Things you should know before start link building


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Quality link building helps to achieve higher search engine rank, but few things to be analyzed before starting link building. by

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Things you should know before start link building

  1. 1. Things you should know<br /> before start Link Building<br />
  2. 2. This Presentation is brought<br />to you by<br />The name you can trust<br />
  3. 3. 1. Search Engine Indexed<br />Check the index status of the domain before you link with it.<br /><ul><li> Check the recent cache of the website
  4. 4. Check how many times the domain has been indexed</li></li></ul><li>2. Page Rank<br />Here is another important factor for link building – Page Rank<br /><ul><li> Check PR of the website (home page) where you want to place your website link.
  5. 5. The most effective way to increase page rank of your website is to place your website link in high PR domains.</li></li></ul><li>3. Traffic Volume<br />Web traffic volume is a potential factor for every website owner.<br /><ul><li> It is better to get some web traffic information about the website you want to link with.
  6. 6. Check the Alexa rank of the website. Try to place the link on</li></ul>high traffic domains. <br />
  7. 7. 4. Do-follow<br />Every webmaster wants to get do-follow links. As do-follow links are able to pass link juice.<br /><ul><li> Whenever we build links, we must pay attention how many do-follow links we are getting.
  8. 8. The website you want to link with should provide do-follow link. You should check the ratio of the do-follow and no-follow links of that particular website. </li></li></ul><li>5. Relevancy<br />It is better to build relevant links for a successful link building campaign.<br /><ul><li> Links should be placed in proper categories of social bookmarking, directories and article directories.
  9. 9. Or on web pages that contain relevant topic for anchor texts i.e. , blog comments and forum signature links.</li></li></ul><li>6.Webpage Content<br />Another serious issue is to check webpage content before linking.<br /><ul><li> Check webpage content to avoid link farms.
  10. 10. Check whether the content is duplicate or low quality.</li></li></ul><li>7. Out Bound Links<br />Check out bound link report of the particular webpage you want to link with.<br /><ul><li> Webpage containing plenty of uncategorized irrelevant links</li></ul>Considered as spam links.<br /><ul><li> Try to place links on the web pages containing less OBL. Because less OBL increases the possibility of click rate.</li></li></ul><li>Conclusion<br />The above factors are very important before you start a link building campaign. These issues should be analyzed properly. There are many online web tools available , these tools will help you to explore above factors or you can use browser add-ons to determine the results. After all links should be created according to search engine guidelines.<br />
  11. 11. If you are looking for quality Link building service, is the name you can trust.<br />Thanks for watching<br />