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Magic Tricks With Cards


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Magic Tricks With Cards

  1. 1. ==== ====Want to learn the secrets behind card tricks? Visit: ====How many times have you heard " pick a card, any card.."? Everyone from the total novice to theexperienced pro have used that catch phrase to entice someone to choose a card. Actually, itsnot a bad way to begin a card trick; its what you do after uttering those magic words thatdetermine whether youre one of the many or one of the talented few.Good magicians know the value of producing a card from what appears to be a thoroughly mixeddeck. The secret of course, is that although the deck may be thoroughly mixed, the selected cardis tracked from the moment its placed back in the deck. No card counting tricks here. My daughterrecently showed me a card trick one of her friends taught her. It was the old standby... pick a card,put it back in a packet of cards, lay the cards down in several rows, I point to the row that containsmy card, and then pick the row a second time when the cards are redealt into rows yet again. Mydaughter picked my card, thank goodness, but I didnt have the heart or inclination to tell her thatthe effect she showed me was one of the very first effects I learned many years ago.Unfortunately, most really impressive card tricks are not self-working. Thats not to say that self-working card tricks cant be impressive; John Scarne, Karl Fulves and Edward Glassman are threeexcellent magicians who all wrote books on the subject. But the general public doesnt read theirbooks... Other magicians do. My first real magic book was John Scarnes "Scarne on CardTricks", and I still refer back to it from time to time when Im working on a new effect.If you want to be a true success in magic, specifically card magic, then you have to learn a fewbasic sleights. Thats what will separate your magic from the typical jailhouse magic. Jailhousemagic? Yes, thats what I call the self-working card tricks that everyone knows. And how do I knowthese things? Actually, I had a friend who forgot to pay a traffic ticket, got picked up on a warrant,and spent the weekend in jail awaiting an appearance before a judge. I had taught him justenough about card magic; specifically how to perform a double lift and how to control a card to thetop of the deck, that he was so far ahead of the other jailbirds in terms of ability that he left his briefincarceration a legend.He still talks about how everyone, although they were a slightly captive audience, raved about hisabilities with a deck of cards.His adventure taught me something as well... If you will take the time to master a few sleights, youcan really wow an audience, abeit a small audience, with your ability. Learn how to control acard from where its inserted into the deck to the top of the deck. This is not hard to learn. Learnalso how to properly perform a double-lift. Again, with a little practice, its not hard to learn. Find agood false shuffle, so you can control the card to the top of the deck and then make it appear as ifeverything is truly fair and random.
  2. 2. Work on whats commonly called a magicians force. You can perform some of the mostoutstanding effect imaginable with a good magicians force, and its not something that will takeweeks of practice to master.These are just some of the Basics. Armed with the ability to control cards, you can also controlthe action, and literally make up card tricks as you go along. Good magicians can say "pick a card- any card", without a clue where theyre going from there, and totally amaze you. I encourage youto learn a thing or two about the basics and see where it takes you, see how good you can be, andsee how many people you can amaze and impress with your new-found abilities.About this AuthorRick Carruth is the publisher of the Magic Roadshow, the largest free ezine in the field of magic.Subscribe free at Rick is also the editor of Magic Tips andTricks, The perfect pick a card - any card book for any skill level, currently available on Amazonand at leading bookstores. Read more at: Source: ====Want to learn the secrets behind card tricks? Visit: ====