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Social Bookmarking Success Guide


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This guide will help you use the major Social Bookmarking sites. Equipped with instructions, tips, ideas and graphics find everything you need to know about Social Bookmarking Marketing.

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Social Bookmarking Success Guide

  1. 1. Social BookmarkingSuccess Guide
  2. 2. Social Bookmarking Sites Can: Introduce new sites Drive traffic to your site Help you obtain backlinks Help you establish authority Expose your content
  3. 3. Helping Our Bots: Social Bookmarking Sites Help Search Engines By: Exposure- When you first start a blog or create a webpage, your content will most likely have little exposure. For this reason, Social Bookmarking sites will help you get your content out into the world and perhaps even drive traffic to your site. Votes- The greater amount of votes (Diggs, StumbleUpons, Reddits, etc.) a page has, the more useful it usually is. This page may also rank higher in the Google algorithm. Authority –The better the quality of the content, the more relevant it will be to search engines. Quality may also be established by the number of bookmarks from varied users and Social Bookmarking sites. Meta Tags- While meta tags may not help you much with the bots, it does, indeed, help you get more click through rate from users by categorizing your content.
  4. 4. And The Winners Are: Top SocialBookmarking Sites You Must Use StumbleUpon Digg Reddit Delicious
  5. 5. StumbleUpon How TosHow exactly does StumbleUpon work?StumbleUpon has several cool features that are oftenoverlooked by the naked eye. Most of these features areeasy to use but may sometimes confuse a user. That is whywith this step-by-step guide, you’ll learn how to navigate thesite easily and in a timely manner.You may use it as a reference template or you may justwant to train your crew with it. Whatever you do, The onlyrequirements now, is for you to give me your full attention.
  6. 6. Tool Bar If you like a page If you don’t like a pageThis is what the toolbarlooks like If you want to post This is what the something on Facebook toolbar looks like
  7. 7. Tool BarIf you want to share a message.You may also post it on:• Facebook• Twitter• LinkedIn If you want to comment on a post.
  8. 8. Tool Bar If you want to view your stats If you want to view your profileIf you want to editmodes, interests and channels
  9. 9. Profile This is what the toolbar looks likeThis is what your profile page looks like. This is what your profile page toolbar looks like. Click “Add a new page” to submit your content
  10. 10. Adding Feed Your URL here Should be a minimum of 3 tags. Tags should also be detailed Comments are recommended. Be as descriptive as possible. This will help with content indexing and location.
  11. 11. DiscoverUnder the “Discover” tab you mayfollow:• Interests• Stumblers• ChannelsBeing active and connectingwith other users is key.
  12. 12. Digg How TosThere should be no excuse for not having Digg as one ofyour major Social Bookmarking sites. Perhaps the most user-friendly and fastest of all Social Bookmarking sites, Diggallows you to share countless information with one click.This site lets you discover, share and recommend top newscontent which you can also subscribe to be sent to your e-mail. Digg offers a no-follow system of bookmarking andmay generate leads that rank directly in the main searchengines. In need of a personal newspaper? Takeadvantage of Digg’s free features.
  13. 13. Tool Bar and SettingsThis is what the toolbar looks like To add your feed, click on “Submit a link” Include your URL here To change your settings click here
  14. 14. Reddit How TosReddit is another Social Bookmarking site worth considering. This sitemay help you bump traffic to your blog significantly. Main key points toremember when using Reddit is to always post varied content. Reddithates promotional content. Also keep titles and photos catchy. Forsome reason, this site emphasized in these details.As far as content, personal stories, humor, leisure and creative materialmake the top categories according to Reddit users. Avoid postingtechnical material. Instead, craft something wild and see it shine.One more thing. Subreddits are categories in which you may includeyour content for more exposure. When assigning your content to asubreddit, remember to choose wisely. This includes selecting acategory that has enough activity.
  15. 15. Tool Bar Log in or Sign UpThis is what the toolbar looks like Check your “Reddits”, “Popular Reddits” and “New Reddits” Check your “messages”, “preferences” and “logout”
  16. 16. Submitting a FeedYou may add a link Or you may add text
  17. 17. Delicious How TosDelicious tends to be the standard by which other SocialBookmarking sites are compared to. Crafted with a minimalisticdesign, it has a very effective interface which users love.Delicious is perhaps the best option for someone who’s startingto get acquainted with Social Bookmarking. With this site youcan enjoy features such as: being able to save your favoritewebpages and having easy access to come back again andagain. It also lets you search for bookmarks using keywords orrelated tags.Delicious is known to have a strong community of users. The siteis user-friendly and lets you add friends easily.
  18. 18. Tool Bar To add a linkYour main page would look somewhat like this: To view your profile and change settings To save your links use To import bookmarks from your browser
  19. 19. Submit a Feed Paste your URL here
  20. 20. It’s All About Sharing! SocialBookmarking ToolsSocial Bookmarking is a process worth establishing in yourMarketing plan. Why? Think about the role of these sites.They are meant to expose interesting content oftencategorized by niche. They are also great atrecommending trending content. If you think about it, notonly might you establish a certain authority, but you canalso search for content to blog about. It’s a win-win for youand for your fellow Social Bookmarking community. Get outthere and share your mazing content!
  21. 21. Social Bookmarking Sites for the Educational Community BibSonomy- This site is designed for university students who want to research and share bibliographies. Citeulike- This site helps students share and organize academic papers. Connotea-This is a social bookmarking site for researchers.
  22. 22. Social Bookmarking Sites for Self Promotion Blipoo: This site allows self promotion! Yes. You heard right. Boost your blog traffic by creating an account. Claimid- With this site you have the power to manage your identity by bookmarking other sites that contain content about you. You can build backlinks this way. Freezilla- It’s known as the first Web 2.0 promotional and networking tool. Sk*rt- For those of you in Reputation Management, this is a site that targets women. Vuju- This site allows you to tag and promote your content.
  23. 23. Social Bookmarking for the Marketing Community Llogo-This site is used for displaying your favorite webpages in aesthetic ways. Marktd- This site identifies articles and trends that are important to the Marketing community. Mysitevote- This site lets you vote for different websites and lets you view how popular they are. Philoi- This site is known as a link sharing haven.
  24. 24. Social Bookmarking Sites You MustNot Overlook Searchles- This site is loved by the giant Google and all the other search engines. Why? Because of it’s high term rankings and link popularity. Check it out! Sitebar- This site is known to work in multiple browsers.
  25. 25. Free Goodie! Social BookmarkingPublishing Template Check out this article for a free Social Bookmarking Publishing Template!