How to Publish Different Types of Content Online


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learn how to publish your online content for added visibility in both your website and your social media profiles.

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How to Publish Different Types of Content Online

  1. 1. Ho me Abo ut Us Services Po rtfo lio Case Study Articles Media Testimo nials Co ntact Us How to Publish Different Types of Content for Search Added SEO Benefits To search, t ype and hit ent er By LUCIA SASTRE | OCTOBER 12, 2012 17 9 Share Twe e t 24 Like Your Online Publishing Guide for SEO by Lucia Sastre
  2. 2. T hey say that a website with great content and a bad design is as worthless as not havingcontent at all. As Internet marketing becomes more and more visually f ocused, companiesare starting to wonder how to make their PDFs aesthetically pleasing f or their audience.Luckily, there are several f ree ways to do so. What’s even more amazing is that thesesites are extremely easy to use. In this article, you will f ind step-by-step instructions onhow to transf orm the appeal of your documents into a visually stunning and content richresource.Benefits of Publishing Online Reaching a broader audience by promoting the content on Social Media sites or embedding it on the website. Allows easy access to material. Aesthetically pleasing and polished. Services Widen your circle with valuable links. Natural Backlinking through human engagement. SEO COPYRIGHTING SERVICES Source f or book reviews and user engagement. Monetary benef its. Search Engine Optimization Reputation ManagementPublishing Material Search Engine MarketingIt’s important to keep in mind that almost anything can be turned into a productive online Conversion Optimizationpublication. Even if it entails turning your company’s biography into a work of art, it will Social Bookmarkinghave more of an impact if it’s pleasing to the eye Pay for PerformanceHere are some examples of what you may want to consider when publishing online: Pay Per Click Management Web Design A product catalog Web Development An online magazine Your company politics Wordpress Development Your newsletter
  3. 3. Your newsletter Ecommerce Systems Your portf olio Your company historyAn e-book SEO Copywriting A testimonial or case study Fresh PostsT here are endless opportunities f or your company to grow within these parameters. Crafting a Stronger Social Media StrategyBest Online Publishing Tools For Your Business Introducing New Clients to WordPressAlthough online publishing tools have been around f or a while, many Marketingdepartments overlook the importance of using them. Optimiz e Your Blog Using Google Analytics & Webmasters DataIn this era of technological advances, where everything is craf ted f or online usage, these Reputation Management 101: Do Youpublishing tools may f acilitate the navigation and enhance the look of your website. Need It? Good vs. Bad in Lead Generation &Here three examples: Management issuu Browse Categories Scribd Calameo Select Categoryissuuissuu is, at the moment, my top recommendation f or publishing your online material. It’sdesigned to emphasize graphics and visual material. It transf orms any regular PDF into asophisticated work of art that is easy to navigate and share.Setting up an account with issuu is f ree, but they of f er several upgrades depending onusability.Publications you might want to consider publishing with issuu include:
  4. 4. Online Magazines Product Catalogs Portf oliosissuu: Homepageissuu of f ers a f ast and easy way to publish your prints online. In addition, they of f erissuu business solutions and ways to target your selected audience.issuu: Libraryissuu library lets you store all of your publications in a user f riendly manner. You have theoption to embed your publications on your website, share the presentation link, advertise,share, edit and view statistical data.
  5. 5. issuu: UploadWhen uploading a publication to issuu, you have to consider several steps. T hese includea proper title, description and keyword choice. Paying attention to these f actors makes adif f erence in the distribution of your publication.In addition, it’s important to choose a coinciding target area f or best results.
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  7. 7. End ResultHere’s an example of what a publication would look like when you use this program:Open publication – Free publishing – More seoScribdScribd is another usef ul PDF publishing site. While issuu is more complex and compact,Scribd is a tad more user-f riendly. Scribd allows you to view your published work in abook f ormat. Its “Scroll” f eatures turn your document’s pages as if it was an actual book.Scribd’s interf ace is targeted to those individuals who pref er to read a f ull documentonline instead of scanning through the material.Publications you might want to consider publishing with Scribd include: E-books Company History Case StudiesScribd: Homepage
  8. 8. Publish and share your stories with Scribd’s unlimited power. Whether it is a case study,testimonial, company politics, terms and conditions or mission statement, you’ll upgradeyour website’s usability with Scribd’s innovative f eatures.Scribd: My DocumentsIn the “My Documents” section you will f ind options to search through your publications bydate published or order.Also, you will also have the chance to view your stats, collections and shelf content.
  9. 9. Scribd: My CollectionT he great thing about “My Collections” is that you can actually transf orm your publicationsinto sellable products.T his site is great f or companies who of ten publish e-books or written material. A greatway to expand that content is including it here and launching it f or sale.Scribd: Upload
  10. 10. Uploading content in Scribd is very simple. You may upload a f ile f rom your documents,import a f ile f rom Google Documents or include the written material. You now have theoption to upload your f iles through the html uploader f eature.End ResultHere’s an example of what a publication would look like when you use this program:Google Analytics Goals Set-Up Guide
  11. 11. Do wnlo ad ShareCalameoCalameo is a self -publishing site that allows you to publish, customize and share your
  12. 12. documents. Its f eatures include f lip-book or magazine style templates, page turningef f ects as well as the ability to add background soundtracks to your documents.Calameo’ interf ace works with almost any platf orm. You can publish and share yourpresentations using Calameo’s HT ML5 embed codes which make your documentscompatible with the iPad.Calameo’s innovative f eature allows publishers and viewers the choice to annotate apublication. T his option can be disabled at any time.Publications you might want to consider publishing with Calameo include: Newsletters Power Points Slide Shows Instructional PresentationsCalameo: HomepageCalameo of f er you the choice to publish, share and browse publications. T his site isclosely tied to Social Media, making it easier to share your work with the world.
  13. 13. Calameo: Customized LibraryCalameo allows you the option to embed this as a library widget in your website or blog.Calameo: UploadCalameo of f ers you the ability to upload multiple documents at the same time. You mayalso upload a document f rom the Internet as well as through text.
  14. 14. Af ter you upload your document, you can share the content through Social Media prof iles.With Calameo you can personalize your publication with a set of templates as well asinclude a sound track or a voice over.
  15. 15. End ResultHere’s an example of what a publication would look like when you use this program: 4f b4f ee5c3SEO BenefitsPublishing sites will not only give your content an aesthetic boost, but it will also help youbuild your online authority, always an important aspect of Google’s ranking criteria.For example:T he presentation I uploaded and published on Scribd has already made the top page ofGoogle. You may use these sites to build your company’s reputation and SEO ef f orts.Interesting content, by itself , is of ten not enough to attract customers and obtain leads.
  16. 16. How the content is presented can make all the dif f erence. T he appeal and usability of thiscontent matters signif icantly to its success. By f inding creative ways to display yourcontent, you will enhance your user experience, attract a wider audience and create moreinteraction between your users and your website. By using these three tools, you canprovide your audience with a f un, easy and innovative way to view your material.Contact us today to work with an internet marketing company that can improve your onlinevisibility. Written by Lucia Sastre Lucia is an SEO Specialist with a true passion f or Social Media and Public Relations. She has dedicated her ef f orts to researching and implementing new Marketing techniques f or innovative technological trends. Prior to her induction to Optimum7 she successf ully served in the Marketing Campaigns at Telef onica, Coastal Construction Company and Cleveland Clinic Hospital. She has also written f or several newspapers including the South Florida Times, the Beacon Newspaper and the Examiner. Lucia graduated f rom Florida International University with a Degree in Mass Communications and a Minor in Art. With a passion f or cultures and languages, she also completed f our years of French at the University of Iowa. Lucia is originally f rom Buenos Aires, Argentina, but spent most of her lif e living in the United States, Mexico and South America. In her spare time, she is a f reelance photographer, teaches tennis and enjoys the outdoors.This entry was posted in Content and tagged Increase site traffics with publishing sites , Increaseyour Social Media efforts, methods to re design your web content , transform and publish your PDFs .Bookmark the permalink . Post a comment or leave a trackback: Trackback URL.
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