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Analysing the style of adverts


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Analysing the style of adverts

  1. 1. + Analysing The Style of Adverts
  2. 2. +Sony Bravia Advert – (Surreal) This is a very surreal and unique advert in terms of the concept and method of creation, as it is an animated advert, which gives a nice look in its self, but it was also made in a busy street whilst people walk on by. Later into the advert the amount of effort which went in to the quality is clear, suggesting a very high budget. This surreal concept gives the audience a very nostalgic and warm feel as for many, this would bring back a lot memories of old animated series in the 90s. The concept also gives the advert more memorability as people can appreciate the work that went into it and how impressive it looks. Also I think that the style of the advert is very appropriate for the product they are trying to promote, because the reason for the advert is to give the idea of a colourful image of their product,which is shown via the multi-coloured rabbits.This advert is successful because it makes its point, whilst using a very well known and nice looking technique.
  3. 3. +Sony Bravia Advert – (Humour) This advert is very humorous and random in terms of the concept and style.The advert contains a lot of humour as the man fights the bear, but even it gets even weirder when the bear fights back in a comedic way.The gorilla style of camera work in this advert gives us the impression that this was a real event, and makes the audience feel in the moment, although it was obviously staged.The common reaction to this advert is at first confusion,and then laughter, proving that this adverts main style is humour.This also makes the advert very memorable and prominent over other ads.This style works for this advert as the concept is very funny and surreal,helping the brand name become more familiar with the people who watch this ad. The devices used in this advert are successful because they are used in a very original way which helps maintain a strong and humorous image of the brand with the audience.
  4. 4. +Old Spice – (Parody) This advert is one in a series of old spice commercials, and each of them more random and funny than the last.The whole idea of the Old spice ads are to be as random as possible and challenge conventional adverts, which makes them parodies.The common reaction to these ads is to laugh in confusion as a lot of the things that happen in the ads make no sense,which helps add to the memorability of the advert. The is style of advert is appropriate for this product, because they use a ‘dream man’, a horse, a beach etc. which is very clichéd ideas of what people (some women) want in their life, but men will also aspire to be like the man in some ways. I think all of these techniques are successful,because the humour is very unique and different to the others.
  5. 5. + Lynx - (Sex Appeal) This advert uses sex appeal (and some humour) to grab the attention of the audience (mainly men), as in the ad there are hundreds of women in bikinis running towards one man.This style of advertising makes the audience want to look advert a little longer, which is a clever technique which improves the memorability of the advert with the audience. This style of advertising is definitely appropriate for this product, as Lynx is aimed at a male audience, and therefore will take more notice of sex appeal than other styles.This make the advert very successful, because it suggests that if you use Lynx, you will attract a lot of female attention.
  6. 6. + Sky with David Beckham - (Famous Faces) This advert uses a famous face to help promote Sky, and due to this the audience will immediately recognise his face and connect the positive aspects of him with Sky and vice-versa. Also there are many people who look up to David Beckham as a role model, and therefore will want to be like how sky has portrayed him in this advert, which is using all of Sky’s services. Having a famous face in the advert will also make the advert more memorable as famous people like David have a large following who will spread the word and remember the advert well. This style of advertising is appropriate for the company they are trying to promote, because Sky is a huge company, and by using a famous face in their ad, will remind the audience of that, and that they can provide good services,‘worthy’ of famous people.This advert is very successful as it displays all of Sky’s services whilst showing a famous person use them, making the services seem more prestige.
  7. 7. + Go Compare (FML) - (Repetition) This advert uses repetition of the company name throughout most of the advert, this technique makes the audience remember the name faster. Many react to this advert negatively as they find it annoying, but this is also a method of making them remember the company name. This style is appropriate for this advert as it gives a clear message about how prominent the company is over others.This also makes the advert successful as more people will remember it, as well as their name.
  8. 8. + Think - (Shock) This advert uses shock to to get their point across about wearing seat belts.This technique shocks the audience into remembering the message of the advert and also gives the audience a surprise, especially in the shots with graphic violence.This make the audience remember the advert more vividly. This technique is appropriate for this ad, because this kind of message requires a more intense and shocking visual aspect in order for people to remember it and take the advice of the advert.This advert is successful, as it gets its moral across and sticks with the viewer more than other adverts.
  9. 9. +Skoda Fabia - (Intertexuality) This advert makes the audience feel very a cheerful as the music in the background is music from ‘The Sound of Music’ which many people will recognise. Also, the clever and creative idea to build a car out of things like cake and jelly adds to the humour of the advert. These techniques definitely make the advert more memorable and help it stand out from the others. Also this advert helps to sell the slogan of this particular ad ‘Full of lovely stuff’, taking that idea and making it very literal, again adding to the humour.This works for the product as it suggests that the car is quite luxurious and has a lot of features.