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Draft 4 part 1


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Draft 4 part 1

  1. 1. Assignment 11 Draft 7 – opening sequence draft 4. Luara Pires Kauana Labaldi Chantelle Gilkes
  2. 2. Results for draft #3Teacher Assessment. Peer Assessment. Self Assessment.
  3. 3. Even better if:• Have 2 folders• Have close-up shots of him writing.• Distinct way of real life and flashback.• Improve on character representation.• Not being dead, but missing.• Change editing.• Change ending.• Have her with a voice over.
  4. 4. Even better if :• Put titles in a different place.• Have a background song for the whole opening sequence• Put pictures of crime scene.• More match on action• Usa camera pan and zoom to concentrate on specific words.• Panning from bottom• Last shot her face.• Variety of shots of her sitting down.