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In design tutorial


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In design tutorial

  1. 1. InDesign tutorial. By: Luara Pires
  2. 2. SCREEN TOOL.This arrow here, is used to move boxes around and also to shrink or makean image bigger.
  3. 3. DIRECTION SELECTION TOOL.This tool here also allows you to change box sizes, but it also allowsyou to change its shape, it also moves boxes around.
  4. 4. PEN TOOL.This is called the pen tool, where you can create different shapeswhen you use it.
  5. 5. TYPE TOOL.This is the text tool, which is use when you are writing text.
  6. 6. PENCIL TOOL.You can use this to draw things around.
  7. 7. LINE TOOL.This is a tool where you can do a straight line.
  8. 8. RECTANGLE FRAME TOOL.With this you can create a box so you can put pictures after.
  9. 9. RECTANGLE TOOL.This tool you can create a normal box shapes, and when you slidethe mouse you can choose other shapes aswell.
  10. 10. BUTTON TOOL.This tool is to create buttons.
  11. 11. SCISSORS TOOL.With this tool you can cut around something.
  12. 12. ROTATE TOOL.With this you can rotate an image.
  13. 13. SCALE TOOL.With this tool you can create your shape differently.
  14. 14. GRADIENT TOOL.With this you can make shapes, texts, fonts gradiant.
  15. 15. TRANSFORM SHAPES FREELY TOOL.With this you can transform shapes, texts, pictures feely.
  16. 16. NOTE TOOL.This tool is to make notes.
  17. 17. EYEDROP TOOL.This tools makes it possible for you to get thingsexactly the same, for example; font, colour, size.
  18. 18. HAND tool moves your whole page around. This hand TOOL.
  19. 19. ZOOM TOOL.This zooms in, and zoom out.
  20. 20. COLOUR TOOL.With this you can check the colours you are using.
  21. 21. PAGESWith this you can check how many pages you had.