Electric Service Credit Union News


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PowerLines, a new publication for a local credit union; electronic version coming soon.

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Electric Service Credit Union News

  1. 1. J A N U A RY 2 0 1 1 powerESCU Celebrating 60th Anniversary Do your family a favor.Electric Service Credit Union was founded in 1951 at the suggestion of the Nashville Give them your credit union. There isElectric Service Board. Eleven NES employees made the initial $5 deposit, and ESCU no better banking choice for your familywas started on November 30. The credit union officially opened for business on than Electric Service Credit Union. YouJanuary 2, 1952, and by the end of the first month it had 210 members. By the end already know that ESCU is a financial co-of its first year, deposits had reached $67,000 and a membership of 517. operative, owned and operated by mem- bers, for members. And, ESCU is head-In 1961, as the credit union’s assets soared to more than quartered right here in Middle Tennessee,$1 million, ESCU amended its charter to allow the where decisions are made by people youfamily members of NES employees to join. The credit know. Help your family enjoy the kind ofunion continued to grow steadily over the years, and it financial peace of mind that credit unionchanged its charter again in 1980 to allow NES retir- members share every day. Bring yourees to continue their membership for life. The charter family to Electric Service Credit Union.changed again in 2006 to allow those who live, work, worship or attend school inDavidson County to join. Credit Union membership is now enjoyed by more than5,000 ESCU members, assets are over $50 million, and a second branch has beenadded in Donelson. Inside this issue... Teaching kids to saveESCU has now received an expansion of charter by the State of Tennessee, allowing us Charter member recalls foundingto serve those who live, work, worship or attend school in Sumner County. A new Money Market savings optionsbranch location at the Streets of Indian Lake in Hendersonville is planned, with Doing good for horsesconstruction set to begin sometime in 2011. Bank by phone with Teller Line Get a financial check-upElectric Service Credit Union continues to be served well by a volunteer Board of Earn big interest on checkingDirectors, and a staff of 17 employees. A new financial software system installed in Annual meeting setDecember 2010 will provide the platform for further ESCU growth. ESCU continues In Memoriamto welcome new members and looks forward to serving generations of credit unionfamilies for many years.
  2. 2. New account teaches kids to save Board of Directors What are you saving for? No Waiting in this Dickie Johnson · Chairman Gary Murray · Vice Chairman A Money Market account can get you there faster. Teller LineESCU has launched a new savings program for children ages 12 and younger. John Broadway · TreasurerThe children’s savings program is designed to teach young children the There are some really good reasons to use a Money Market account for saving. Money Kent Cochran · Secretary Our new 24 hour telephone bankingbenefits of saving and building good financial habits. Program Randy Gregory Market accounts usually pay a higher rate than regular share savings accounts, earning service, Teller Line, now offers lots ofmembers will get fun prizes when they save and get fun mail Chad Jones you some extra cash each month. And, Money Market rates are fairly competitive with new ways to access your account byand birthday cards. Children who are already members of Kevin Walker certificate rates, while still allowing you limited access to your cash without penal- phone. Teller Line is great for checkingESCU will automatically be enrolled in the free club. Share ties (ESCU members can withdraw up to three times each month from their Money your balances, finding out if Staffyour credit union with your little ones...it’s coming soon. For Market accounts without penalty). Most financial experts recommend using a Money Ron Smith · President your Direct Deposit wasmore information about the children’s savings program, visit us Steve Fox · Vice President Market account when you’re saving for something specific, like a new car or college received, or just balanc-at escu.com. Bethany Rogers · Controller tuition. With rates tiered to pay you more as your balance grows, and easy access to the ing your checkbook. Ken DuBray · Branch Manager cash when needed, Money Market accounts can give you both flexibility and earnings You can also use Teller Trey Wallace · Branch ManagerCharter ESCU Member Recalls you need. At ESCU, there is no minimum balance or cost to open your Money Mar- Line for transferring ket. Stop by to open your account at any ESCU location.Founding Chavela Banks your loan pay- Sabrina Clarke ment, or making Debra Gayles The Power to Do Good. transfers to other When Jim Campbell joined Nashville Electric Service in 1947 as a young field Cheryl Goolsby Virginia Hollis REIN Helps Horses in Need credit union engineer, it felt like coming home. He members (approval Debbie Johnson On Saturday, November 20, representatives from ESCU were at The REIN Event, had already seen a good bit of the world Sharhonda Kinnard is required to transfer to other a charity event co-sponsored by ESCU that benefits REIN (Reaching Equines In by then, thanks to the U.S. Army. While Melissa McBride accounts). You can reach Teller Line Need). REIN works to raise funds to assist local horse owners who may need financial Katie Smith anytime at 1-800-724-7574. To access a Jim was studying electrical engineering at assistance. Inspired by last year’s rescue of 84 horses from a Tennessee farm, REIN Deborah Sauls the University of Tennessee, the Japanese complete menu of Teller Line’s options, Anna Sneed operates a “hay” bank for horse owners in need. Many of the 84 rescued horses were attacked Pearl Harbor. Serving first as an visit escu.com. Malinda Warchus starved and in bad physical health, but thanks to many big-hearted horse lovers, the Army machine gun squad leader in the horses were adopted and are thriving. For more informationinfantry and later with the Signal Corps, Jim married his high school sweetheart, Anita, Downtown Branch 1214 Church Street about REIN and its mission, visit tnrein.com. In Memoriamfinished his studies at UT, moved to Nashville and joined NES. Jim had been at NES Suite 100 | Main Floor ofonly a few years when he attended a meeting with ten other NES employees who were Nashville Electric Service Former ESCU Chairman of the Board,interested in starting a credit union. Admittedly, Jim had never even heard of a credit Gradin L. Mooneyham, passed awayunion, but he liked the idea of helping other NES employees and their families. He Donelson Branch September 25, 2010. Mr. Mooneyhamsigned on as a charter member of Electric Service Credit Union in 1951, and has been 3139 Lebanon Pike worked at NES for many years as Safety Target Shopping Centera valuable member and volunteer ever since. Jim has served as a volunteer on the audit Supervisor. Mr. Mooneyham was an ac-committee, and continues to be a champion for the credit union. Jim says that the www.escu.com tive credit union member, as a volunteercredit union has always been there for him. Anita and Jim shared a wonderful married on the credit committee, then later as alife of 50 years, and raised and educated three very accomplished children of whom (615) 687-4801 member of the Board of Directors andJim is tremendously proud. Jim retired from NES at the age of 62, and he and Anita Chairman of the Board.enjoyed some interesting travels before she passed away from breast cancer some fifteenyears ago. Electric Service Credit Union is proud to honor Jim for his vision CEO Ron Smith shows off his surprise new foal, Bella, born in September.and service. Member NCUA | Equal Housing Lender Bella’s mother, Ginger, was one of 84 horses rescued last winter.
  3. 3. Member Services Check-ups for financial healthShare Savings Accounts Avoid trouble down the road. Check your statement regularly, either onShare Draft Checking Accounts paper or online. Regulations limit how long you have to resolve dis-ATM and Debit Cards putes and errors on your statements, so monitoring your financialChristmas Club activity and bringing errors into question early is important. EnrollShare Certificates of Deposit in Virtual Branch to check your accounts online, anytime.Money Market Accounts Take some time to sit down with a representative of theIRAs credit union and review the beneficiaries and jointAuto Loans owners on your account. Life changes suchMortgage Loans as marriage and divorce can change your plans forHome Equity Loans who should have access to your accounts, or who should receive the money in yourBoat Loans accounts later. Don’t limit your check-up to your credit union accounts. ConsiderRV and ATV Loans insurance policies, retirement accounts and other financial instruments as well.Signature LoansShare-Secured LoansEducation Loans Annual meeting set for March 15Credit CardsOnline Banking The Annual Meeting of Electric Service Credit Union will be held Tuesday, March 15,Mobile Money 2011 at the Millennium Maxwell House Hotel in the downstairs ballroom. Arrival time will be from 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm. Dinner will be served at 6:00 pm. Invitations willElectronic Statements be mailed. The cost for the dinner is $5 if reservation is made in advance, or $10 at theBill Pay Service door without reservation; seating is limited.Important Debit Card InformationMembers who have loans with ESCU Earn 3.99% APY on Your Checkingthat are more than 20 days past duewill have a service interruption on Interest Rewards Checking pays 3.99% APY on checking when you:their debit cards. Once the loanpayment is received, debit card service · Have at least 2 direct deposits/ACH credits monthly.will be reinstated. · Complete at least 18 (signature based/non-PIN) debit card transactions monthly. · Make at least 3 on-line bill pay transactions monthly. · Use e-statements instead of paper statements with us in Virtual Branch. When the criteria are met, Interest Rewards Checking earns 3.99% APY on the first $5,000.00, then .25% APY on any amounts over $5,000.00. (A fee will be assessed to your account should any of the criteria not be met during a month.) Talk to an ESCU staff member for complete program rules and guidelines. Ready to change your account to an Interest Rewards Checking? Visit with a member services representative at any location to make the switch.