Pregnancy Weight Loss At A Healthy Pace


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Get helpful advice on how you can lose weight after pregnancy. Please visit

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Pregnancy Weight Loss At A Healthy Pace

  1. 1. ==== ====To learn more about losing weight after pregnancy please visit: ====If you are a new mom, you may want to shed your pregnancy weight quickly, but please awarethat it is not possible to achieve lightning fast result like a celebrity mom who can get back herbody shape in a matter of weeks. There are reasons why its not possible for a common mom;these are some of it:1. You are on your own, not surrounded by nutritionist, dietician, personal trainer, and fashiondesigner like she does (good designed clothes can hide excess fat).2. Its pretty common for a new mom to spend a few months to gain back her original weight andbody shape after giving birth. If you try to make it faster by cutting calories drastically, you willexperience various health problems, especially if you are breastfeeding too.Now that I know that the question how to lose pregnancy weight cant be answered overnight,what should I do to lose weight in healthy pace?1. First, try to develop healthy eating habit complemented with mild exercise. When you think thatyour body has recover and your period has return to normal, take a healthy weight loss program tostart reducing your extra weight.2. Walking with your baby is a fun alternative for light exercise; Use a snugli, swing, or baby joggerand take a 10 minutes walk with your baby every day.3. If you are breastfeeding then it is even better because it will release hormones into your bodythat will help your uterus gaining back its normal shape and size. Just remember to keep yourcalorie intake within healthy range if you are breastfeeding to maintain your milk quantity andquality. DO NOT rely on junk food to add your calorie intake, focus only on eat nutritious food.After you you gain back your strength and fitness, you need to take a weight loss program; pleaseaware that your body condition after giving birth is different from average people, so dont just takeany program carelessly. A good program for post pregnancy mom should meet these criteria:1. Fad diet is the worst possible answer to the question how to lose pregnancy weight; forget anyfad diet even though they will give you fast weight loss; the side effects such as hunger, moodswing, and headache will make you unable to do your daily activities properly.2. Guide you toward healthier lifestyle by teaching proper food portion and basic nutritionknowledge; your body has just experienced enormous strain and you will lead a whole new lifewith your newborn baby, so you will need to keep healthy all the time.
  2. 2. 3. Having adequate portion of exercise; only reducing your meal portion wont do. A gooddesigned exercise session can shed your weight quickly, especially in the area with the mostproblem: the mommy belly.4. Youre a mom and have to take care of the family, especially with the new family member, sowasting time on long cardio session or preparing special foods are totally out of the question. Youneed a specially designed program for busy mom that wont steal your family time.So, how to lose pregnancy weight? The iron rule is to wait patiently until your body recover fromgiving birth while doing mild exercise. When you are ready, took a weight loss program that keepyou healthy and at the same time doesnt sacrifice your time for the family.MJ Wilson has seen the effect of inappropriate weight loss program for post giving birth woman inhis wife, Emma, and has helped her finding the best solution; check the result at Fit YummyMummy Review. Visit best weight loss program for a summary of his experiences helping variouspeople under different circumstances to lose weight.Article Source: ====To learn more about losing weight after pregnancy please visit: ====