Amazing Card Trick


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Amazing Card Trick

  1. 1. ==== ====Want to learn the secrets behind card tricks? Visit: ====When the spectator has a chance to find his or her own card, without the possibility of themagicians manipulations, the trick is usually more effective. This is one of the tricks that Imtalking about.Have three, four, or five spectators, lets say four spectators, each select cards at random from ashuffled deck. But before that, you need to secretly take a look the bottom card of the deck andremember it.After all four spectators selected their cards and remembered their cards, have them replace theircards on top of the deck. The last person replace his card first, then the next to last, etc.Then, you cut the deck after all of them have placed their cards on top of the deck. So, it looks likeyou lost the cards in the center. Turn the deck face up, and look for your key card (bottom cardthat you remembered earlier) and cut it to the bottom.You then say: "You have each selected a card and I shall attempt to find it with the Australiandeal. If youve never heard of the Australian deal, lets see what we can do to demonstrate it."Turn the deck face up. Deal one card to each of the four spectators, but turn it face down as youset it in front of him or her. Now turn the pack face down and deal one more card to each person.(These are the selected cards.) Continue to deal four more cards, one at a time, until eachspectator has a pile of six cards.You say: "Please pick up your cards and we will all do the Australian deal." You do the same thingyou instruct them to do, but use the pack in your hands."The top card goes under the pile. The next card is dealt onto the table. One more down under,the next one on the table. This is how the deal got its name. The next card goes down under."All spectators to continue to deal this way until only one card will remain in each persons hand.You then say: "If the Australian deal was done correctly, you will each hold the card you selected awhile ago."About this AuthorFind out more Card Tricks Revealed and Card Magic Video tutorials at Cool Card Magic Tricks
  2. 2. Article Source: ====Want to learn the secrets behind card tricks? Visit: ====