate-wide unification of messaging and branding has been successful across all points of contact with customers
  13. 13. Sample Work
  14. 14. Harbert Management CorporationWhen Harbert Management Corporation was looking for an agency partner to develop a creative and professional design for the company’slatest annual report, Luckie answered the call. The result was an annual report that clearly reflected the company’s strength andaspirations for future growth.
  15. 15. Daniel CorporationFrom annual reports to pitch books like the one above for Daniel Corporation, Luckie’s designers create works of art that can help tell theright story for your business.
  16. 16. Bayer PropertiesIn addition to creating property pitch books and other marketing materials, Luckie also works with Bayer Properties to create campaignsaimed at driving customers to existing Bayer developments.
  17. 17. Regions Bank – Social Responsibility ReportWe’ve not only helped build a brand around an iconic green bicycle, but we’ve also helped grow Regions’ business through engaging andinnovative stories highlighting the company’s extraordinary level of community involvement and support across its entire regional footprint.
  18. 18. Regions Business LendingTargeting small businesses and offering them the right lending products is key to Regions’ continued growth as well as the recovery of theeconomy.  These print ads are part of an integrated campaign aimed at reaching this target audience.
  19. 19. Mercedes-BenzAlthough it seems like only yesterday that Mercedes-Benz opened its plant in Vance, Luckie & Company has been honored to help sharethe company’s story of success in Alabama.
  20. 20. Balch & BinghamIt may be hard to imagine branding a law firm, but Luckie did just that with strategic thinking and creative executions for Balch & Bingham,LLP.
  21. 21. Gulf Power – Energy CoachThrough a fully-integrated campaign involving TV, print, radio, and online and social media, Luckie introduced Gulf Power customers to theGulf Power “Energy Coach.” Part drill-sergeant and part practical jokester, the Energy Coach set out to whip customers into energy-savingshape.
  22. 22. Bayer AdvancedWhen it comes to home lawn and garden care, consumers are constantly clamoring for advice and guidance. Luckie helped Bayer Advanced enterthe conversation through a completely redesigned website, engaging digital content and social media involvement.
  23. 23. Luckie & CompanyContact John Heenan, CMO 600 Luckie Drive, Suite150 Birmingham, AL 35223 P 205.879.2121 F 205.877.9855 www.luckie.comCONFIDENTIAL - PROPERTY OF LUCKIE & COMPANY. © 2011 LUCKIE & COMPANY. Reproduction, distribution, presentation,display, license, and derivative works by written permission only from Luckie & Company.