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Simple Solutions to harness the power of the internet and start driving traffic back to your website. Article marketing is a great way to start. This ebook will give you the step by step process.

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Article Marketing

  2. 2. THE BEST GUIDE TO ARTICLE MAREKTING ONLINE Learn How to Maximize Your Online Business Profits and Get Google to fall in Love with your Website LEGAL NOTICESEO Tips Spot has strived to be as accurate and complete as possible in thecreation of this report. However SEO Tips Spot does not warrant orrepresent at any time that the contents within are accurate due to therapidly changing nature of the Internet.All attempts have been made to verify information provided in thispublication, the Publisher assumes no responsibility for any errors, omissionsor contrary interpretation of the subject matter herein.Just like anything else in life, practical advice books like this book, cannotguarantee the income made. We advice readers to caution their ownjudgment about their individual circumstances and to act accordingly.All readers are advised to seek proper services as this book is not intendedfor use as a source of legal, business, accounting or financial advicewhatsoever. We strongly advice the reader to seek professional help inregards to any advice legal, business, accounting or financial field.Please feel free to print this book out, and index it in your filing system foreasy reading reference. 2 ©2011 SEO Tips Spot
  3. 3. Table of ContentsWhat is Article Marketing? 4What all Articles Must Have? 6Article Mapping 8Get Your Creative Brain Activated 10Checkpoint Before Submitting to Article Directory 13How to Get Your Articles Read by Millions 15Resource Boxes 17Where to Go If You Can’t Write an Article 18Article Directories 19Your Gift - Free Online Video Tutorials 20 3 ©2011 SEO Tips Spot
  4. 4. What is Article Marketing?Everyone wants more traffic to their website, because ultimately more trafficcan create more sales, and more sales, is a structured way in which to makebusiness profits.Today SEO Tips Spot is going to show you how you can access thismainstream of more traffic with this bonus FREE report – giving you theopportunity to create more profits for you business.Article writing is one of the easiest ways to promoting your website andincrease your website traffic.How does it work?Simple, write articles that relate to your business and submit them to ‘freecontent’ submission sites. These articles are really easy to do, and takes asmall amount of your time to complete. Increase your exposure, increaseyour sales and increase your business profits.How can article writing boost traffic and income?Submitting your weekly articles through ‘free content’ sites on the internetenables you to expose your business to other readers who might find yourarticle and who in turn will either share your article with their network orsimply read more about your product online. This is the fastest way to getyour business exposed.Think of it as going out to a networking event and you explaining to otherswho have attended the event who you are and what you do. Moreimportantly you discuss how your business can help them.Don’t forget to add your business link at the bottom of every link, so thatonce each article is read, the reader has the option to visit your website andget direct access to what you are writing about. 4 ©2011 SEO Tips Spot
  5. 5. Another advantage of submitting your article through ‘free content’ sites isthat webmasters could upload your article on their content. A webmaster isusually a person who has a passion for the written word, and who has theability to write great content which attracts a specific target market. Thesepeople are continuously looking for great content to promote.So the more articles you release or expose the more hits you could get fromthe link you post, with each of your articles navigating back to your site.Increasing your site traffic!As easy as one two three – right?Now let’s talk about the amazing process that happens behind the scenes24/7 with big search engines like, MSN Bing, and Yahoo.Each of these search engines have robots that go out into the internet worldand begin to look for consistent great content – just like the articles you arewriting and submitting. When the robots begin to see traffic being pulled inone direction consistently, they will begin to report your activity to their bigbrother, allowing your website to gain in ranking online.Just think of this like a large library where all your information is stored,every article is indexed by the robots. Yes that’s right your website will beindexed and will be graded by these search engines. Not only do these littlerobots index and grade your articles and tag them to your website, but theywill also index all the other sites where your article was used.Think about this, in less than a tenth of effort is placed in writing articles foryour business and you gain instant exposure just for publishing your articlesnot only on your site, but on ‘free content’ sites too.This is definatley a no brainer to gaining more traffic and increasing yourbusiness profits fast!The trick here is simply writing great articles on your business, about yourproducts what you offer as a service, where you operate from ect. There isan international trend happening online, as more and more people begin topurchase online. So there should be no excuses to writing articles to gainmore traffic to your site and to increase your business turnover. 5 ©2011 SEO Tips Spot
  6. 6. WHAT ALL ARTICLES MUST HAVEThere are four major requirements your article must carry in order to createthis traffic. 1. An article must carry your own business keywords or keyword phrases. In other words, your articles must be written with your keywords or keyword phrases which you or your webmaster has already tagged to your website. For instance, if you’re looking for a secondhand car and type this into the search engine, MSN Bing or Yahoo, each of these robots will do a quick search of the top websites they have indexed and gives you a list of these sites in preference or ranking order. Even if you have not tagged words to your site, your articles must carry the most important keywords and phrases that relate to your business. So in your articles you would mention keywords like: cars, purchasing second hand cars or even car interior and so on. Each article must carry these keywords or phrases. A great way to check what words to use, is by going to these search engines and typing in keywords or phrases that you want to use in your articles first and then evaluate if the keyword or phrases are ranked high enough for you to use them. 2. Keyword Density Keyword density is the number of times a keyword or phrase is used in an actual article. Most of the time this does vary from article to article, but the general rule is to use a minimum of 10% to 15% keywords or keyword phrases in each of your articles. 6 ©2011 SEO Tips Spot
  7. 7. Right now you must be asking: Why you should use keyword densityin your articles – if you have written an article without using keywordsand added a link to your website, surely this is sufficient enough?Wrong, search engine robots work in the same manner as a blind dating.These robots want to see consistent keywords and phrases they candetect easily, allowing them to process the indexing and ranking processeasier. Thus linking your website each time you submit your articles.Have you ever been on a blind date before? Well if you have you will talkfrom experience when we say that when you go out on a blind date,generally your date wants to get to know you more and asks questionabout you, sometimes repeating the question in a different context. Thisis the exact same method the search engine robots use to index yourwebsite.3. Good Article ContentPeople respond to well written articles, and let’s face it, if your readingthis report right now, I bet you will be looking at the grammar, spellingand punctuation, come on, I would. So make sure that your entire articlecarries the correct grammar, spelling and punctuation.Don’t just use keywords or keyword phrases in your articles. This tendsto make your article unreadable, and will not attract people to what youare writing about. Just be natural, make sure that the article holds asuffiecent amount of keywords and phrases.Once again the information that you share should be geared to enhanceor assist the readers need. This will set you in great esteem and can winyou an expert reputation. So make sure that you give great contentalways. 7 ©2011 SEO Tips Spot
  8. 8. 4. Linking Articles Don’t forget to add your website link at the bottom of every article. This will give your visitors a direct link to your website for when they want to purchase your products and services. Also we will discuss later in the report, how to develop reference boxes and will show you how to add these to each of your articles, so that all your research and relevant index of information can be clearly stated and viewed for all your readers to see. So make sure you include the reference box when compiling your articles.ARTICLE MAPPINGNot all of us are article writers, and sometimes understanding how to use aformula is the first step to creating an article. Article mapping is aformula that we use on a daily bases, and we will share our way of mappingwith you today.Always begin with an outline. Creating an outline will give you more clarityand direction to your article. The outline is the design or the blueprint of thearticle. Begin by simply jotting down the sentences, phrases or the pointsyou wish to discuss in the article. In other words, your introduction, bodyand conclusion will be highlighted in your article with reference as to whatyou want to begin using in each of the sections.Brainstorming all your idea’s is the best way of get the creative juices going.Once you have jotted these down, the trick is to begin to think as thereader.Some great questions to ask when designing your blueprint:  What headline would attract your reader?  What information do you want your reader to learn from the product? 8 ©2011 SEO Tips Spot
  9. 9. Your headline and sub title headline, which is the explanation part of whatyou are achieving to do, must correlate with one another. In other words,your article heading and sub heading must convey what the reader willlearn or read about. This statement must be bold, clear and have enoughclout to get the reader’s attention.It goes without saying that in order to be concise; you should research allthe facts that support your point.Now it’s time to add the value part of the article - The flesh and the meat ofthe article.Once again not everyone is able to find inspiration on how to write an article,so I like to sit with my list of possible keywords or keyword phrases here,and slot some of these into the body of the article. Then I begin research aminimum of 10 other articles online that might be similar to what I amwriting about, and take out phrases that pull my emotional strings, or eyegrabbing facts and put these into the mix.Reading will also help you to get your brain into the mood for compiling anarticle, and this alone can be very empowering.Once you have the fleshy parts jotted down, you can begin to work on themeat. We often use storytelling, whether it’s a product, service or brandnew business; creating a storyline is the easiest way of grabbing reader’sattention.The outline for your article must be done in draft form, and if you have asecond person who you can rely on to read through your draft copy, thishelps tremendously, because you get another’s opinion.So just to recap, your outline is the design or blueprint of the article. Whilethe heading and sub heading will act as the attraction and direction of thearticle, giving the reader more clarity of what he is going to read about.Then your sub topics form the flesh and meat of the article, while theparagraphs and content sub topics form the body of the article itself. 9 ©2011 SEO Tips Spot
  10. 10. It so important to reread each of your articles. Put yourself in your reader’sshoes, and make sure that each of your outlined points actually say whatyou wanted to encompass.Believe me, sometimes writing articles can leave your mind in wonderland,and your mind will let you wonder there for as long as you want. It’s up toyou to keep to the outline of the article.GET YOUR CREATIVE BRAIN ACTIVATEDTransferring words into images in a readers mind can sometimes be verydaunting, and often people do get stuck when it comes to using the creativeside of their personality. Don’t let this frighten you off!Using words to formulate a story is a great way of communicating, and mostof us do it on regular bases. We talk over the phone to our friends, family orcolleagues, and we formulate words into images over telephones everyday.Some of us are great storytellers, and some of us are factual and to thepoint. No matter what your style or pattern of communication is, there willbe someone who will understand your writing style.So the first step here is to not get too overwhelmed about writing at all.Look for great inspirational stories. Look at their headlines, and subheadings. Look at the contents or body of the articles, what did they use toformulate these thoughts together. Begin to take notice of your favoritemagazines, or writers and use their formulas.SEO Tips Spot clients always are looking for great easy step by stepformulas that they can apply to what they have learnt, and I want to share 5ways to get your creative brain activated, so that you too can begin feelingconfident about your article writing skills. 10 ©2011 SEO Tips Spot
  11. 11. 1. Keep a diary or journalA great way to get going, is to begin writing in a diary or journal everyday.Generally I am not a morning person, so I write in my diary when I have aquite time during the day, this also helps me formulate a story. If Iexperienced a different morning, or something happened to my daughters, afunny story or a sad story, I keep writing all my thoughts into my diary on adaily bases.Another great trick, which I love doing, is when I find a new word, I enter itinto the back of my diary pages, and find out what the word means. I writedown the meaning. This helps develop my jargon of words, for my clients,because some these words are great hook words that really active theemotional brain. Try it, it will not only get your brain training itself, it willadd to your vocabulary a great deal. 2. RELAX and take time to planWork your plan! A mind that does not have focus is a mind that is filledwith other jumbled garb. Begin training your brain to work the plan. I loveusing each hour of the day to my advantage and I plan my days and weeksahead so that I am able to give my best to each of my clients. In your caseyou want to give the best to each of your articles and this in itself is a greatway to look at the big picture.However if you don’t take the time to relax your mind and get yourselfprepared and ready you will be buzzing around like a bubble bee without amission. Calm yourself before you write any article; make sure that yourdaily routine has some sort of exercise and meditation ritual so that you canuse your brain to its max during the day.Once you’ve relaxed, drawing up a plan or an outline becomes a very clearpath. Gearing your brain to relax and work the plan effectively. 11 ©2011 SEO Tips Spot
  12. 12. 3. Create a working place that inspires your creative brainThe right working environment is key to your creative brains success. Yourwork space will reflect what is going on in your mind, so it’s so important toconstantly add or take away items like books or pictures that don’t work.Make sure that your energy is happy working in the space, and above allyour desk and computer is neat and tidy to begin working from.It’s so much easier to have a space that you’re content to work from in orderto get the creative brains juices flowing freely.I always have images of what I desire in my lifestyle, as well as pictures ofmy beautiful family around me. As I gaze over my computer, I know that Iam always happy and content to get the best out of my writing skills, andmy mind is constantly reminded of my vision for my life and my family.This inspires me so much that often I am compelled to ‘day dream’ about mybeautiful future, and this comes through in my writing techniques too.Being an article writer also allows me to travel with my partner and set upshop anywhere we go. So weather we are down at the coast or at aconference somewhere in Africa, my office is always scenic and beautiful. Iam truly living my dreams. 4. Set the mood!I love writing to music! I have over 10000 songs stored on my laptop andeven more on my work space at home. No matter where my career takesme, I always listen to music when compiling my articles. From hip hoptunes to trance, alternative, rock, golden oldies – I just love listing to musicwhen I am writing. It stimulates my brain to reach deep within my juicesand just sets the tone for each and every article.Learn what makes your brain tick. Would your brain work better in a quietspace or surrounded by other and their noise? Do you prefer the outdooroffice surrounded by trees, flowers, birds singing – what would set yourbrain into write mode? 12 ©2011 SEO Tips Spot
  13. 13. You decide what makes your brain tick and implement it, so that each ofyour articles has that special something to offer. 5. Get CrazyAnother wonderful tool to use is Adrenaline to get your brain going. Changeyour daily routine by simply doing something different. I once met a womanwho used to climb to the top of her roof and sit up there to view the worldfrom a different direction to get her juices going. It’s a wonderful way tochange your perspective and get your Adrenaline kicking in at the sametime, because whenever you use this sensory gland, you will never forgetthe emotion you had.So go skydiving with your imagination and get crazy! Your clients will loveyour point of view and it will show in your articles too.CHECKPOINT BEFORE SUBMITTING TOARTICLE DIRECTORYWith modern technology communication it’s fast becoming a career thatmany writers and webmasters are being assigned to. With that in mind,your article writing career will never be short of work. However greatwriting does take time, but rest assured that the popularity of theinformation age is upon us and writing weather it’s for your business or foranother’s will be around for many years to come.The number one vision as an online article marketer is to hook people’sattention and drive them to the site as a prospect and then convert theminto buyers.This is the formula that you must follow in order to become a greatarticle writer. It goes without saying then, that you should check each ofyour articles before submitting them through to any ‘free site’ listings. 13 ©2011 SEO Tips Spot
  14. 14. Let’s look at the common mistakes that some people make beforesubmitting articles to any directories. 1. DON’T get confused about why you are promoting the articlesThe art of article writing requires only three basic steps that will assist inpromoting your business. The reasons why you are promoting the articlesare to bring awareness to your brand, to increase your lead generation(prospects) and to promote your website. All of these points directlyinfluence your optimization efforts or your SEO. 2. Maximise the promotional opportunities of article marketingSo now we have discovered that writing articles can promote your website,but it can also generate more visitors to your website. Using links, keywordsand keyword phrases also plays an important part to maximizing yourpromotional opportunities online.Remember to always add these formulas to your articles. Part of doing wellonline is getting noticed by other publishers or webmasters, because youwant them to include your article as a reference on their sites, better yetyou want them to share your entire article with their network. 3. Stay away from contents that is not helpful.Article writing maybe the process of writing great articles to promote yourbusiness, but if they don’t carry an element of helpful advice or a way toeducate others, you are missing the point.Article marketing is designed to entice people who want to do business withyou, or need your product or service. Albeit for a special occasion or for alifetime that they use your product.The key here is to keep offering advice or give valuable knowledge aboutyour company or your Clients Company or product and services. Alwayskeep this in mind and you will never go wrong. Your job is to be theambassador to the company, and most ambassadors like to give advice.Give yours! 14 ©2011 SEO Tips Spot
  15. 15. HOW TO GET YOUR ARTICLES READ BYMILLIONSWhen writing an article for clients or your company, it is very important touse these guidelines. Using these simple guidelines will give your article theright look and feel.The right look and feel will often help attract the right kind of person to readthrough your articles. So try and add all of these suggestions to each articlethat you write. 1. Provide a good ATTENTION grabbing headlineRule of thumb here is to always spark off curiosity. The right attentiongrabbing headline will entice the person to begin reading through yourarticle.Ask questions, make bold statements and better still if you can weave yourkeywords into the title bar, you are half way there. 2. Keep your reader interested from beginning to endMake sure that your content is well researched. If you are planning to writearticles for other businesses, make sure you understand their productoffering and research what they offer. You are entitled to spend the daywith them, and their team. However if this is not possible, you can askthem for all the relevant information going forward.Ask them for their marketing research conducted with their customers, drawon their sales targets by speaking to the marketing manager. This is awonderful way to get to know the brand personally. I have always felt thatin order to understand and sell something, one would need to experience it. 15 ©2011 SEO Tips Spot
  16. 16. Use my philosophy whenever you are able to, because this will give yougreat backing when attaining new business yourself.This process also makes the article fun, because you can begin to startdeveloping great story lines. Above all, it is so important to keep yourarticle interesting by adding valuable content that people might find useful. 3. Don’t over complicate paragraphsWhen paragraphs are very long, words begin to jump out at readers andthey tend to leave the article for one simple reason, to avoid confusion.Make sure that your paragraphs are kept at a legible order, and are easy tofollow and read. 4. Use sub-headings to sub-divide your paragraphsRemember the article that you are writing will be viewed on screen, so it’simportant to keep the content easy to read and follow.Make use of sub-headings when you want to explain a step by step processor when you want to drive a clear message or offer home. Creating sub-headings can give your article the professional clout it needs to get noticedby other publishers or webmasters. 5. Use numbers or bulletsHighlight your sub-headings by either applying numbers or bullets to each ofthe points that you are making.Once again this gives the reader an opportunity to refer to each step by stepprocess and will give your article the professional edge. 16 ©2011 SEO Tips Spot
  17. 17. 6. Use number sequences to grab people’s attentionA great way to get a reader’s attention is to allocate a number heading thathighlights your article content. For example if I am writing an article aboutthat second hand car dealership and want to grab a reader’s attention Icould opt for a heading that would read something like this:THE 7 WINNING STEPS TO FOLLOW WHEN BUYING YOUR SECOND HAND CARAT ARNALDS CAR DEALERSHIP!This headline not only holds a step by step guide which simplifies thereaders approach to buying a car, but it also teachers the reader in theprocess, thus your article writing skills deliver an authoritative edge.RESOURCE BOXES So what is a resource box and why should your article always carry one? A resource box is placed at the bottom of your article, and must carry a link to the website you are promoting. In addition your details, as the writer of the article are included in this resource box. This will aid you in obtaining new clients as well as allow other readers who follow your articles to recognize you. Creating a back link to the website you are promoting will give the reader the opportunity of visiting the website. Basically a resource box helps drive traffic to your site, and towards you the writer of the article. The trick here is to use the resource box as an advertising snippet for both the website and the writer. Because you have a limited amount of words to use for these resource boxes, you should always have a punchy byline that is short and to the point, to drive traffic. Another great trick is to use your keywords or keyword phrases for your resource box. This will help ‘seed’ your articles for search engine robots. This helps build credibility inviting more traffic to your site. 17 ©2011 SEO Tips Spot
  18. 18. Never underestimate the power of your resource box! You want readers to click on the resource box, in order to gain more traffic to the website.WHERE TO GO IF YOU CAN’T WRITE ANARTICLE We have established that articles are very important to your website traffic, which can increase your business profits. Keeping ahead of your game is where you want to place your business. If you are a small business owner, and don’t have access to a large writing pool like most corporate do, then consider employing a writer. I have listed a range of online websites where you can find a writer that suits your requirements. There are many of these sites and ten thousand more writers who write for many clients online. When going to these sites, you are required to open up an account, which you can do for free, and submit your requirements. These sites have special robots that look at your request and send them off to various writers who fit the profile. You are notified once your request has been answered, and don’t get a shocked if you receive over 10 bids, at different prices, because these sites act like a cattle ranch auction, assigning your requirements to many writers. Most small companies do this, because it allows them to get on with their days work, while their writer gets on with their article marketing. And as we all know article marketing is the qickest way to get exposed to a number of potential new leads. Growing your business profits is what you want to gain from this entire exercise right? 18 ©2011 SEO Tips Spot
  19. 19. Another trick is to look through the same sites you submitted your articles to. These free sites are already free forums where other writers post articles to. There is no copyright infringements involved with these articles, so using them on your website is simple. However free domain articles are freely given to the public and are for public use, so your competitors could already be using these articles. Be aware! Partnering with other companies that have the same subject or topic as you is a great way to get article content, because they would submit these straight to your website, linking your website with theirs. HOT TIPAlways go for original articles that are designed to get you noticed! Don’t over complicate it, if you have budget to hire an article writer on any one of the sites I suggest, you then do exactly that. I normally charge a good $25 dollars for 10 articles that are between 300-500 words long.ARTICLE DIRECTORIES/WEBSITES These are a few of the well known article directories or websites where you can find great article writers as well as some free articles. 19 ©2011 SEO Tips Spot
  20. 20. Now go ahead and take the first step, show the world what you’re madeof. Don’t let your self be the thing that stops you from taking control ofthe DREAMS you wish to live.Your Partner to SuccessLucille DivineYour Gift -Free Online Video TutorialsThis eBook is designed to help people just like you, who want to understand how toharness the power of the internet and start positioning themselves online. If you feel thatthis eBook added value to you, then share it with your network so that they can starttaking control of their own SEO (search engine optimisation) and start using the internetto promote their business, just like you.At SEO Tips Spot we are passionate about sharing our valuable knowledge with people whowant to learn, and that is why we will always share our FREE online training porthole withyou. So please join our online video tutorials by simply navigating to: andregister your name & email, then watch the video and install our Smart Library onto yourcomputer today.Our Smart Library currently holds over 200 educational video tutorials that show you stepby step formulas on how to use social media sites like facebook, twitter and my space. Aswell as other online editing and designing programmes like camtacia, gimp and so muchmore. These video’s are designed to take you from beginners to advanced, and are easy tofollow.Alternatively if you would like to join our many live events, then join our mailing list byvisiting SEO Tips Spot online.Remember your online success starts with YOU and a strategic plan online.Here is to your great success.Lucille ©2011 SEO Tips Spot