Social media and how it works.


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Have you ever wondered what social media platforms you should belong to. Well in South Africa many people and business want to know what to do and where to go to connect with other local businesses and places. Share this information if you found it useful. #letsGetSocial

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Social media and how it works.

  1. 1. Join us on Twitter by clicking on the image above.Last night I had the pleasure of meeting some Business Engage members, who were very interested to find out abouthow to use Social Media for their business.A couple of concerns, were verbalised, with regards to which social platforms to follow, and which ones not tofollow. So I have decided to reiterate what I shared with everyone last night, in the hopes that, it will help you betterdecided which social platforms, you should use to position yourself on.A quick summary of the major social platforms which local South Africans are utilising the most:1. Facebook (Fan Page or Business Page)Used for social networking (this is a social meeting place where everyone including their dog, cat and a few of theircrazy family members would hangout. This is a space where you would socialite as if you where at a causal pic-nic ornight club. So expect to be exposed to everyones dirty laundry, wake up and holiday pictures, on this platform.Great for social businesses like restaurants, venues, internet cafes ect. (Corporate, although you would have a spacehere, some of you would link your facebook activity to your B2B (Business 2 Business) preferred platform, likeLinkedin or Twitter.2. TwitterCurrently rated a top B2B platform, tweeting is a great way to share your insider tips, hints and ideas with yourworking community. NEVER SELL your products or services on this platform, not only is that unprofessional, but theentire point of social media is to help people solve their problems by giving advice for free. VERY IMPORTANT! this isa micro-blogging site that exposes you to chat room conversations, news feeds and relevant information exchange.3. LinkedInMany South African business entities use this platform to write articles, share insights and connect with otherbusiness minded people. LinkedIn also helps you expose your working history with others who might require yourbusiness experience by showcasing your resume online. This is not enough however, and I always highly recommendthat people join groups and networks where they can be involved and share their business knowledge and engagewith others who require your services or expertise.4. YouTubeThis is the 4 most visited site on the internet, with the average business adult viewing close to 12 hours of video permonth. This is a fantastic way to show and tell to your network. Everyone knows the power of visual and audio andhow TV revolutionised the way we interact with products, services and with each other. Well this is a new kind of TVland, designed to share your insights, knowledge and business expertise with an international stage.As a social networker, these are four of the major social sites I recommend you use to expose your business online.However not all businesses need to feature on all four. Should you need some direction or simple want to ask me aquestion. Then please feel free to pop me an email on my gmail account: - I am here tohelp you better understand social media and help you choose and distribute your business message online.Thank you to everyone who attended last night, it was wonderful to meet so many dynamic, interesting people.Thank you to @ColleenLarsen who invited me as a host. I had such an amazing time sharing my knowledge.Connect with me, and #LetsGetSocial - Chat soon - Lucille Vicars socially known as Lucille Divine - 0793359534