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  1. 1. Media Advisory For Release on 12/02/2011 Contacts Timothy Farrell: (508) 423-3180 Eric Castillo: (210) 846-4617 WWW.CADWALK2012.ORG Campaign for an American DREAM Cross-country walk to now start on Saturday March 10, 2012 to educate, empower, and mobilize community into action for the DREAM Act and fairer immigration policies. Date Change Campaign for an American DREAM (CAD) will begin its walk on March 10, 2012 in order to focus on helping organize communities prior to the walk. CAD’s five undocumented and ally students will walk across the nation from San Francisco, CA to Washington D.C. in small towns and big cities, creating dialogue with the community about how the DREAM Act positively impacts every community throughout the country. The walk represents an escalated call for national support of the Federal DREAM Act which would allow undocumented students the opportunity to adjust their residency status and become contributing legal citizens to our society by going to college or joining the military. March 10 is the second anniversary of the “Coming Out of the Shadows Day,” when people from all over the United States came out publicly about their undocumented status. “We are walking across the country thinking of the communities,” said Nicolas Gonzalez, one of the five walkers. “The politicians will hear from those in these communities.” Gonzalez was recently organizing in Alabama where he and 14 others were arrested at the State House rallying against the nation’s harshest anti-immigration legislation (HB56). He was also involved in an action March 10, 2010 in Chicago. The grassroots movement will help amplify the voices in communities throughout the country so all of our politicians can hear from the people affected by stringent and racist policies. CAD will focus on its core values of “Unity, Equality, and Diversity” and what they mean for all people and families in the U.S. The walk itself will start at the Golden Gate Bridge and conclude in Washington, D.C. in October as the nation prepares for its 2012 elections. The dialogue aims to be earnest and direct where all people are invited to come and discuss their thoughts on what it truly means to be an American and how DREAMers, immigrants, and citizens can be a part of that better vision for America together.