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Media eval


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Media eval

  1. 1. How effective is the combination ofyour main product and ancillary?
  2. 2. Synergy• First of all it remains crucial that music videos, digipaks and adverts all share acommon consistent theme. This not only improves the marketing of a productbut it allows the artist to essentially become a “brand”; also by establishing acommon theme allows the artist to be associated with their desiredgenre/style of music. For the consumer a consistent theme also allows eachand every product to become associated with one another. An almostarbitrary theme does not tend to market well as it proves incoherent to itsdesired audience, so in turn the album doesn’t generate enough profit. It’svital for a theme to be appropriate and consistent as this leads to a successfulmarketing device which then appeals to its target audience. When planning toproduce our digipak and advert we soon established that a clear and regulartheme was key to creating an effective digipak and advert.
  3. 3. Example of an existing artist (Ben Howard) useof a common themeWebsite home pageScreen shot taken from his music video
  4. 4. LogoMerchandise
  5. 5. Album coverAlbum advert
  6. 6. Impact of the themeThe previous 3 slides are all examples of the consistent theme used tomarket Ben Howards album. Firstly a common factor used within all aspectsof his products is the use of an outdoor naturalistic setting, which in this caseappears to be a sea-side location. This remains a coherent and appropriatetheme to use at it represents his “simplistic” style of music and focuses on hisnatural talent as an individual artist. The use of this simplistic theme alsooccurs again on the website homepage where a neutral grey colour is used asthe background colour which again fits in with the “true-to-life” theme butallows the font and artist logo (both simplistic and written in bold black font)to stand out. By keeping the logo simplistic allows it to be used on each formof media at it proves fitting for each of the album, advert and website.
  7. 7. Creating our digipak and advert• when in the process of crating our digipak and advert we also usedcommon themes of the indie genre (outdoor setting, naturalcolours, casual clothing etc.) as without using these we would possiblyrun the risk of our genre becoming unidentifiable.
  8. 8. Final digipak
  9. 9. Final Advert
  10. 10. Outdoor ThemeScreenshot from music video Front panel from digipak Advert ImageWe consistently used an outdoor theme throughout our music video, advert and digipak.During the research stages an outdoor setting was used in numerous indie style musicvideos, digipaks and adverts used by artists such as The Vaccines, Ben Howard and TheMaccabees. Our main reasoning for using an outdoor setting through out all three productsis firstly for the audience to become familiar with our bands “style”. And finally a simplisticreal-life setting highlights the bands natural talent with no need to over glamorize anything.
  11. 11. FontFont taken from advertFont taken from digipakOur choice of font differs between our advert and digipak. Although we used the sameconsistent colour (black) which tends to go with any theme I believe in retrospection weshould actually keep our choice in font consistent throughout all of our products otherwiseyou tend to run the risk of a theme becoming disjointed and loose the familiarity theaudience has with the product.
  12. 12. Colour schemeDigipak panel Advert Music video screen shotThroughout all three of our products (music video, digipak and advert) we almost stuck to the“outdoor theme” regarding our choice in naturalistic colours. We chose an autumnal colourscheme which reflects the mood of our choice in song making it a logical decision. Again thisalso allows the audience to associate all three of our products with one another thus making itboth a successful yet suitable marketing device.
  13. 13. Brand imageDigipak Advert Music video screenshotOur main brand image throughout our digipak, advert and music video is really using theband as a whole. This particular method not only allows the audience to becomeaccustomed to the band but in turn also showcases the band and their musical talent. Ourchoice of mise-en-scene also has an impact on our brand image as we consistently useacoustic guitars, casual clothing and an outdoor setting to form our simplistic yet talentedidentity for our target audience to recognise.