Somebody told me scrip


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Somebody told me scrip

  1. 1. „Somebody Told Me‟; Music Video Script Producers: Ben Hollis, Ben Potter, Luca Abraham.
  2. 2. SCENE 1.INERIOR. DAY .COMMON ROOM.The Band are listening to the song „Somebody Told Me‟ on the Radio whilst sitting togetheron the sofa. The song is building up and reaching the climax, the band appear to be enjoyingthe song. The Room is lit with low-key lighting and the scene is so in black and white.RONNIE. (Close-up) Blank expression, however enjoying the song.MARK. (Close-up) Nodding to the song whilst singing brief notes.DAVE. (Close-up) Enjoying the Song.BRANDON. (Close-up) Looking into space, inspired by the song.FADE OUT.SCENE 2.INERIOR. DAY (N/A). STAGE.INTRO.The Band are standing in a four person diamond formation in the stage area. There is acontrast between the light, both high and low key lighting is used. The lights are movingrapidly around the setting. (ESTABLISHING SHOT)BRANDON. (Mid – Shot) Nodding his head to the beat, holding the microphone stand.BRANDON. (Side – Shot) Gazing straight into the distancePROP. Hand is playing the chords of the guitar.DAVE. (Mid – Shot) Looking down at the guitarPROP. Hand Playing the notes on the fret board of the Bass guitar.MARK. (Low – Angle) Rocking out to the song, getting into it.PROP. Drum stick hitting the ride symbolRONNIE. Drumming away to the beat of the song.
  3. 3. VERSE 1.INTERIOR. DAY (N/A). STAGE. BRANDON:Singing opening line of the song (Close-up) (mime) “Breaking my back just to know your name”Singing still (Zoom out to Mid-shot)(Fast Paced Zoom) (Mime) “Seventeen tracks and I‟ve had it with this game” BAND:Instrumental Fill (Low-angle Long Shot) BRANDON:Singing still (Side shot) (Mime) “Breaking my back just to know your name” DAVE:Playing guitar (Long shot) Strumming the guitar! BAND:(Pan from Lead guitarist to drummer to bassist)(Fast Paced) BRANDON:Singing still (Mid-shot) (Mime) “Cause heaven ain‟t closed in a place like this”Singing still (Close-up side) (Mime) “I said heaven ain‟t close in a place like this”Bridge BAND:
  4. 4. Long shot of band playing instruments RONNIE:Long shot playing the drums MARK:(Extreme Close-up) singing (Mime) “WOO HOO” BRANDON:(Mid-shot) singing last line of bridge (Mime) “Never thought I‟d let a…” RONNIE:(Mid Shot) playing drums.Chorus BRANDON:(Close up) of lead singer singing (Mime) „Somebody Told Me…‟ DAVE:(Mid-shot) of Dave on the sofa GIRL:(Mid-Shot) of girl on the sofa BRANDON:(Ariel close up) of lead singer singing „in February of last year‟White Background (Mid-shot)
  5. 5. (Mime) “It‟s not confidential”Vegas Background (Mid-shot) (Mime) “I‟ve got potential” BAND:Standing motionless (Long shot)VERSE 2 BRANDON:(Tracking shot) walking to right with microphone (Mime) “Ready let‟s roll onto…” CUTAWAY BAND:Signing autographs (Long Shot) MARK & DAVE:(Two shot of them both) DAVE:(Eye line match) looking at thing they are signing BRANDON:(Long shot) walking away from table DAVE:(Mid-shot) RONNIE:(Mid-shot) hitting drums BRANDON:(Side shot)
  6. 6. (Mime) “I said heaven ain‟t…”(Close-up) (Mime) “Close in a place like this”BRIDGE 2 BAND:(Long shot) band walking street (Mime) “Bring it back down” MARK:(Mid-shot) (Mime) “woooooooohoooooooooo” BAND:(Long shot) back of band walking down street RONNIE:(Mid shot) banging drums in sync.Chorus 2 BRANDON & DAVE:(Long shot) Brandon looking at Dave (Mime) “Somebody told me” BRANDON & MARK:(Long shot) Brandon looking at Mark (Mime) “You had a boyfriend” BAND:(Master shot) band playing
  7. 7. RONNIE:(Canted mid shot) playing drums BRANDON:(Long shot) (Mime) “Of last year” DAVE:(Close-up) (Mime) “Not confidential” MARK:(Close-up) (Mime) “I‟ve got potential” BRANDON:(Mid-shot) (Mime) “Rushing and rushing around”ENTERLUDE: BAND:(Low angle) band walking down stairs BRANDON:(Mid shot) standing singing MARK:(Side shot) (Mime) “Maybe….Baby…” BAND:(Tracking shot) walking down corridor
  8. 8. (Mime) “But all…” BRANDON:(Long shot) punch air enthusiasticallyCHORUS 3: MARK & RONNIE:(Two-shot) Mark and Ronnie backstage putting jackets on DAVE & BRANDON:(Two-shot) Dave and Brandon backstage putting jackets on DAVE:(Eye line match) picking up guitar(Long shot) putting guitar and putting thumb up to someone MARK:(Close up) staring focused BRANDON:(Close-up) shot from side looking focused BAND:(Master shot) prepared backstage CUTAWAY:(Establishing shot) walking out of a door BRANDON:(Mid-shot) (Mime) “Somebody told me” CUTAWAY SCENE:
  9. 9. DAVE:(Side shot) HANNAH:(Side shot) BAND:(Master shot) (Brandon Miming) “February last year” BRANDON:(Long shot) (Mime) “It‟s not confidential”(Mid shot) (Mime) “I got potential”(Close up) (Mime) “Rushing rushingrushing” RONNIE:(Mid shot) banging drums twice in sync BAND:(Long shot) (Slow paced) band walking towards camera with curtain closing inthe background.