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L4all Como 1.4


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Published in: Education
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L4all Como 1.4

  1. 1. L4ALLSeptember 7th, 2012, ComoMIUR, Direzione Generale per il personale1
  2. 2. Experience ID School level: Junior Subject: Geometry Number of students: 22 Duration of the experience: 3 months Special needs: 1 students with learning difficulties
  3. 3. Experience descriptionThe experience experiments the useof Google SketchUP in support of thelearning of Geometry. It has fosteredthe acquisition of the basic digitalcompetences and meantime, into thelearning personalization sight, aremarkable improvement in the skillsof the best students.3
  4. 4. Open questions To what extend the use oftechnology increase theinteraction between students?What kind of students? It seems that the use oftechnology will inevitablyincrease the teachercommitment...How to quantifythis time?