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Converged Fiber to The Home, Building and Offices


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This presentation is mainly focused on Optical Fiber Implementation on various locations. Brief description about GPON.

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Converged Fiber to The Home, Building and Offices

  1. 1. What is FTTH/x  Fiber to the home (FTTH), is the installation of optical fiber from an access point in buildings, residences and offices ,( Group of buildings and campuses )directly to individual apartments, residences, and offices.  FTTH provides broadband access, unprecedented high- speed Internet access and Converged Voice, Data and Video.  FTTH dramatically increases the connection speeds and bandwidth available to users compared to Traditional Copper Cabling
  2. 2. WHY FTTH/X
  3. 3. Technologies for FTTH- GPON and EPON: GPON- Gigabit Passive Optical Network For Homes and Residences A passive optical network (PON) architecture brings fiber cabling and signals to the home using a point-to- multipoint scheme. This enables a single optical fiber to serve multiple premises on shared basis through the use of passive(unpowered Splitters. This is an economic preferred Solution for Homes and Residences
  4. 4. •EPON Point to Point, in office building provides full dedicated fiber with Ethernet switching to each business house and provides cost effective integration with the other enterprise Ethernet equipments. •Epon is powerful business tool and future proof platform, reduces communications costs for the Enterprises, and replaces expensive dedicated leased lines. EPON- Ethernet Passive Optical Network for Enterprise
  5. 5. EPON For Enterprises  Business can upload critical large files at 1 Gbps and more, have video conferencing collaborative facilities, inter office Communications, cloud computing, in house training, tele-working, business process enhancements.  For office buildings, companies buying and renting office space, the ready to go availability of digital services, would be a major enhancement.
  6. 6. Downstream Upstream users Distance GPON 2.5 GBPS 1.2 GBPS Split 32/64 users 20 Km EPON 1 GBPS 1 GBPS Dedicated 1 user 20 Km PON Solutions Comparison
  8. 8. Worldwide FTTH/x  Worldwide countries including India have major programs for delivery of high speed broad band based on FTTx to lay the foundation of new Digital Society.  In India, Indian Cabinet has approved the Indian National Broadband plan.  Fiber cabling for buildings for Converged Telecommunication services is being mandated.
  9. 9. Room Services HSIA RMS IPTV IP Telephony FTTH NETWORK Internet IP Telephony IPTV WEB Browsing Telecomuting File transfer Email Services Access line
  10. 10. FTTH Components SRS 3U Splice and Patch Fiber Cord ONT Floor Distribution Box Distribution Rack
  11. 11. Fiber Distribution Box ONT Riser Fiber Drop Fiber TYPICAL BUILDING LAYOUT Intern et IP Telephony IPTV WEB Browsing Telecomuting File transfer Email Servic es Access line
  12. 12. FTTB These Services can be integrated on In BUILDING FIBER NETWORK.
  14. 14.  Co-op Society owned Network.  Multiple Service Providers for different Services such as voice, video and Data can be connected at demarcation point( FTTH Network) designated by the Society.  Discounts and Liaison fees from ISP to the Society/customers.  FTTH backbone can be used for various value added services such as CCTV, Building Management Systems, Lighting Control, Public Address Systems ETC.  Several ISP can cause wiring chaos in building. Advantages of FTTH from by Realtors/Developer/ Property Owners