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  1. 1. Edubuntu Learning Game Proposal Project Proposal for MIS40850 Comparative Software Engineering December 2013 Presented by Luca Aliberti, Seamus Brady, Marco Castiglieglo and Damilare D. Fagbemi
  2. 2. Project Proposal • We propose to create a fun and educational tool for classroom use based on Edubuntu that will increase exposure and use of selected Edubuntu applications.
  3. 3. The Challenge (1) • Edubuntu is successfully used in multiple developing countries around the world as an aid in learning and education. • However some volunteers have noticed that the distribution is not used to it's full potential. • The students and teachers tend to concentrate on using productivity applications such as spreadsheets.
  4. 4. The Challenge (2) • There is a wealth of other software available in the Edubuntu distribution. All these applications have possible educational benefit. • The challenge is to increase exposure for all these excellent packages so that students and teachers can gain maximum benefit from a Edubuntu installation.
  5. 5. Solution - Gamification • Gamification is the use of game thinking and game mechanics in non-game contexts to engage users in solving problems. • The gamification strategy is to reward players who accomplish desired tasks by making existing tasks feel more like games.
  6. 6. • Our proposal is to develop a game that would be suitable for classroom use. • The game would create an environment where students can engage in problem solving and collaborate with each other. • The game would also extend the students use of available Edubuntu software packages.
  7. 7. Game Description (1) • The game would be a series of puzzles and adventures that students would find fun and exciting. • However, at particular points in the game, the solutions to game based problems would involve using a specific piece of Edubuntu software in the classroom in order to move forward in the game.
  8. 8. Game Description (2) • These problems would be placed in a game based narrative that the students would find engaging and interesting. • As each problem is solved, the student will receive feedback in an increasing score, collecting in game tokens and other activities.The student would also be able to share their progress with their classmates.
  9. 9. Game Detail • TBD
  10. 10. Conclusion • Students and teachers would benefit from a fun, engaging and educational classroom activity that would increase student digital literacy and problem solving. • The Edubuntu project itself gets increased exposure to selected software packages and the addition of a valuable curriculum asset that many teachers would be delighted to use.