Solution BriefIBM Software Media and EntertainmentIBM IntelligentOperations Center forSmarter StadiumsDelivering a safe, s...
Solution BriefIBM Software Media and EntertainmentThe Intelligent Operations Center provides a single view ofoperations an...
Solution BriefIBM Software Media and EntertainmentCoordinate resources for rapid responseCritical information is often sto...
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IBM Tivoli Maximo for Stadiums

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Ioc stadiums mew03006-usen-00

  1. 1. Solution BriefIBM Software Media and EntertainmentIBM IntelligentOperations Center forSmarter StadiumsDelivering a safe, secure, and enjoyable experienceto fansStadiums are complex organizations, with numerous departments managinga wide range of essential services that affect the fan experience. Fromproviding fine dining and premium entertainment, to managing security,facilities, concessions, and traffic flow for thousands of people each day, astadium functions much like a city.Like cities, stadiums face an increasing number of operational issues thataffect the quality of services delivered to fans. To ensure a safe, comfortableenvironment and provide the quality of service that fans expect, stadiumsmust access an ever-increasing amount of information, facilitate real-timecommunication and collaborate with external agencies to address potentialproblems before they occur. A smarter stadium must be able to make themost of available information to make better decisions, anticipate problemsto resolve them proactively, and coordinate resources for effectiveoperations.Highlights• Leverage information across all stadiumassets and departments for data-drivendecision making• Anticipate problems to minimize theimpact of disruptions to stadiumoperations and fan experience• Coordinate cross-stadium resources torespond to issues rapidly and effectivelyFigure 1: The IBM Intelligent Operations Center for smarter stadiums provides a single,consolidated view across all stadium services and operations.
  2. 2. Solution BriefIBM Software Media and EntertainmentThe Intelligent Operations Center provides a single view ofoperations and services that are necessary to implement a smarterstadium. Once in place, the Intelligent Operations Centerprovides the tools to correlate and analyze information to identifypotential problems, and collaborate and coordinate across alldepartments to mitigate problems rapidly. IBM clients haveaccess to enterprise-class software, hardware and industry-relevant applications. IBM solutions are delivered using bestpractices developed by IBM and IBM Business Partners throughmore than 2,000 Smarter Cities™engagements. With theIntelligent Operations Center approach, stadiums can achieve afast return on their investment, reduce risk and gain the flexibilityto extend their solutions to address future needs.IBM Intelligent Operations Center for Stadiums helps stadiumsintegrate the most repeatable best practice patterns to allowstadium executives and operations personnel to:• Anticipate problems and minimize the impact of disruptions• Coordinate resources to respond to issues rapidly and effectively• Facilitate collaboration across all service areas anddepartmentsAnticipate problems with proactive per-formance managementLeading organizations seem to be able to spot trends before theyhappen and anticipate customer needs before they are articulated.Using advanced predictive analytics, these businesses measureKPIs to spot trends and make informed decisions affecting theoverall service to their fans for any given event.IBM Intelligent Operations Center for smarter stadiums providesKPIs in near-real-time to help stadium operations managementmonitor and optimize the performance of stadium services, staff,fan attractions, and more. The Intelligent Operations Center forsmarter stadiums helps transform raw data collected acrossstadium data feeds, such as surveillance cameras, infrastructuresensors, historical databases, concession systems, team stores,ticketing systems, and existing applications, into actionableinsights. Executives and managers can adjust resource allocation ormodify programs as results trend up or down.2What is a smarter stadium?For fans, a smarter stadium focuses on premium features andservices to cater to various attendees. Behind the scenes, a smarterstadium is well managed, with integrated physical and digitalinfrastructures that make sure fans experience unforgettableevents comfortably and securely.A smarter stadium acts as a single entity, with integrated,interconnected subsystems in which individual departments andexternal agencies communicate significant event information toan enterprise dashboard. smarter stadiums monitor and managekey performance indicators (KPIs) and predictive analytics to spottrends, anticipate problems, coordinate with external responders,and make informed decisions affecting overall service for anygiven event.IBM Intelligent Operations CenterMany stadiums struggle to achieve this level of effective andefficient operations and service delivery. By applying insight fromover 2,000 projects from cities of all sizes to solve similarproblems in large stadiums, the IBM®Intelligent OperationsCenter for smarter stadiums helps address these challenges.The Intelligent Operations Center solution offers integrated datavisualization, real-time collaboration and deep analytics to helpstadium officials prepare for potential problems, optimize trafficflow and service delivery, expedite quick decision making, andenhance the fan experience.Intelligent Operations Center for Stadium coordinates:• Incident Management, Surveillance andSecurity• Public Safety• Concession and Point of Sale Optimization• Stadium Facilities and Asset Management• Crowd Flow Optimization• Transportation and Parking• Media Distribution and Communications
  3. 3. Solution BriefIBM Software Media and EntertainmentCoordinate resources for rapid responseCritical information is often stored in multiple disparate systemsacross disconnected departments, hindering situational awarenessand making it difficult for officials to coordinate efforts. Withouta single, integrated view of events, incidents or impendingemergencies, or the ability to share information rapidly, stadiumexecutives might be unable to maximize revenue growth orprevent negative impacts to the fan experience.To achieve critical stadium objectives, managers need ways tomonitor a range of stadium assets, from walkways and rest roomsto security vehicles and lighting. The Intelligent OperationsCenter for smarter stadiums integrates resource and assetmanagement capabilities to help managers make sure that assetsare available, well maintained and ready for use. A high-level heatmap helps managers easily identify the most pressing issues in ageospatial context for situational to awareness. Managers can thenuse drill-down capabilities to access details on service requests,project status, team members and assets.Facilitate real-time collaborationA real-time, unified view of departments and operations can helpmanagers see who and what resources are needed and available.Officials who can rapidly share information across departmentlines can accelerate problem response, improve eventcoordination and deliver unforgettable fan experiences.IBM Intelligent Operations Center for smarter stadiums offers acentralized, collaborative environment that processes data feedsand event information from crucial systems to present thatinformation in a stadium-wide view. When incidents or eventsoccur, officials can assess the situation, review operational statusand coordinate with rescue personnel through a web-basedportal. Meanwhile, stadium operations and staff representativescan view report details together, begin communicating instantlyand start developing a recovery plan. Collaboration capabilitieshelp accelerate resolution of problems, reduce the impact ofcrises and minimize the resources needed for getting work done.3Smarter StadiumsInstrumentedIBM Intelligent Operations Center for smarter Stadiums facilitates collaboration by collecting data from stadiuminstrumentation and sensor data as well as external systems vital to operationsInterconnectedThe solution is designed to coordinate stadium resources by integrating data from multiple systems and enabling accessto information via a web-based portal.IntelligentExecutive dashboards integrate event information with KPIs and advanced analytics. The stadium can anticipate problemsand improve event coordination for unforgettable fan experiences.
  4. 4. © Copyright IBM Corporation 2012IBM CorporationSoftware GroupRoute 100Somers, NY 10589Produced in the United States of AmericaFebruary 2012IBM, the IBM logo,, Let’s Build a Smarter Planet, SmarterCities, Smarter Planet and the Smarter Planet icons are trademarks ofInternational Business Machines Corp., registered in many jurisdictionsworldwide. Other product and service names might be trademarks of IBMor other companies. A current list of IBM trademarks is available on theweb at “Copyright and trademark information” at document is current as of the initial date of publication and may bechanged by IBM at any time. Not all offerings are available in everycountry in which IBM operates.The performance data and client examples cited are presented forillustrative purposes only. Actual performance results may vary dependingon specific configurations and operating conditions. It is the user’sresponsibility to evaluate and verify the operation of any other productsor programs with IBM products and programs. THE INFORMATIONIN THIS DOCUMENT IS PROVIDED “AS IS” WITHOUT ANYWARRANTY, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING WITHOUTANY WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS FOR APARTICULAR PURPOSE AND ANY WARRANTY ORCONDITION OF NON-INFRINGEMENT. IBM products arewarranted according to the terms and conditions of the agreements underwhich they are provided.MEW03006-USEN-00Please RecycleOn an ongoing basis, the Intelligent Operations Center canhelp enhance the efficiency of process management, allowingmanagers to link event planning to predefined business processes.Managers can choose to have processes set in motionautomatically or manually when a planned or unplanned eventoccurs. Integration with the collaboration environment helpsensure that team members can work together efficiently onprojects and events.IBM Smarter Cities provides guiding best practice patterns• Coordinating Resources: IBM helps Amsterdam AirportSchiphol move 20 million more bags every year with a betterbaggage system• Facilitating Collaboration: Peak energy loads fell by 15percent when IBM helped homes in the Pacific Northwesttalk straight to the grid• Anticipating Problems: Predictive analytics helped slashRichmond’s crime rate by 40 percent in one yearFlexible deployment optionsIBM Intelligent Operations Center for smarter stadiums offersboth on-premise and software-as-a-service (SaaS) deploymentmodels to provide options for stadiums of virtually all sizes withvarying levels of IT resources.An on-premise deployment features an industry-standardplatform configured precisely for your purposes and ready forrapid installation. The IBM Intelligent Operations Center isdesigned to run on IBM System x®workload-optimized systems.The solution is complemented by around the clock support,IBM Services, and tiered usage pricing so organizations pay foronly what they use.For stadiums without the resources or skills for deploying andmaintaining this solution, the Intelligent Operations Center isoffered on the cloud. Stadiums can avoid unnecessary costs whilestill enjoying customizable workflows, dashboards and KPIs.IBM manages the solution, including backup, disaster recoveryand availability, resulting in a lower total cost of ownership.Deploying the Intelligent Operations Center for smarterstadiums on the cloud allows organizations to start small andgrow as needed for maximum business flexibility.Helping to build a Smarter PlanetToday organizations need to provide robust services, driveeconomic growth, anticipate problems and coordinate theirresponses to crises, all while optimizing existing resources. IBMIntelligent Operations Center for smarter Stadiums is just one ofseveral IBM solutions designed to help organizations work betterby doing more with less. IBM can help stadiums optimizeindividual departments, including energy, operations, publicsafety, transportation and water, while facilitating seamlesscross-departmental integration.For more informationTo learn more about IBM Intelligent Operations Center, pleasecontact your IBM representative or IBM Business Partner, or learn more about all of the IBM Smarter Cities solutions,