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Farm City Forum - Pecha Kucha - Farming the City - Francesca Miazzo


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On 09/25/2010, planner Francesca Miazzo, detailed her findings from Farming the City, a recent investigation into urban agriculture theory and practice in Amsterdam, Netherlands 09/14/2010 sponsored by CitiesTheMagazine, which she also edits.

Farm City Forum concluded Farm City, a three-week series of events exploring the possibilities for urban agriculture in the current reality of NYC as part of Crossing the Line: FIAF Fall Festival from 9/12 to 9/25/2010. Farm City Forum took the format of an “unconference,” a lively participant-driven series of discussions exploring how to shape the future of urban agriculture. Three Sessions, each with its own distinct approach, brought together artists, farmers, urban planners, architects, food activists, and authors. The Primary Goal of the Forum was to engage participants in a visioning process about transformative possibilities of urban agriculture as a means to generate new thinking and experimental action positively impacting a more sustainable future.
The Forum's Secondary Goal was to explore how artistic interventions transform and illuminate urban agricultural endeavors and vice versa.

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Farm City Forum - Pecha Kucha - Farming the City - Francesca Miazzo