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Crazy things about dogs


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I guess many of you guys are dog owners. But did you know about some crazy, funny, interesting things about your dog. I hope you guys will definitely like it. If you know something else share with us through your comments.

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Crazy things about dogs

  1. 1. Crazy things about dogs Have you ever noticed that your dog doing these 5 crazy things? If you haven’t, watch this ... Because next time you don’t want to miss!
  2. 2. Dog wants to drink out of the toilet.
  3. 3. Sometimes Dogs do love raw vegetables and fruits
  4. 4. Dog eats grass to intake natural fibers
  5. 5. Dog loves to play with lights
  6. 6. Dogs hate postman!
  7. 7. Dogs have better vision in low light
  8. 8. Dog's nose prints unique just like human finger prints
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