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L&DJ PR F5-sessie content marketing, Jacco Bouw - Webpower


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L&DJ PR F5-sessie content marketing, Jacco Bouw - Webpower

  1. 1. F5 = discoverthe power ofcontentmarketing
  2. 2. F5 sessie L&DJ | 2Jacco BouwCEO webpower Visionary, Entrepreneur, Speaker Author of Marketing to China’s Netizens Online MediaMan of the year confidential
  3. 3. F5 sessie L&DJ | 3key for creating content1) Who is your target group?2) How to create relevant content?3) How to easily share your content?
  4. 4. title of the presentation | 4
  5. 5. F5 sessie L&DJ | 5the REAL model
  6. 6. F5 sessie L&DJ | 6 contact leggen• reach communiceren• engagement converteren• activation continueren• leverage
  7. 7. Cathay Pacific China Business Awards 7Red BullFelix Baumgarten
  8. 8. F5 sessie L&DJ | 8not every man wants to be the fastest in the worldDurex
  9. 9. F5 sessie L&DJ | 9who is your target group? Security Visie SAAS IT REAL CMO 27001 user Channel Marketing Software marketing Manager
  10. 10. F5 sessie L&DJ | 10 at what stage is your target group? Loosening Committing Exploring Committing Justifying Making the the status to change solution to a solution the decision selection quo Points for every download Points for every click Tagging & Labeling on the websitePoints for filling in a request form Security Visie SAAS REAL 27001• reach• engagement Channel• activation Software marketing• leverage
  11. 11. F5 sessie L&DJ | 11how to easily share your contentArticles Resource librariesBooks/e-books RSS/XML feedsBrochures/manuals Social MediaCase studies VideosInformation guides Visual contentMicrosites/ webpages Webinars/webcastsOnline courses WhitepapersPodcast/video casts WidgetsPresentations WorkbooksProduct data sheetsReference guides
  12. 12. title of the presentation | 12
  13. 13. F5 sessie L&DJ | 13 how to easily share your content ReachArticles ActivationBooks/e-books Webinars/webcastVideos sVisual content Case studiesInformation guidesMicrosites/ webpages Online coursePodcast/video casts LeveragePresentations Engagement WidgetsProduct data sheets Brochures/manuals WorkbookSocial Media Reference guide Resource libraries Whitepapers RSS/XML feeds
  14. 14. title of the presentation | 14
  15. 15. F5 sessie L&DJ | 15at what stage is your client? Loosening Committing Exploring Committing Justifying Making the the status to change solution to a solution the decision selection quo Catch the attention of the unknown visitor by attractive content Provide downloadable whitepapers/ best practice cases always ask an email address for every download Invite the person for a webinar Convert them to a client Leverage them to upsell / cross sell Measuring every single step to convert them from stage 1 till stage 6
  16. 16. F5 sessie L&DJ | 16but how to create the best content?Follow Industry NewsMonitor social conversationsRecruit a team of content creatorsTake your video camera everywhereWrite annual and “ best-of” featuresConduct original researchLook beyond your industry & Audience
  17. 17. F5 sessie L&DJ | 17be relevant
  18. 18. F5 sessie L&DJ | 18deliver the content on every device
  19. 19. F5 sessie L&DJ | 19develop a message for every personasex and the city model (canicas)
  20. 20. F5 sessie L&DJ | 20and never forget to test, test & test
  21. 21. F5 sessie L&DJ | 216 rules of content marketing• It is not promotional• It is relevant• It’s closes a gap• It is well written• It is relevant to your company• It gives proof
  22. 22. F5 sessie L&DJ | 22Jacco BouwChief executive 650 691292+ 86 186 0164