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How a kaizen event lead by Lucian Arsene increased productivity by 56% while reducing manpower from 10 people to 5 in only one week.

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Kaizen event sample

  1. 1. Kaizen Event Lead by Lucian Arsene1
  2. 2. Objectives2• Introduce and Implement Lean tools in the Constraint• Begin development of lean culture among employees• Improving work conditions• Document the correct inspecting  procedure using Standardized Work• Improve sorting performance• Minimize work in progress on slides• Develop Visual Board to communicate progress
  3. 3. Lean Methodology33) Doanalysis2) Identifyalternatives1) DefineProblem orOpportunity4) Makerecommendations5) Take action6) Track &Evaluate
  4. 4. Constraint Area Analysis4All team members identified obstacles and opportunitiesUsedTools:Fishbone DiagramBefore Documentation PhotosImpact – Changeability Chart5 Whys and Therefore Analysis
  5. 5. Problem Solving and Brainstorm Solutions5The team members listed problems on a fishbone diagram and brainstormed solutions to determine actions needed to implement in their area20 Problems Identified20 Problems Identified 30 Solutions or Actions Identified30 Solutions or Actions Identified3 Items (all related to training) moved to the parking lot
  6. 6. Current State vs. Future State6Adopting the “Clean as We Go” 5S philosophy eliminates the need for additional handling of the trash and scrap materialsCurrent Method:Proposed Method:Do Job – 15poloproductsEach sorter inspect all 15 products; Productsare waiting on 1.5 – 2 days WIP to beinspected, making handling difficult10 peopleworking on 5slidesDo Job – productssorted in 3 families:T-Shirts; LongSleeves and BabyRummageEach sorter inspect4-5 products, WIPis minimized to 30-40 min.Place items indesignated binsat end of job/shift
  7. 7. Before/After – WIP on Slides7• Work in Progress on each of the 5 slides• Large bins to collect wipers and resorting• Work in progress minimized• Small barrels used for resorting and wipers• Work in progress minimized• Small barrels used for resorting and wipersBefore AfterAfter
  8. 8. Before/After – Finished Goods Boxes8• An average of 16 finished goods boxesused around workstations by each operator• An average of 6 finished goods boxes used byeach operator• An average of 6 finished goods boxes used byeach operatorBefore AfterAfter
  9. 9. Before/After – Work conditions9• Cloths difficult to pick from WIP;• No room for sorters • Ergonomic work condition• Ergonomic work conditionBefore AfterAfter
  10. 10. Before/After – Work instruction10• Verbal, informal training• Standardized work developed• Improved from sorters feedback• Posted on workstations, easy to be reviewed• Standardized work developed• Improved from sorters feedback• Posted on workstations, easy to be reviewedBefore AfterAfter
  11. 11. 11• All 15 products sent on 5 slides  • 3 slides dedicated for Polos:• Products divided by: T‐Shirts, Long Sleeves and Baby itemsWorkflow ProcessAfterAfterBefore
  12. 12. 12• Just finished goods recorded • Daily production report developed• Visual board for Measure of performance  to communicate progress will be soon readyProduction ReportAfterAfterBeforeDaily Production Report:Date: 16-Jun-10Area: PoloName: Meeta Balwinder Bhamna Daljit VallyFinished GoodsAdult T-Shirt 641.5 640.5Ladies T-Shirt 217.5 227.5Sexy top SS 127.5 210Children T-Shirt 100 206.5Sport T-Shirt 199.5 104.5Ladies LS 438.5Sexy Top LS 298Mens LS 501.5Polo PantsChildren TurtleneckLight Baby 633.5 378.5Heavy Baby 642.5 387.5Sleepers 30 71.5Sexy Top SS 261.5 279Children TurtleneckTotal: 1,286 1,389 1,238 1,568 1,117FG %: 53.4% 68.3% 50.3% 62.7% 58.4%White Wipers 397 124 171.5Coloured Wipers 366.5 247.5 772Dirty Baby Cloths 89.5 59.5Total: 763.5 371.5 943.5 89.5 59.5Whipers % 31.7% 18.3% 38.3% 3.6% 3.1%Resorting: 357.75 274.25 279.5 842 735Resort %: 14.9% 13.5% 11.4% 33.7% 38.5%Processed (lbs): 2,407 2,035 2,461 2,499 1,911
  13. 13. Team Results After One WeekSupport Metric Before After Difference% ImprovementIncrease Safety and  moraleHuge WIP on slides;Difficult to handle; Complex boxes layoutMinimum WIP, easier to handle; easier boxes layoutWorkplace is a safer and nicer to work TBDSimplify the  process flow – less types of products to be inspected15 products on 15 slides;16 boxes needed for each sorter6 products on each slide3 slides neededReduce cost of parts, improve stock accuracy, minimize unexpected shortages60% boxes reduction;40% slides reductionLabour required to sort Polo 10 people5 people + part of Mika’s job5 people are working on different areas 50%Main  Metric Before After Difference% ImprovementPolo Area PerformanceAverage of 800 lbs per sorter dailyAverage of 1,250 lbs per sorter dailyBetter productivity 56%13
  14. 14. Lessons Learned• “It makes you aware of the severity of the problem”• “The new process is much more easier than before”• “It’s nice to work in this area now.”14
  15. 15. About Lucian Arsene12 Years Experience in Production Management8 Years leading/facilitating Lean Projects3 Years Consultant in Process Improvement15
  16. 16. About Lucian ArseneImproving productivity by 56% while reducing manpower needed by 40%, in a matter of days;Doubling inventory turnover in less than three months, reducing material inventory from $3 million to $1.6 million,Squeezing the manufacturing lead time by 70%, from 4‐6 weeks to 3 to 10 days, improving on‐time delivery from 40% to over 95%,Improving stock accuracy from low 60% to 98%;Reducing late deliveries from 321 days to 5 days in two months, and minimizing weekends overtime from 40% of the workforce to less than 5%,Reducing machining setups from an average of 265 minutes to 70 minutes,Redesigning shop floor from functional departments into manufacturing cells, reducing lot sizes and grouping work orders as families of products;Eliminating major disruption in flow due to quality rejects by implementing one‐piece flow;Give a new opportunity to sales and marketing to increase company’s market share by segmenting the market and creating different offers, services, options for different products.16
  17. 17. Contact MeContact:Email: larsene@extramilegroup.comPhone: 604‐552‐3864Profile: ca.linkedin.com/in/lucianarseneWebsite: www.extramilegroup.com17