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Learning To Play Drums - The Basics


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Learning To Play Drums - The Basics

  1. 1. ==== ====To get 5 free drum lessons from an expert drummer and teacher, check this out: ====The drums are an exciting instrument to learn. The groove and over all feel of a song is often kepttogether by the drum beats being played. When you first piece together a full beat with the bassdrum, snare and high hat youll be excited.I want to introduce you to the basics of learning to play the drums in this article. Im not going toteach you any beats, but rather give you some basic guidelines to use if youve just purchased adrum kit or are sitting down at a kit for the first time.1 - Start with the High HatTheres a lot going on when youre playing the drums. Your left and right hands are keepingdifferent beats and so are your feet. Before you introduce the kick drum to anything start out firstwith the high hat. You can also start with the snare but more often then not the high hat is playedon every beat with most songs.Use your right hand and practice keeping an even beat on the high hat. If youre familiar withmusic time then concentrate on a 4/4 beat something like 1, 2, 3, 4. You want the time betweeneach strike to be the same.2 - Add the Snare DrumOnce youve mastered keeping common time on the high hat try adding in one hit of the snaredrum on the 4 beat when youre counting in your head.So youre still playing 1, 2, 3, 4 on the cymbal, but now on the 4 hit the snare with your right handstick. The first few times you try this youre probably going to mess up the beat your keeping withyour right hand. Thats alright its kind of like crossing wires in your brain when you tell your handsto do this. With some practice itll work.3 - Time for Bass DrumIf youve got that beat working with the snare and high hat its time to add in the bass drum. On the1 beat add the kick peddle and one strike to the bass drum. Continue to keep your 4/4 time on thehigh hat and and snare drum beat on the 4.This will take a bit of practice but youre now telling your brain to do three different things and ittakes some time to get it right.This is a basic beginner beat when learning to play the drums. If youre eager to learn more beats
  2. 2. Id suggest getting a drum lessons dvd. These self study lessons are quickly becoming the methodof choice for adults to learn the drums at home.Read for more beats? You can learn to play drums at home with a quality drum instruction dvd.This form of self study is far less expensive then private drum lessons and you can learn entirelyon your own when you feel like it.Article Source: ====To get 5 free drum lessons from an expert drummer and teacher, check this out: ====