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Mini california

  1. 1. Mini presentationBy Sophia MickCALIFORNIA
  2. 2. STRIKING IT RICH. Gold!!  James Marshall arrived at Sutter’s Fort in 1845 to being building a water driven sawmill  Once built the sawmill could use water to cut logs into lumber.  When inspecting the site on January 24, 1848 Marshall found some ‘sparkling pebbles’ and thought they were just pieces of Quartz.  He thought they might be gold, and proved his theory when he took a nugget and tried to smash it between two rocks, however instead of breaking apart, the nugget just changed its shape. After undergoing some more tests, his theory proved true and he had really found Gold.
  3. 3. QUEEN CALAFIA’S ISLAND Queen Calafia  Fictional character  Is said to have been the commander of the Californians- a race of black Amazonians.  Queen Calafia. The name California derives from a character in a 1510 Spanish book. It was Las Sergas de Esplandián ("The Exploits of Esplandian"), by Garcí Ordóñéz de Montalvo. The book was the story of a brave knight who battled griffins and giants. It included a description of a wild island called California, which was peopled by black women. They were said to live in the manner of Amazons. The island was ruled by a Queen Calafia. It was filled with strange creatures whom the women fed with men they had captured in other lands. They also fed their own male children to the creatures.. Some historians have suggested that the Spanish explorers applied the name California in jest when they encountered the barren landscape of
  4. 4.  William Hammond Hall  State engineer responsible for researching and publishing studies for water projects in California.  He envisioned modern California through water and as such is said to be considered one of the states founders.  As Californias State Engineer, Hall worked on a comprehensive water supply and flood control system for the Sacramento Valley. Halls study of Californias hydrology lasted from 1878 through 1883. In that time, his staff installed an extensive flow gauging system along some of California rivers.  He was also instrumental in designing projects to help San Francisco acquire adequate supplies of water from the western watershed of the Tuolumne River.