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Lucini & Lucini Communications - English Brochure


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E-Mail Marketing & Lead generation

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Lucini & Lucini Communications - English Brochure

  1. 1. every email delivered… a goal achieved!
  2. 2. inWorldwide Leader e-mail marketing Publishing The highest standards in online publishing Lucini&Lucini Communications is publisher of subscription-based entertainment web-sites ranked in the Top Website (Source: Alexa). The websites are published in 11 languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Russian, Italian, German, Polish, Dutch, French and Turkish and their community is populated by passionate users from all over the world. The members who join the websites are of our advertising campaigns. Lucini&Lucini Communications offers free subscribers in India, North and South a particular interest in emerging markets. Through the subscription to popular free daily Newsletters, all users are highly pro- DOB,location, occupation, education and interests. This allows the best personalization of email marketing and online advertising campaigns, guaranteeing the best conversion rates, especially for campaigns aimed at targeted demographics.
  3. 3. Advertising Lead Acquisition & Opt-in E-Mail Marketing Technology The ADSender platform is based on a proprietary integrated application framework, which has been developed entirely in house by Lucini&Lucini R&D team. The ADSender architecture keeps record of the customer feedback in terms of clicks, behavior. By tracking all the users’ actions, their updated increasing their value and quality. We drop or update Millions of referred permanent cookies per day, we offer to Agencies ultra-detailed but anonymous info through our cookies. Furthermore, ADSender is an email delivery service that can be licensed to manage partners’ mailing lists at the highest level of performance. All the logos, products images and brand names are registered trademark. All rights reserved. Lucini&Lucini Communications send inno-vative and effective marketing campaigns to opt-in users. The database of emails and highly detailed user data (such as: name, gender, age, residence, profession, education, personal interests etc.) allows Lucini&Lucini to guarantee a precise target for each campaign. Moreover, our ADSender technology offers a fast and effective instrument for performance analysis. Thanks to S.A.M. (Self-acting Ad Manager), Advertisers have direct access to the ADSender targeting tool and can choose the best audience for their product to run successful email mkt campaigns. S.A.M. - Self-acting Ad Manager S.a.a.S. interface. Lucini&Lucini’s technology produce the infrastructure in collaboration with the major ESPs such as: Windows Live Hotmail, AOL, Yahoo etc. ADSender is a Path Inc.: the best email reputation service.
  4. 4. Lucini & Lucini Communications Ltd. P +353 (0) 1 5262459 - F +353 (0) 1 6531356 19 Fitzwilliam Place - Dublin 2 - Ireland