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L4ALL a repository to foster mld


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Published in: Education, Technology
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L4ALL a repository to foster mld

  1. 1. L4ALL: a repository to fostermobile learning designAlessandro Soriani, Luca FerrariDepartment of Education, University of Bologna, Italy
  2. 2. Learning for All ( aims at investigating how theInformation and Communication Technologies (ICT) can be adoptedin Italian schools in order to create opportunities and stress newproblems.
  3. 3. Our findings• The elements measured (observations, interviews, focusgroups, questionnaires) are almost never made availableto "outsiders", but are merely summarized in generalevaluations.• Often this data is very qualitative and emphasizes aboveall the “customer satisfaction” (of teachers and students)or the quality of what is produced (various products:websites, multimedia products, on-line news sheets,etc.); details are however not available on how theeducational experience was effectively implemented.
  4. 4. • Excessive emphasis on “best practices”, which are oftenbound to exceptional circumstances, which are thereforenot easily replicated in other school situations.• Self-referentiality of the initiatives (national/regional/localprogrammes/experiments, etc.): poor sharing ofexperiences, duplication of efforts, lack of vision "fromthe outside" of the activities.• Insufficient methodology for measuring the "educationalbenefits" (often generic and imprecise) and specificfactors (organisational, pedagogical, activitymanagement, methods of using the technologies) whichthese benefits have generated.
  5. 5. Research method
  6. 6. Design Vs. Improvisation?Could L4ALL be an effective tool forteachers and researchers who want toimprove their understanding of anexperience during its whole life cycle (fromdesign to implementation)???
  7. 7. PortalThe “L4ALL” portal ( the operational tool which allows users toeffectively and efficiently share the educationalexperiences collected.
  8. 8. A "state of the art" exploration technique offers arange of activities: targeted research, explorationof the impact of specific factors, correlationbetween different factors, comparison ofimportance of different factors, etc. Theadvanced explorative approach of the portalcombines elements that can be traced back tovarious computer tools (search engines, datamining, data visualization, etc.) to create aunique and effective set that cannot be found inany tools available on the market or otherresearch prototypes.
  9. 9. L4ALL Portal
  11. 11. Bottom-up- Run your experience- Upload and share yourexperience- An experience, if it’sremarkable, couldbecome a FORMAT
  12. 12. EDUCATIONAL FORMATA FORMAT is a formalization (with acertain level of abstraction) of specificexpericiences that could inspire or beused as a “starting kit” for the teacher.WHAT’S INSIDE A FORMAT?Class SettingTechnologiesWorkflowAssessment strategies
  13. 13. Example: “Explore!”Explore implements the game-excursion teaching methodand is structured in a way similar to a treasure hunt;it is designed for teams of 3-5 students who’ll explore theenvironment seeking places of historical importance.
  14. 14. Explore!Three main phases are provided:– INTRODUCTION: the game is explained tothe class– GAME PHASE: the players try to accomplishall the missions (usually identify somehistorical spots) while they explore theenviroment with the support of their cellulartelephones.– DEBRIEFING PHASE: reflection on the recentexperience, using an application implementedon a notebook.
  15. 15. Top DownThe top-down use is the real“killer application” of this project.WHY?- Over 150 experiences (and over…)- Research engine that foster serendipity
  16. 16. SERENDIPITYL4ALL stimulates the creativity of teachers byproviding insights and ideas to create their ownlearning activities.“Serendipity is looking in a haystack for a needle and discovering afarmers daughter.” (Julius Comroe Jr., 1976)
  17. 17. What a teacher can do?– Simply replicate experience or formats– Get ideas for their mobile learningexperiences– Think over the learning methodologies,activities, educational benefits, pedagogicalsettings, strategies to overcome problems andto find solutions– Create new mobile learning experiences– Share them in the portal
  18. 18. Searching in L4ALL for activities can helpteachers to have more ideas (raising theirawareness and increasing digital skills) toimplement aspects of the projects theyhave in mind in order to design new andmore original educational experiences.
  19. 19. Creativity in actionL4AllPortalInvolving pupilsin the Projects
  20. 20.