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Accounting and Finance Recruitment


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Our accounting and finance recruiters discretely assist top companies to find and hire transcendent talent. We only place people in situations that make the most sense. Our detailed interviewing process enables Lucas Group to precisely match qualifications, cultural fit, and long-term compatibility, and it ensures lasting and successful placements for both clients and candidates. We’re in this for the long haul, and we’ll work diligently to become a seamless, accessible, and complementary partner to your company.

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Accounting and Finance Recruitment

  1. 1. Accounting and Finance3384 Peachtree Road Atlanta, GA 30326 800.466.4489
  2. 2. You need the best people Your company’s future is too We know where and how to find to drive business success in the important to trust to anyone but the accounting and finance talent accounting and finance world. Lucas Group. your company needs to succeed. Where are you going to find them? You want the best. You want it quickly. Our recruiters are experts in matchingClassified ads? Mass-market job boards? And you want your next hire to deliver transcendent talent with forward-You need more than resumes. You need results. You don’t just need access to thinking companies. We help you findto recruit and retain employees who can candidates. You need highly-qualified, the people who set your numbers and drive real financial value. game-changing employees. those who ensure that you achieve them. A Different Approach to Accounting & Finance Recruiting How do we accomplish what others can’t? First, we listen. Then we dig deeply to get to know you. We get to know you better than anyone through deep and objective research into your organization. We want to know more than simply what the job The accounting and finance world entails. We do our own exhaustive research and work closely with you to is changing, and it’s changing understand your strategic objectives, corporate culture, areas of expertise, and how a premier recruiting firm can help you solve current problems and achieve quickly. Is your business ready? long-term strategic goals. Upon completion of our research and analysis, we Complexity is the trend for the future. begin our search for the best candidate to fill your needs. Financial markets are unsettled, and We work with knowledge, speed, and confidentiality. government regulation is on the rise. Our accounting and finance recruiters discretely assist top companies to find While both the content and scope of and hire transcendent talent. We only place people in situations that make the these changes remain murky, one thing most sense. Our detailed interviewing process enables Lucas Group to precisely is clear – the financial world will continue match qualifications, cultural fit, and long-term compatibility, and it ensures to experience rapid transformation. lasting and successful placements for both clients and candidates. We’re in this for the long haul, and we’ll work diligently to become a seamless, accessible, Companies need reliable, sophisticated and complementary partner to your company. accounting and finance talent to reduce Our focus on long-term client satisfaction is sincere and ongoing, costs, increase revenues, intelligently and it separates Lucas Group from the field. navigate M&A activity, and wisely manage ever-increasing government and industry We understand our clients and the candidates, and we appreciate that hiring regulation. decisions impact people, companies, families, and careers. We treat our clients and our candidates with professional courtesy and discretion at every point in Lucas Group can help you find and hire our relationship. Everything we do reflects our deep understanding of the the accounting and finance leaders you executive recruiting process and the critical importance of each placement for both our clients and the candidates they seek. need to drive significant results.
  3. 3. Local Knowledge and National Reach With offices in 15 cities around the country, Lucas Group accounting and finance recruiters understand local nuances and global trends. That’s important to companies competing in today’s complex and fast-paced business environment. Lucas Group recruiters have deep industry knowledge, both in accounting and financial services as well as executive recruiting. We know you are looking for professionals who combine critical A&F functional skills with insightful business acumen to deliver objective advice that will help you improve your performance, grow your business, and manage your risk more effectively. Lucas Group’s geographic reach and industry depth provide companies like yours with the experience and breadth necessary to create business value. Consider Lucas Group an extension of your Human Resources department with sharp focus, unparalleled resources, and sophisticated recruiting technology. We augment outstanding human capital with outstanding technology. We employ the finest recruiting candidate tracking system on the market. It includes names, notes, contact information, and a complete history of interaction with people who are not active in the job market but are receptive to entertaining just the right offer. You won’t find these people through many of our competitors, and you will not see them on the job boards. But we know who they are; where they are; and what it would take to interest them to take the next step in their career. Better People; Better Processes; Better Accounting and Finance Results Lucas Group’s culture and It’s not easy to become a Lucas Group executive recruiter. methodologies drive superior But once hired, our recruiters receive the finest, most systematic business results for our clients. training in the industry. Lucas Group recruiters have extensive executive recruiting or accounting and Why? Because we have the best recruiters in finance experience. They are true multi-taskers, capable of navigating thethe industry; we continuously train and educate vagaries of the hiring process in a fast and effective fashion. them; we employ sophisticated and effective Our training process begins with a highly regimented, 30-day, 28-point on-technology to enhance their skills; and we have boarding process at both our corporate headquarters in Atlanta and at a business philosophy that puts our clients individual home offices. We utilize 12 training modules that teach best above everything else. practices in everything from the psychology of the recruiting process to The quality of the people we hire integrating technology. We then match new recruiters with an experienced veteran who mentors them in the nuances of success. is a notable differentiator. We continue training through in-house and on-line training programs. We take We have a track record of hiring successful a highly systematized approach and focus our training on forging outstandingpeople with the intellectual maturity to thrive in recruiting teams. this industry. Lucas Group hires proven, business-savvy, consultative people with a track We’re not simply a group of independent recruiters. We are anrecord of success. They have solid academic and integrated team that can maximize your success in accounting professional credentials; ethics and integrity; and finance… or any other functional area. and strong, collaborative personalities.
  4. 4. From Fortune 500 corporations to small, privately-held firms, wework to find transcendent, executive talent in such diverse areas as:  Financial Planning  Accounting & SEC  Corporate Development  Tax & Regulation  Treasury Capital Markets  Interim/Project Consulting  Portfolio Finance  Audit & Sarbanes Oxley  International Finance  Mergers & Acquisitions Reporting StandardsWe make sure the candidates we present have the For each interaction you have withfunctional proficiencies required for each position. Lucas Group, we guarantee that:But we also spend time and research to ensure that they have  You will have a consistent and personal pointvitally important professional talents as well, including: of contact. The recruiter you meet at the  Strong interpersonal skills and the ability to manage and/or thrive in beginning of your Lucas Group relationship will a team environment be the person who works with you through the entire recruiting and hiring process.  Strong consensus-building, mediation, and negotiation skills  The ability to affect change and maintain positive relationships  We will ask good questions and listen better than any other executive recruiter.  You will receive premium consultative service and no sales pressure.You Succeed: We Succeed.  Lucas Group can be your sole-source executive recruiting partner. Looking for a ChiefWe have a different perspective on how to be successful in the Accounting Officer in New York? We can dofinancial marketplace and in executive recruiting as a whole. that. Need a VP for Supply Chain ManagementBy helping our clients succeed, our success will take care of itself. in Houston? We can do that too.We believe executive recruiting is a partnership, and our thoughtful, long-termapproach separates us from the competition. At Lucas Group, confidentiality and trustOur detailed interviewing process enables Lucas Group to precisely match are paramount in every relationshipqualifications, cultural fit, and long-term compatibility, and it ensures lasting and every action we take.and successful placements for both clients and candidates.Long-term Partnerships.Over the course of our 40-years history, we’ve learned that you can make more money if you helpyour clients do the same. It’s not a zero sum situation.Our culture and methodologies drive superior results. We have long-standing client relationships forged by long-tenuredrecruiters, and we are redefining the executive recruiting experience through the use of market data, analytics, andconsistent and candid communication.Our goal is to be a trusted consultant that delivers tangible financial results for your company. We will surround you withmeaningful attention that fosters a long-term relationship between you and Lucas Group. We work daily to exceed yourexpectations. We want to be your premier accounting and finance recruiting partner.We have experience, breadth, and in-house research capabilities,all focused on finding the perfect candidate for your company or firm.