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How to use the flip video cameras

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Practicuminternsupdaterevised 9 30-11-100211213543-phpapp01

  1. 1.  To check out a Flip video camera, see Lisa in MS 108. You will need your ID. You can only check out the camera for 24 hours. Please do not keep these cameras for 24 hours if you do not need them that long!! Use it and return it. Computers in MS 212 and MS 308 have the software for downloading your video from the camera to your computer. Contact Ms. Lewis if you need to use MS 212.
  2. 2.  You do not need to watch this video if you are using a different camera. If you use a different camera, be sure it is a digital video camera. If you use a camera other than a flip video, do not ask for our help with troubleshooting. Your Flip camera will not work if your usb cord is connected to a computer. You may have to do more than one “take” so be prepared to go back and forth between your computer and the flip camera. When you remove the flip camera from the usb on your computer, be sure to right click the green arrow in the lower corner of the screen and follow the steps for “safely remove software”.
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  4. 4.  You will find a set of directions in each flip video camera bag. These directions explain how to move your video from the camera and save it to your computer. If your camera bag is missing the directions for some reason, contact Ms. Lewis or Lisa.
  5. 5.  In the spring 2011, PB works started charging for anyone to load a video. You can still attach the video as a file in PB works and then email that link to your instructor. If you are going to do that, then why not use LiveText?
  6. 6.  I suggest that you attach your video as a file in LiveText under the section editor and edit the “file attachment”. Add your video. Submit the portfolio to your instructor. Your instructor should be able to open and view it.
  7. 7.  Part 4: Complete and submit the assignment via LiveText. In your portfolio, open Assignment. Click binder below for video example.
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