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Horses&pathfinders 2013 catalog


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Horses&pathfinders 2013 catalog

  1. 1. Lucinda Newman’s Horses & Pathfinders SkyHorse Equine-Guided Education, Leadership and Coaching Located in Central Vermont for Business for Wellness for Education Leadership and Customized Programs Youth LeadershipExecutive Development and Retreats Parent/Family Team Building Mind-Body-Energy Mentor/Educator Focus Retreat Organizational Horses, Herd and Development and Empowerment for Women Leadership Demonstrations Strategic Planning and Presentations Ride As One™ 1-1 Coaching Somatic/Bareback SkyHorse EGE-1 Horsemanship Crossing over widely-varied sectors, our high-performing clients — executives, entrepreneurs, teachers, coaches, social workers, riding instructors and others — effectively apply their learning within their target markets.
  2. 2. Business Programs and Services Wellness Programs and ServicesW e offer a powerful and leading edge approach fororganizations and businesses seeking Participants quickly discover how their basic motivations, body lan- guage and energy level impact improve performance and effec- tively gain the trust, cooperation and respect of others. Gain valuable Horses and Pathfinders offers individuals, dyads and groups Wellness Programs and Services Include Themes ‘getting on horse time’ through Such As:to enhance the skills, presence those around them. Working with insight into emotional and social Equine-Guided Education, to promote • Self-leadership: emotionaland effectiveness of their leaders, the horses through a series of trial- intelligence, authenticity and their longevity and internal shifting by intelligence and authenticitymanagers and teams. With guidance and-improvement activities and impacts on leadership ability, rela- relieving the effects of stress on thefrom our horses, participants receive exercises, will enable participants tionships and team productivity. • Basic somatic practices of body, energy and mind. balancing, centering, grounding,a deeply impressionable hands-on to improve their performance and There is also ample opportunity for • Open Enrollment Programs sensingopportunity to experience leadership achieve a meaningful goal. discussions, debriefings and a finaland team working in ways that can • Customized Programs • Developing a focused vision; Horses guide us to what we need to evaluation to take the learning back and Retreats clarifying intentionbe directly applied in the workplace. shift in order to achieve our goals, to the workplace. • One-On-One Coaching • Learning new language and ways to communicate with self,Open Enrollment Programs strongly encouraged to register. Skype, teleconference others and the world and webinar formats are available. For a Free Consultation Call : 802-223-1903One-On-One Coaching: Call to discuss and schedule Customized Corporate and Organization ServicesLeadership Presence Workshop: 2 day intensive to walkaway with embodied leadership experiencesEquest™ Leadership Challenges and Opportunities We work with you to create a goal-specific program to fit your needs, from sales- to executive- to life-skills, D uring these distracting and uncertain times it’s critical to our well being that we individually and collectively slow down, listen deeply and re-evaluate what has heart and meaning. Our goal is to help you create among others. Key areas we commonly focus on are new actions and pathways to care for yourself, your family, your work andfor Executives: Three to five days of Equine-Guided communication, coordination, creativity, creating our earth. Whether you and your group just need a ‘time out’ or you wantExecutive Development to maximize your leadership effective followership and replacing judgments with to shift to a new way of leadership for your self, your business, or yourpotential supported by monthly follow-up coaching grounded assessments. community, we are here for you.Equine Master Mind Business Building: Six sessions We offer Organizational Development Consulting and Open enrollment programs include: 7-session weekly Equine-Guidedsplit over 3 months to meet in an Organizational Strategic Planning Retreats, please inquire. Women’s Empowerment Circles™; Ride As One™ full day somatic-barebackDevelopment group that is focused on your success indeveloping or improving your equine-based business, By the Hour x Half Day x Full Day workshops or 1-1 lessons; and nature-inspired Mind-Body-Energy Focus Retreats.organization, programs or initiatives. CEGEs are x 2-5 Days or as part of a wider program x Customized programs and retreats can last for a half-day, 2-day, or 2-5 days, as well as fit into wider development programs depending on your unique needs. Contact us to create your plans and make your reservation. Leaders from companies such as Nike, Some of Our Clients Kaiser Permanente, IHS, Edward Jones, In addition to Equine-Guided exercises we offer other on-site activities and Partners Wells Fargo and others have experienced such as overnight stays, swimming and professional archery instruction (equipment is provided). the impact of Equine-Guided leadership Vermont Technical College programs, gaining new insights into leadership principles such as… Equine-Guided Women’s Ride As One™ Mind-Body-Energy Norwich University, CGCS Empowerment Circles™ Focus Retreat • Building Relationships Participate in a two-day SomaticCoaching Center of Vermont In this weekly, 7-session series gain (whole body) and Bareback workshop, For 2 days, immerse yourself in • Managing Rapid Change Coffee Lab International unique and powerful perspectives, or schedule one-on-one 90-minute centering, grounding, balancing, • Maintaining Authentic Composure lessons. Learn, practice and embody SkyHorse Ranch insights and practices by the horse’s envisioning, creating and moving. • Unlocking Strengths side, to generate possibilities, regain Somatic Horsemanship skills then Experience a mix of health-full SeaChange Resources • Increasing Success personal power, inspire each other implement them to blend your energy modalities such as EGE exercises, and maintain accountabilities together. with the horse, moving together as one. Archery, Vision Boarding, Creative Read more testimonials Arts, Movement Expression, One-On-One Coaching Somatic Horsemanship has changed QiGong, et al. on our website! Allow the horses, rivers, land, my view of what ‘horsemanship’ weather, and wildlife to be your means. I am a more authentic Customized Programs, I’d recommend this Retreats and Service inspiration and guides for focusing person for my horse and for myself. to any organization. on your deeper wisdom and • Half Day, 3-4 hours It provided an open Direction setting, staying grounded, what has heart and meaning. For • Full Day, 7-8 hours atmosphere for and having clear intention are useful some this may lead the way to a discussion, trust and skills that are transferring to my • 2-5 Days declaration or developing a life, communication. work community or family trajectory. relationships with others. • Coaching, 90-minute sessions Brittany T., Isabel Wirth, • Set of 5-10 sessions Coffee Lab International Residential Program Specialist
  3. 3. Education Programs and ServicesIt’s critical now, more than ever, that we provide our future generation with mentoring and resources toexcel in our complex and global world. For this, we us how to be more aware and responsible for how and what we are actually communicating and if we are coordinating effectively. They help us develop trust,offer Open Enrollment programs and Customized authenticity, effectiveness and integrity with our selvesServices for youth, parents, educators and mentors. In and each other.addition to Equine-Guided Education (EGE) activities Incorporating horses into the educational processwe also explore land and nature-based practices, to encourages a learning environment that is non-judg-develop self-esteem, confidence, awareness, intuition mental, practical, patient, challenging and rewarding.and a feeling of belonging to the community of earth. Join us for a truly unique learning experience that willYouth tend to enjoy considering ideas and new shift the way you administer learning programs, parent,challenges, they are interested in the present moment mentor and teach!and thrive with imagination. Horses do too. We New for 2013, in partnership with SkyHorse, we willhelp others to follow this way of being within theirparenting, teaching and mentoring. Horses also teach be offering a SkyHorse EGE training course that may What is Equine-Guided They are nonjudgmental and Code of Ethics and Standards. Our lead to EGE certification, please inquire. Education (EGE)? live completely in the present team and partners offer a wide moment, allowing them to range of skill and experience in EGE unites equine activities with clearly respond to us with social leadership development, wellness,Youth Leadership Call Us Today Family experiential and observational intelligence based on thousands mentoring and education. Our staffWe focus on supporting boys, girls, For a Free Consultation Mother-Daughter Day — A very learning, land-based wisdom of years of effective leadership and faculty are here for your safetyyoung men and women to discover special day of equine-guided and self-reflection to accelerate 802-223-1903 human growth and development. and group dynamics. and success.their natural strengths, explore immersion in which we grow, learn, The word ‘guide’ means ‘to show Based on their responses they Horses & Pathfinders is located intheir self-leadership, connect with and appreciate the importance of one the way.’ inspire us to shift our perspective, North-Central Vermont, andthemselves, care for others and family. Communicate without words see and feel out possibilities, nestled in the Mad River Valley —expand their creativity. and ignite curiosity. Horses as our guides tune in create vision, and make new 15 minutes from Montpelier and 30Open Enrollment programs for Father-Son/Daughter Day — Take a to the subtle clues that we choices of action for success. minutes from Burlington. The land,ages 10-16 include: break from everyday surroundings, give, reading how we hold our EGE practitioners and instructors confluence of 2 great rivers, wildlife separate from distractions of phones, bodies, extend our intentions,• Summer Camp Week for Boys connect with self and others and are expected and required to meet and horses provide a neutral and computer devices and friends to• Summer Camp Week for Girls embody what we care about. and maintain a rigorous and explicit natural environment that is both take in fresh perspectives with that body opening and real.• After-School Leadership, 6 weeks special person in your life. Engaging• Somatic-Bareback Horsemanship in equine-guided activities on level Call us for a FREE consultation at 802-223-1903 or visit us at lessons, 1-1 instruction, 1 hour playing ground can mean more than you might imagine. I’d recommend this program as a Skills with horses are neither great connection to interpersonal necessary nor required and and leadership interpretations and almost all equine-guided learning to increase self awareness. takes place on the ground. All activities are held outdoors with Shawn Decker, Senior Management Intuitive Education some indoor teaching times, so We offer custom-designed EGE dress for the weather. Although services for educators, mentors and the outcome is no-nonsense, families that focus on kinesthetic the sessions are designed to be learning and a world of possibilities. enjoyable, fun and long lasting. Become a student of the horse and Lunch, beverages and snacks This program is professionally learn how to build and practice are included for all full and done and is suitable for individuals trust, authenticity, clear intention, multiple day events. Just around nonverbal language and more. the corner, Red Hen Bakery or groups from the very highest serves local, nutritious, organic corporate level on down. Anyone who • Monthly EGE Demonstration, 2 hours food. We are a proud supporter! is simply interested in understanding • Half Day, 3-4 hours his/herself on a different level, • Full Day, 7-8 hours becoming a better person or a more • Multi days, up to 1 week, or Read more testimonials effective leader/team player will as part of a wider educational benefit. Doug Lombard, Educator development program on our website!
  4. 4. 106 Lovers Lane Waterbury, VT 05676 “My experience with Equine Guided Education, Lucinda, and the horses was something not to be believed in the normal walk of life of busy people. This is a road less traveled and much more pleasing! ” Rowen H., Facilities ManagerEquine-Guided Education,Leadership and Coachingin the Heart of Vermont Lucinda Newman CEGE since 2005Providing Innovative Solutions forBusinesses, Groups, and IndividualsA Leadership DevelopmentA Team BuildingA Organizational DevelopmentA Women’s EmpowermentA Youth LeadershipA Somatic and Bareback Horsemanship Partnering with SkyHorse to offer SkyHorse EGE programs. EGE Certifiedw w w. Hor s es A n dP a t hF in der s . com • 802-2 2 3 -1903 • in f o @ Hor s es A n dP a t h f in der s . com