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Wide range of leatherman multi tool from


Published on presents a wide range of leatherman multi tools, screwdriver,knives, bottle opener, ware cutter all together. The best shop for personalized leatherman tools in Australia.Get your leatherman multi tool today

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Wide range of leatherman multi tool from

  1. 1. Leatherman Blasto Product name: Leatherman Blast Longer blades Reliable GripNeedle nose PliersRegular PliersWire CuttersHard-Wire CuttersoFind more details on Rating:
  2. 2. Leatherman Fuseo Product name: Leatherman FuseGenuine Leather Sheath Slim Chassis Phillips Screwdriver Large Screwdriver Ruler 8 inch Bottle/Can Opener Lanyard Attachmento Find more details at Rating:
  3. 3. Leatherman Kicko Product Name: Leatherman Kick Longer BladesNeedle nose Pliers Clip-Point Knife Large Screwdriver Small Screwdriver 19 cm Ruler Wire Stripper Lanyard Attachmento More details on Rating:
  4. 4. Leatherman Micrao Product Name: Leatherman Micra Spring-action scissors Light weight Leatherman Brushed stainless finish Clip-Point Knife Tweezers Flat Phillips Screwdriver Extra Small Screwdriver Lanyard Attachmento More details on Rating:
  5. 5. Leatherman Surgeo Product name: Leatherman Surge Stainless Steel All-Locking BladesStranded-Wire Cutters Electrical Crimper Serrated Knife Scissors Blade Exchanger Diamond File Blade More details on Rating:
  6. 6. Leatherman Juice C2o Product name: Leatherman Juice C2 Anodized aluminum handles Color: Storm Small SizeNeedle nose PliersStraight KnifeWire CuttersExtra-Small ScrewdriverSmall ScrewdriverMore details on Rating:
  7. 7. Leatherman Juice CS4o Product Name: Leatherman Juice CS4o Medium-sized chassiso Serrated scissorso Color: Stormo 25 years warrantyo Straight Knifeo Extra-Small Screwdrivero Small ScrewdriveroMore details on Rating:
  8. 8. Leatherman Juice S2o Product Name: Leatherman Juice S2o Anodized aluminum handleso Slender chassiso New Color: Stormo Needle nose Plierso Straight Knifeo Scissorso Lanyard Attachmento Extra-Small ScrewdriveroMore details on Rating:
  9. 9. Leatherman Juice XE6o Product name: Leatherman Juice XE6 thicker chassis anodized aluminum handles pliers Large screwdriver Saw Awl Diamond coated file Scissors New Color: Thundero More details on Rating:
  10. 10. Leatherman Cruncho Product name: Leatherman Cruncho Genuine Leather Sheatho Locking plierso 1/4" hex-bit adaptero locking bladeso Adjusting Screwo More details on Rating:
  11. 11. Leatherman Squirt PS4o Product name: Leatherman squirt PS4o Strong Bladeso Nile Fileso Ware cuttero Knifeo Fit on key ringo Openero More details on Rating:
  12. 12. Leatherman Squirt S4o Product Name: Leatherman Squirt S4o Scissorso Tweezerso Straight Knifeo Small Screwdrivero Large Screwdrivero Flat Screwdrivero Lanyard Attachmento More details on Rating:
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