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Who is Van Aerde


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Who is Van Aerde

  1. 1. HERENTALS T +32 (0)14 21 22 68 KALLO T +32 (0)3 575 55 53 F +32 (0)3 575 55 58 • Introduction Van Aerde can trace its roots back to 1949, when the family company was first established by Hendrik Van Aerde. The business was carried on subsequently by four of his sons and since then by his grandchildren. Years of exponential growth have resulted in today’s Van Aerde Group. Customers have always benefited from the company’s ceaseless quest for quality and its naturally innovative approach. As a result, we have always been able to keep ‘one step ahead’ of the competition. The fact that Van Aerde continues to build for a prosperous future can be seen from the further development of the lo- gistics centre (2001) in Kallo, as well as from the company’s increasingly strong presence in Central and Eastern Europe. All of this has meant an appreciable expansion in Van Aerde’s capabilities for goods handling and transport as a whole. • The Van Aerde Group The Van Aerde Group exists from 6 companies operating in the world of transport and logistics. These subsidiaries are: Hendrik Van Aerde & Zonen (HVA, established in 1967) Transport Van Aerde (TVA, established in 1972) Transport Logistiek Herentals (TLH, acquired in 1990) Transport Gebroeders Anné (acquired in 2003 ) Belpol International Bvba (acquired in 2004) Belpol Poland (established in 2004) Hendrik Van Aerde’s four sons: Jean, Paul, Jos and Willy Van Aerde, flanked by his grandchildren, form the management team of the Van Aerde Group. • Locations Van Aerde operates out of three centrally-situated locations in Belgium: Halle-Zoersel, Kallo (Linkeroever) and Herentals. Warszawa in Poland is the company’s single operating base in Central and Eastern Europe. The Van Aerde Group’s headquarters today are located in Halle-Zoersel, in the immediate vicinity of the port in Antwerp. With the commencement of operations at the new facility in Kallo, Van Aerde is now literally at home at the port, which is one of the largest in the world. • Jean Van Aerde • Paul Van Aerde • Jos Van Aerde • Willy Van Aerde • With the operations at the new facility in Kallo... • At home at the port HALLE T +32 (0)3 384 03 83 F +32 (0)3 383 35 70
  2. 2. • Looking back at the company’s history… The history of the Van Aerde Group goes back to the pre-war years. Back in those days, company founder, Hendrik Van Aerde operated a greengrocer’s shop on the current location in Halle-Zoersel. He operated a small truck and would drive into Antwerp personally to collect fresh fruit and vegetables. His hard work laid the foundations for the present company and so he can rightfully be called the founder of Transport Van Aerde. In turn, Hendrik’s sons, Willy, Jos, Paul and Jean Van Aerde, all found themselves drawn to their father’s haulage business. A major turning point in the history of Van Aerde came with the forging of a cooperative link with the world’s largest manufacturer of plasterboard. The company was subsequently updated, the number of staff expanded and the fleet of vehicles tailored to meet the specific requirements of individual assignments. • Quality, Innovation and Teamwork! Quality comes high on the list of priorities at Van Aerde. In 1997, the company’s constant quest for quality was rewarded when it gained ISO 9001: 2000 certification. The same year, each tractor unit was also fitted with an on-board computer. This was supplemented in 1999 with a GPS Data and Communication system that forms the basis for the total trans- port management system used today. Direct lines of communication, tight-knit teamwork and uniform consistency are also the foundation for efficient interac- tion at all levels of the organisation. Van Aerde successfully combines the experience of the older generation with the spirit of innovation provided by the new generation. This is clearly demonstrated by the use of innovative technologies, such as the GPS Data and Communication system and the forward-looking approach taken by Van Aerde in the area of international transport. A great deal of time and attention is devoted to the in-house and external training of the company’s workforce at every level of the organisation. A sophisticated CMR system that can be used by customers will be introduced shortly. We are also developing further and enhancing the various telematics applications used in our vehicles. The monitoring of driving times and rest periods, as well as the locating of drivers can already be carried out on-site. Van Aerde continues to be a pioneer in its field: Just in Time, yet one step ahead! • The future… New opportunities are currently being examined at Van Aerde. Once implemented, they will also be opened up to custo- mers. Guaranteeing flawless service, providing reliable solutions and anticipating their requirements is an extra benefit for customers. That’s what we mean by “Always one step ahead!”. Improving the facilities in Kallo and additional expansion in Poland and other Central European countries will cre- ate further opportunities and capabilities for our customers in the area of goods handling. Just as it has done in the past, Van Aerde will also be making every effort in the future to anticipate the wishes and needs of its customers. We are always open to interesting new solutions and forms of alternative methods of transport, both at home and internationally. HERENTALS T +32 (0)14 21 22 68 KALLO T +32 (0)3 575 55 53 F +32 (0)3 575 55 58 HALLE T +32 (0)3 384 03 83 F +32 (0)3 383 35 70
  3. 3. • Transport In 2010, Van Aerde’s extensive fleet consists of 260 or so tractor units that can be found every day on the roads all over Europe. The Benelux, France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Poland, Spain and Italy are the company’s main destina- tions. Over 600 multifunctional covered trucks and trailers ensure fast and efficient loading operations and are ready at all times to handle the widest possible range of transport and haulage assignments. Van Aerde also has a number of crane trucks that provide transport for plasterboard and associated goods (including loading and unloading at exceptionally high levels). On-board forklift trucks also help guarantee customer independence. The fact that Van Aerde also likes to become involved in other areas at an early stage at the customer’s request can also be seen from the increase in reefer contai- ners. Van Aerde was one of the first hauliers in Western Europe to install the power sets required for reefer containers to handle the transport of imported meat and fish at carefully monitored temperatures. The slogan used by Transport Van Aerde (“Always one step ahead”) can be appreciated from the way it is put into practice in a wide range of fleet units, as well as in the company’s carefully considered and innovative investments. The introduction of bulk trucks, on-board fork- lifts and - as the first provider in the Benelux - Van Aerde’s revolutionary 27-metre crane trucks, all came from the desire to enable our customers to keep one step ahead of their rivals. • HC with x steering • Deeploader • Covered truck • On-board forklift truck • Citytrailer • Crane truck • Reefer • Bulk truck HERENTALS T +32 (0)14 21 22 68 KALLO T +32 (0)3 575 55 53 F +32 (0)3 575 55 58 HALLE T +32 (0)3 384 03 83 F +32 (0)3 383 35 70
  4. 4. • Logistics The headquarters for the Van Aerde Group are located in Halle-Zoersel, close to the port of Antwerp. Now that the new facility in Kallo is up and running, Van Aerde is also literally situated in the docklands. The absorption of Transport Logisitiek Herentals (TLH) into the Van Aerde Group in 1990 meant that customers could also rely on Van Aerde’s support in the vital area of logistic. Significant investments have been made since the logistics platform on Kallo was established in 2001. This involves both equipment (forklift trucks ranging from 1 to 46 tons), as well as intellectual and IT resources (warehouse manage- ment system). All types of freight can be handled easily, with the exception of refrigerated goods. With a rail link soon to be opened, volumes will be increased shortly without placing greater pressures on road traffic. More than 140,000 m² of space is available to meet your logistics requirements. The services provided by Van Aerde include: Storage Trans-shipment Stuffing and stripping operations Lashing and securing Accredited fumigation zone CFS zone Reefer connection Our people on the shop-floor are experienced with all the equipment they use and are supervised directly by management so that your goods can be guaranteed optimum safety and security. The whole premises are under camera surveillance and there is only one access gate that has to be opened between 4.00 pm and 8.00 am using a special access code. This means that your goods remain under extremely secure conditions in the loading bay until they are shipped out or collected. We also handle the pre-transport and post-transport of the goods that pass via our logistics platform. For this we use our own fleet and the numerous charters available to us. Even if the customer does not have a forklift truck, we can still deliver the goods using an on-board forklift fitted to the truck. Freight with unusual dimensions also present no problems. To sum up, with Van Aerde you have come to the right address for ensuring your goods reach their destination efficiently, securely and quickly. A single call will save you time and money, as well as provide you with the quality of service you are looking for. • Chartering The Van Aerde Group has expanded its offering in recent years by introducing a chartering service. This enables us to serve our current and future customers even better. By attracting additional subcontractors and extending our overall scope, we are able to offer our customers an even greater operating radius for their business requirements. Chartering also guarantees better cost-effectiveness for the Van Aerde Group’s own fleet, as well as for its subcontractors’ vehicles. Our specialists can assist you with all types of transport to any destination in Europe, covering both full and part-loads. HERENTALS T +32 (0)14 21 22 68 KALLO T +32 (0)3 575 55 53 F +32 (0)3 575 55 58 HALLE T +32 (0)3 384 03 83 F +32 (0)3 383 35 70