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Action plan

  1. 1. My Career Action Plan Year 13 Name: Lucas Warren Date: 01/04/14 School: Acland Burghley A Career Action Plan helps you to focus on your goals and plans for the future. It helps you to work out how you are going to achieve what you want relating to school, work and life. A Career Action Plan lets you apply your skills and knowledge to successfully move into your preferred career. My Profile Personal characteristics – this will help you work out what your skills are My current skills and abilities (Things that I can do well, use your skills profile to help)  Technical skills; - Camera operator, I am conversant with EOS 600D and 5050D, I can set up and operate basic lighting equipment/kits and audio equipment inc. sound mixer/mics/boom. - Software expertise; good skill level with Adobe Premier Pro and Adobe After Effects, able to edit long and short form material, undertake range of video effects and lay audio or sound effects tracks  Communications Skills; I have a good ability to communicate well with people as a result of working for free on several shoots and interacting with working professionals in the industry – this is an important skill in a business highly based on recommendations and word of mouth.  Time management; I have become well organised and able to manage my time efficiently and effectively.  Creativity; according to the creativity quiz, I have strong creative ability, including the abilities to ‘Gathering and reflecting on information’, ‘Implementation’, ‘Finding problems’ and ‘Problem exploration’
  2. 2. My current experience  Shot, directed and edited a music video  Shot, directed and edited multiple short films  Designed multiple idents for a TV channel  Wrote, shot, directed and edited a short film for EPQ  Runner position at ‘Itch film’, during a music video shoot for ‘Marmozets’. Also runner during a shoot for the indie film ‘Electricity’  Shot a 7 minute documentary on the autism base at Acland Burghley My career interests – what kind of jobs/careers are you interested in and why?  Camera operator  Cinematographer  Videographer  Video editor  VFX dep Jobs identified – what jobs have you chosen to explore and why?  Assistant Editor  Production assistant / Camera Assistant  Editor / other crew  Event Cinematographer  Online Editor / Graphics Assistant  Technical Runner Most of these jobs revolve around either editing or camera operator because this is what I think I would like to do in the future, and they are also mostly assistant jobs because that is a good place to start in the industry Websites used for job search Other websites that you found useful.  Production Base   Grapevine Jobs
  3. 3. Date: 02/04/14 My Future You will show clearly how your personal skills can best be used in the film and TV industries. – YOU MUST DISCUSS AT LEAST 3 DIFFERENT JOBS YOU HAVE IDENTIFIED. My career choice Job Choices - what jobs have you chosen to explore and why? 1. Editor ( 2. Event cinematographer ( 3. Assistant Camera operator Qualities/Skills required Look at PERSON SPECFICATION for each job 1. Need to be a ‘creative editor 2. Experience of documentary/event filming with DSLR cameras, prime lenses, steadicam/jib cranes 3. Experience of 5D and Gorpros camera Potential employers – give details of the employers – who they are, their addresses, the nature of their business 1. Tom/John, independent documentary 2. Bloomsbury Films, London 3. Somersault Video Productions Employer important dates – date for application/interview etc. (e.g. pre-apprenticeship tests) 1. 2 month duration, starts as soon as possible 2. Application deadline, April 30th 3. n/a Skills match – how does your skills match with each job? 1. Editor I have the appropriate editing skills for the job, as I have shot and edited documentaries before and it does not indicated more experience than this is required. 2. Event Cinematographer: I am partially qualified for this job as I have experience of documentary/event filming with DSLR but limited exposure to steadicam and jib cranes 3. Assistant Camera operator I have worked as a camera assistant but have no experience of sport filming and limited experience GoPros which is listed as an advantage by no obligatory Skills Gaps Skills gaps - What skills do you need to develop? 1. Editor: I have limited professional experience but as this is an unpaid opportunity this should not be a major problem. 2. Event Cinematographer: Experience with sliders and jib cranes required 3. Assistant Camera operator Experience with GoPro filming Experience needed What experiences/training do you need to enable you to do this job? 1. Editor: I already have experience editing but only over the last couple of years and not very much involving interviews with contributors, so some more experience of editing actuality or interviews would be useful.
  4. 4. 2. Event Cinematographer: More experience in documentary and/or event filming with DSLR cameras in which I also use prime lenses, steadicam, sliders and jib cranes – this type of experience is practical and I will need to try and get unpaid roles on shoots supporting camera operators if possible. 3. Assistant Camera operator I can borrow some GoPro camera’s and practice using them and edit this into a short reel to show I can use them Education/training/ experience required for each job (e.g. course name) 1. Editor: editing course / editing experience 2. Event Cinematographer: Camera operator course + sound operator course 3. Assistant Camera operator: Camera operator course Providers offering courses - Where, when? 1. Three week Avid editing course at MetFilm School 2. Camera operator course at NFTS in London, from 17th of November to 21st + Location sound recording at NFTS from 2nd of June to 6th of June 3. Camera operator course at NFTS in London, from 17th of November to 21st Possible work experience opportunities? Where, when? For what jobs would they help with?  Darren Sager, founder of Visible UK, I have already done a short promo organised by him for a restaurant called Aveqia  Charlie Paul, director at Itch Film, I have already been a runner on quite a few videos with him, and we are now close and still in contact. Recently he let me know that he is doing a B&Q advert and asked if I can come down to help.
  5. 5. Date: ________________ My Plan  Goals are things that you want to achieve in the future. They are things that will help you to be prepared and ready for change at school or in your life. It is important that you think about goals early because then you can work out how to achieve them. Thinking about goals means that you will be prepared to study the subjects you like, do the types of occupations you prefer, and keep your future options open. If you meet a goal throughout the year, set another new one for yourself – maybe a more challenging one.  Think about goals that relate to education/training and employment. For example, an education/training goal might be to hand all school work in on time, and an employment goal might be to find a part-time job.  Think about why the goals you have made are important. For example, handing all school work in on time means you are developing time management skills, and working part-time helps you to develop a school-work-life balance.  Think about how long it will take you to achieve your goals. Some goals are short-term which means you can achieve them in a few weeks. Some goals are long-term which means it might take a year or more before you can achieve them. New Education and Training Goals What is my goal? How will I do it? Why is it important? When will I do it by? 1. Experience of other editing software – such as Avid Go on an editing course at MetFilm School To gain essential editing experience that I can use later in life I’ll book it before I finish university 1. Experience creating material appropriate for large scale projection Go to university and gain essential filmmaking experience To gain experience and meet people I can contact later in life When I finish La Swap New Employment Goals What is my goal? How will I do it? Why is it important? When will I do it by? Editor Job Get a runner job at a post-production studio To work my way up to desired job When I leave university Camera operator Get a runner job at a production studio To work my way up to my desired job When I leave university
  6. 6. Resources I need to help me Sources of information Week-Editing.aspx Areas I need to develop to achieve my career choice Achievement Date Attributes* (e.g. personal characteristics such as personal presentation and motivation) Personal Presentation Estimated for 10th of June, 5.45pm Skills* (e.g. academic skills and employability skills such as organising, learning and team work) Organising Estimated for 31st of May, 8.21pm Skills, attributes, training can be found on the following sites
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