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Non-Profit Tempered Steel's 2011 Annual Report

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Tempered Steel 2011 annual report

  1. 1. Tempered Steel, Inc. 2011 Annual Report
  2. 2. Table of contentsPage 3 Letter from Executive DirectorPage 7 Executive BoardPage 8 List of Wounded Warrior SpeakersPage 9 Wounded Warriors InputPage 10 2011& 2012 Speaking EngagementsPage 11 2011 Financial Statements (unaudited)Page 12 ComparisonsPage 13 Donation ListsPage 15 Information
  3. 3. Luana Schneider, Executive director LetterDear Wounded Warriors, Donors and Supporters of Tempered Steel; I am very proud to address each of you today in my ca-pacity as Executive Director. To think that a dream I shared withmy son in regard to making a difference for our nation’s wound-ed warriors has come so far in such a short amount of time trulyhumbles and electrifies me. To know that we are adding to our speaking base ofwounded warriors substantiates the need for Tempered Steel’sWounded Warrior Speaking Program. Based on the number ofrequests for speakers we have been shown that the necessityfor understanding and acceptance is shared by our communi-ties. Tempered Steel added sixteen (16) new speakers to our base of eight (8) and had speakersrequested at twenty-five (25) schools, community events and/or corporations. Tempered Steel al-ready has six (6) requests for speakers through April 2012. Our Wounded Warriors are actively re-cruiting new speakers and speaking engagements for themselves as well as their fellow warriors.Wounded Warriors Listed Alphabetically for 2011 Speaking Engagements with comments: Chris Aguilera – Tri Point YMAC on November 18 – San Antonio, TX. “We were so happy with Chris coming to speak. It was amazing to hear his story and he showed our clients and employees how they can over-come anything.” Caroline McMillian, Silver Sneaker Coordinator, D.R. Semmes Family YMCA at TriPoint Robert Bruce – SCAR-Fest with 3 additional warriors at aTempered Steel Fund Raiser in Liberty, MO on June 11 – air travelprovided by Veterans Airlift Command; Valencia High School with5 additional warriors on November 3- air travel was provided byAir Compassion for Veterans and hotel rooms were provided byEmbassy Suites - Valencia and KTSA Radio Interview – San Anto-nio, TX in December. Bob Ehrig – ISRs 1st annual Combat Dining-In at Ft. Sam Houston on August 26 with BobbyHenline and Valencia High School with 5 additional warriors onNovember 3 - air travel was provided by Air Compassion for Vet-erans and hotel rooms were provided by Embassy Suites - Valen-cia. LyVell Gibson – 350 students at the Annual Youth Summitin Santa Clarita, CA in October. "The message presented by Mr. Gipson to our young people was very profound and thestudents realized the importance of appreciating everyones life story." Greg Lee, Director of HumanResources and Equity Services
  4. 4. Bobby Henline – Over 700 students and faculty at FaithLutheran Jr./Sr. High School in Las Vegas, NV on April 7(where healso gave multiple interviews locally and for the “Today Show”which aired on Memorial Day); SCAR-Fest with 3 additional war-riors at a Tempered Steel Fund Raiser in Liberty, MO on June 11 –air travel provided by Veterans Airlift Command; ISRs 1st annualCombat Dining-In at Ft. Sam Houston on August 26 with Bob Eh-rig; Interviewed for 10 part series by David Wood in HuffingtonPost and Valencia High School with 5 additional warriors on No-vember 3 - air travel was provided by Air Compassion for Veterans and hotel rooms were providedby Embassy Suites - Valencia. In addition, Bobby gave multiple print, radio and TV interviewsthroughout the year. (Bobby was part of the FOX 11 News Piece on Tempered Steel that won an Emmy in September) Tony Lino – Hesby Oaks Elementary School in Encino, CAin February; KCAL 9 interview in Los Angeles, CA; The SantaClarita Valley Mayor’s Committee for Employment of IndividualsWith Disabilities May 17 during which he also completed the in-terview for the FOX National News piece on Tempered Steelwhich aired on May 29. “My 4th grade class at Hesby Oaks School was fortunate to have Gunnery Sgt. Tony Linovisit us. He was a fantastic speaker & very inspirational. All of my students sat riveted, while MicaelaBensko gave a presentation on the background of the wars, as well as Sgt. Linos roles. He demon-strated perseverance & a passion for his job, despite his wounds. My students listened so attentivelythat they all wanted to answer his questions. They talked of nothing else for days following Tonysvisit. Many of the children commented that they could not tell his injuries (thanks to Iraq Star Foundation!)” Kathie Yonemura, Hesby Oaks School Bret McCauley - Valencia High School with 5 additionalwarriors on November 3 - air travel was provided by Air Com-passion for Veterans and hotel rooms were provided by EmbassySuites - Valencia. (Bret was part of the FOX 11 News Piece on Tempered Steel that won an Emmy in Septem-ber) Derek Moody –Canine Companions Salute Independenceat Ft. Sill, OK with Scott Stephenson on September 24; Interviewwith KWCH 12 in Wichita, KS on October 26; Veterans DayPresentation including Scott Stephenson and Luana Schneider on November 9 at the Robert DoleVAMC in Wichita, KS; Winfield Public Library presentation on November 13 in Winfield, KS and Os-borne Grade School on November 14 in Osborne, KS. “The program was great! Several teachers came to me with good things to say. Some werewondering how we got Derek here and how they could get him to speak somewhere. I passed onthe Tempered Steel cards that Derek had given me. I truly appreciate Derek coming here to speak andthank you for helping me get this all done!” Marci Lantz, PTO Osborne Grade School, Osborne, KS –November 14, 2011 “Luana, I am writing to tell you thank you for coming to the Wichita Regional Office andpresenting to the Veteran’s Benefits Administration and Veteran’s Health Administration employ-ees. The employees were truly touched by the personal stories of the Wounded Warriors. The achieve-ments of their recovery are remarkable and an inspiration to all of us. I received excellent feedbackfrom the employees that attended. I believe that many of the employees learned from the presentationand this in turn will improve services provided to Veterans in general. They appreciated the WoundedWarriors were so candid and open to questions from the group.” Linda Steffensmeier, Vocational Reha-bilitation and Employment, Dept. of Veterans Affairs, Wichita, KS – November 9, 2011
  5. 5. Tony Pham - Magnolia Science Academy-6 in Los Angeles, CAon September 27 to 2classes of approximately 150 grade school students. “I just wanted to check-in with you and let you know how yesterdays presentation went. It wasfabulous! I was only present during the first presentation (we had two), but all the students respondedwell to Tonys story and the lessons he was conveying. When I checked-in after his second presentation, Iwas happy to see that he took the time to answer questions a group of our seventh graders had. He, alongwith Micaela, spent extra time indulging our students. The students had such a positive response to Tony.We look forward to having other Magnolia Public Schools host them as well. Thank you so much for eve-rything.” Mrs. Cabezas Martinez, Seventh and Eighth Grade Language Arts TeacherAlvin Shell – Approximately 125 medical personnel including stu-dents at Indiana University Medical Center, Bloomington, IN on October 28 - air travel was pro-vided by Air Compassion for Veterans. “Alvin Shell talked to our Medical Sciences Program on October 28, 2011. His talk was outstanding! He made us more appreciative of thosewho are wounded and the long recovery they require. Mr. Shell was an excellent speaker and his message was appreciated by all. “ John B Watkins, III,PhD, Assistant Dean, Indiana University, Bloomington, IN – October 28, 2011. Scott Stephenson – Napa Valley Rotary Club, Napa, CA in March; 2 Benedictine College Ab-normal Psychology Classes April 29 in Atchison, KS; May 2 interview for KQ2 out of St. Joseph,MO; SCAR-Fest with 3 additional warriors at a Tempered Steel Fund Raiser in Liberty, MO on June11; AW2 (Army Wounded Warrior) Conference in Orlando, FL July17-19; Eisterhold Associates – worked on providing a video to bepresented on the new system being installed at military hospitals;USO Caregiver and Wounded Warrior Conference in North Carolina,September 13-15; Interviewed for 10 part series by David Wood inHuffington Post; Canine Companions Salute Independence at Ft. Sill,OK with Derek Moody on September 24; presented “Do SomethingGood for God” Award at half time of Benedictine College Ravens foot-ball game alongside Luana Schneider and Board B. President Dr. Ad-am Buhman-Wiggs by BC President Steve Minnis on October 15;“Unbroken Heroes” was released in October for Benedictine College and is sent internationally toall Benedictine College alumni; Valencia High School with 5 additional warriors on November 3 -air travel was provided by Air Compassion for Veterans and hotel rooms were provided by Em-bassy Suites - Valencia; Cultural Inclusion Series at HCA in Nashville, TN on November 8; VeteransDay Presentation including Derek Moody and Luana Schneider on November 9 at the Robert DoleVAMC in Wichita, KS; Atchison Elementary School to over 300 K-5 grade students (including his 6year old son) November 10 in Atchison, KS; KAIR Radio Interview in Atchison, KS on November11; Elks Club in Atchison, KS on November 11; Northrup-Grumman Employees in Orlando, FL onNovember 17 and over 900 students, faculty and family members at Braden River Middle Schoolin Bradenton, FL. Scott also gave multiple TV, radio and print interviews, including one whichaired in Britain in December and an article that appeared in the New York Times. “Words truly cannot express how fortunate I feel our school is to have been able to have Scott and Luana visit and share your stories withour student body. Your mission is inspiring, and your organization is so needed and vital to young adults today. Students told me Scott was the bestspeaker they’ve heard at any school assembly…..and it goes on and on. You are both wonders!” Joanne Torlucci, Braden River Middle School, Braden-ton, FL - November 18, 2011 “Luana and Scott Just wanted to take a moment to say Thank You again for coming. Your story was so inspiring and sometimes that is ex-actly what I think we all need to get us through our day-day-day “cubicle” life. Even though we work directly in the industry of defense, sometimes thatconnection to actual boots on the ground doesn’t hit home until we are reminded of heroes like Scott who sacrifice so much.” Patricia Gibson, Northrup-Grumman, Orlando, FL, November 17, 2011 “Scott, I cannot tell you in words how honored we were to have you visit our school. We appreciate your willingness to visit with our stu-dents, and share just a bit about your experience in the service of our country. Your message of being and looking different on the outside is a powerfulreminder to all of us on the home front-war affects all of us on various levels.” Tom Sack, Principal, Atchison Elementary School, Atchison, KS – Novem-ber 10, 2011
  6. 6. Andy Toppin - Valencia High School with 5 additional war-riors on November 3- air travel was provided by Air Compassionfor Veterans and hotel rooms were provided by Embassy Suites –Valencia; Veterans Day Salute to Service at the new JW MarriottSan Antonio Hill Country Resort & Spa on November 11 in San An-tonio, TX and at Texas A & M University Satellite Campus is SanAntonio, TX on December 1.Additional Information from 2011 We have added to the Photo Introspective “Honoring the Wounds of War” and had the intro-spective shipped to Kansas where we are currently working to have it on display in the state capi-tal building. The Introspective was on display at our L.A. fundraiser in November and once againcreated a foundation for a dialogue of empathy and compassion. We were encouraged by the outpouring of media support in 2011 in both print and newscoverage. In February, KCAL 9 in Los Angeles featured Tony Lino in a in-studio interview and inaddition, J.R. Martinez (All My Children and Dancing With the Stars) who spoke on behalf of Tem-pered Steel to students at Valencia High School and Tony along with Micaela Bensko gave inter-views for a national news spot on Memorial Day weekend for Fox National News. In July Tempered Steel attended the AW2 Conference in Orlando, FL where our flight wasprovided by the non-profit Veterans Airlift Command, which con-tributed greatly to our small budget. An exclusive news segment by Christine Devine and Rodg-er Howard on Tempered Steel and the Photo Introspective“Honoring the Wounds of War” featured at the Ronald ReaganPresidential Library in November 2010 won an L.A. Emmy for Se-rious News Report for FOX 11, Los Angeles. In 2011 we lost and added a board member, added aWounded Warrior Advisory Board and received our official 501(c)(3) charitable status from the IRS backdating to our start dateof May 1, 2010. Our funding increased with foundation grants, corporate speaking and individual dona-tions. This allowed us to send out more speakers to larger venues. We leveraged national events toexpand our media coverage and increased our supporter base. We are fully focused on our Wounded Warriors and their needs as speakers and individu-als. We have created a more accessible website to navigate for those who are visually impairedand/or dexterity challenged. The signs for continuing economic recovery in 2012 are positive despite financial and polit-ical reservations around the world and we are aggressively seeking grants and corporate sponsor-ship for our Wounded Warrior Speaking Program in addition to our ongoing projects; “Honoringthe Wounds of War” Photo Introspective and the Library of Congress’ “Veterans History Project”. Our organization is extremely motivated to provide a forum for our Wounded Warriors toshare their incredible stories of injury and recovery. With the end of the war in Iraq and reductionin troop size, we will have increasing numbers of warriors who will need a voice in the future andTempered Steel will be here to provide that source of inspiration and stimulus.Sincerely,Luana SchneiderExecutive Director
  7. 7. Board of directors LUANA SCHNEIDER—Executive MADONNA MORANVILLE— Director Board Treasurer Donna Moranville is the Manager, Compliance and Luana Schneider was an artist and interior decorator until HIPAA Privacy Officer for the Sisters of Charity of November 25, 2006 when she became a full-time caregiver Leavenworth Health System. Donna has been with for her son Army Sgt Scott Stephenson after his Humvee hit SCLHS for 21 years in various positions within the an IED and he was severely injured in Iraq. For the next 4 Legal and Compliance arenas. Her background is as a years her life was about wound care, doctor’s appointments, corporate paralegal (with which she has 25+ years’ numerous surgeries and concentrating on Scott’s recovery. experience) and specializes in corporate, real estate In May 2010 , after 4 years of witnessing how civilians and and healthcare law. Donna is certified in Healthcare military members alike treated her son’s (and other wounded Compliance, is a Certified HIPAA Professional, and warriors) scars and injuries, Scott and Luana decided to has a paralegal certificate. make a change. They started Tempered Steel, Inc., a non- profit dedicated to educating the public on how to treat wounded military members. In the past year and a half, she has organized and sent out multiple wounded warriors to speak to schools, community groups and corporations ontheir stories of injury and recovery. She organized and recruited top writers, photogra-phers and educational individuals to put together a team to show the beauty that can be PEGGIE BROWN—Boardseen in severely injured wounded warriors. Secretary Peggie Brown is the creator of Tempered Steel’s beautiful website. She is providing her creative MICAELA BENSKO—Board talents to Tempered Steel as well as being a member President of our board of directors. Peggie Brown is owner and Web Services Director Micaela Bensko has provided the photographic images for KatsueyDesignWorks, a division of Brown Hold- of our wounded warriors, working with each to disclose ings, LLC Group. Her credentials include 15 years their inner beauty. Benskos work has been seen in of financial management experience and 9 years’ national publications such as Brides Maga- experience as a Paralegal, working in litigation and zine and Martha Stewart Living. She has been featured probate and estate planning. During her "Paralegal in her field by Professional Photographers Magazine, years", Peggie also developed PowerPoint ® presen- and received national award recognition in album tations and provided marketing for estate planning design. Based in Los Angeles, her work takes her seminars that she created and assisted in present- around the globe, but remains firmly grounded with a ing. Peggie provided Internet Research presentations to Law Firms and Corporations husband and four children. Micaela is also VP of The such as Hallmark Cards Legal Department in Kansas City and Rutgers Universi- Iraq Star Foundation, providing free reconstructive ty. Believe it or not, these apparent unrelated credentials do make a difference to web site surgery to troops returning from Iraq and Afghanistan. design clients of KatsueyDesignWorks. Mrs. Brown understands business needs and, can She is currently writing a book on photography and help you research your business competitors and stand out from them. She understands commits herself to mentoring students by regularly presentation and marketing along with the need of a professional image in web site visiting classrooms to share her passion for photog- design. raphy.DR. ADAM BUHMAN-WIGGS, PH.D.—Board V. HEIDI KATZ—Board Member Since 1994 event services has come in many forms toPresident Heidi. Over the past 15 years Heidi worked in eventDr. Buhman-Wiggs is a licensed psychologist in Kansas with 15 years of experience in design, manufacturing and sales as an owner of a cor-mental health assessment, diagnosis and treatment. He earned his doctorate in Clinical porate gift service. Heidi’s extensive knowledge of the Psychology from the University of Kansas in 2002 and Event Service business served as a catalyst in expand- worked previously as a Licensed Professional Counse- ing her current business as a corporate, social and lor in Missouri, as well as pursuing pre-doctoral intern- private event planning company in the Los Angeles ships at the Kansas City VA Medical Center and the area. Southern Illinois University-Carbondale Counseling Fund raising, and working to help others through her Center. Post-degree, Dr. Buhman-Wiggs has worked as work is her true passion. While working various chari- a therapist, supervisor, and eventually as clinic admin- ty events for many years, she has worked on coordinat- istrator for the Atchison office of The Guidance Center ing everything from weddings, bar mitzvahs, and award until 2005, when he joined the faculty of his undergrad- show. As a highly sought after event consultant, Heidi uate alma mater, Benedictine College. He continues to helps advise both large and small corporations through- provide therapy and psychological evaluation services out North America, turning their events from ordinary through the Benedictine College counseling center, as to extraordinary. Heidi has two children who live with well as providing consultation services with licensed her in Los Angeles CA. Heidi is familiar with what it means to serve your country, andproviders at All-Faith Counseling Center in Atchison. Dr. Buhman-Wiggs has extensive is very proud of her family and close friends who have fought bravely in many wars. Hertraining and experience in a variety of therapeutic models, including emotion-focused, grandfather served in World War 11, as Captain in the army for many years. Heidi’sfamily systems, Christian, cognitive, and exposure-based models that represent the gold Uncle shortly after becoming an American Citizen from Italy served in Vietnam, only tostandard in treatment of PTSD for combat veterans. He has experience evaluating and return home severely wounded after saving the life of a fellow Marine as they bothtreating those with both combat and civilian PTSD. fought from the frontline. Her uncle was an inspiration to her growing up, "we neverAs a researcher and academic, Dr. Buhman-Wiggs has always been interested in human looked at my Uncle differently" I believe he had an amazing desire to not let his injuriesemotion. He has conducted and presented research on various aspects of human emo- stop him from living his life, although he suffered a great deal of complications as ational functioning at State, regional, and national psychology conferences. Dr. Buhman- result of being shot in his back that left him paralyzed from the waist down, he alwaysWiggs’ interest in emotion predated his studies in psychology as well, as he trained for was just a great uncle to her. Heidis longtime friend served in Desert Storm, Heidi’sfour years to be a professional actor, including earning a Master of Fine Arts in Perfor- Cousin Dan about to become a second time father served three tours in Iraq.mance from the Purdue Professional Theatre Training Program in 1993.
  8. 8. Wounded Warrior Speakers State First Name Last Initial Arkansas Chris T California Tony P Johnny P Tony L LyVell G Illinois Steve B Indiana Bret M Kansas Scott S Derek M Timothy H Missouri Wes H Nevada Chris A Texas Chris A Louis D Shane R Bob E Bobby H Shilo H Robert B Richard M Andy T Justin P Devon M Virginia Alvin S Leslie S
  9. 9. Wounded Warriors: Why they joined I joined the Tempered Steel Team because I feel it is extremely important that we aswarriors tell our story of sacrifice. I and many others are very proud of our service to our nationand the greater good of the world. In order to improve the Community, Veteran, and Warriortransition successfully the Communities need to be educated and ready to support the men andwomen who served, and their families. Shilo Harris The reason I joined Tempered Steel, was to share my personal struggle with PTSD and TBI. Iwanted others (families, the public) to understand what we go through not only in the wars, butwhen we come home and that many of us are still fighting a war... Derek Moody I joined Tempered Steel because they are the best avenue I have found to share my story ofcombat and loss in Fallujah, Iraq. The public response I have received since joining Tempered Steelhas been magnificent. Bret McCauley One of the main reasons I joined Tempered Steel is that the message is to get awareness outthere by warriors talking to the public. I have always believed what stops people from askingquestion about what a wounded warrior has gone through is fear. Whether its fear of bringing upbad memories, or just fear of confrontation its a huge wall for people to get through. By openlytalking about our experiences it allows us to break down that wall and open the lines ofcommunication. Robert Bruce In helping to co-found Tempered Steel, I saw the need for us (Wounded Warriors) to have avoice in sharing our stories of injury and recovery. Yet, after helping to start the organization, Irealized that I still had to come to grips with my PTSD and emotional issues. After a 6 month in-patient stay at a private PTSD clinic, I was then ready to start speaking publicly. Since then, I havetruly found my calling. Being able to share my story with others has helped me personally to heal,interacting with other wounded warriors gives me inspiration and allows me to still share in thecamaraderie of military life that I miss daily. Seeing the impact I have on students and individualsalike is what now drives me forward. Scott Stephenson
  10. 10. 2011 Speaking engagements By state California Florida Indiana Kansas Missouri North Carolina Oklahoma Tennessee Texas Washington DC 2012 Speaking engagements(as of January 1, 2012 with future events added weekly) January 2012 – Jupiter, Florida February 2012 – Dover, Delaware March 2012 – Manhattan, Kansas March 2012 – Los Angeles, California April 2012 – Los Angeles, California April 2012 – Charleston, Illinois
  11. 11. Financial statements Speaking2011 Revenues Programs Corporate 5.9% (unaudited) Special Events Contributions 19.65% 13.67% Individual Contributions 18.34% Foundation Donations Non-Cash 7.91% Donations 34.53%Additional Revenues for Special EventsAir Compassion for Veterans - $5096 Non-Cash Donations include website maintenance,Embassy Suites - $1700 web hosting for 2012, photo introspective storageVeterans Airlift Command - $5000 and PR firm. Photo Introspective Display 5.87% Equipment Operations 2.28% Special Events Expense Expense 12.03% 20.20% Travel Expense 18.13% Non-Cash Expense 41.49%Non-Cash Expenses include website maintenance, webhosting for 2012, photo introspective storage and PR firm.
  12. 12. Comparison Tempered Steel 2011 (unaudited) Tempered Steel 2010Revenues Amounts Revenues AmountsDirect Public Support Cash Donations $1,136.00 Non-Cash Donations $41,230.00 Corporate Contributions $5,100.00 Total Income $42,366.00 Foundation Donations $2,950.00 Non-Cash Donations $12,880.00 Individual Contributions $6,843.00 Expenses Amounts Direct Speaking Programs $2,200.00 Operations (including startup costs) $2,749.00Special Events Income $7,329.00 Travel $1,706.00 Non-Cash Expenses $41,230.00 Total Expenses $45,685.00Total Income $37,302.00Expenses AmountsOperations (includes brochures, web site, donationfees, start-up fees, etc.) $3,707.00Display Equipment $704.00Special Events Expense $6,227.00Photo Introspective Expense $1,809.00Travel $5,590.00Non-Cash Expenses $12,790.00Total Expenses $30,827.00 Non-Cash Donations and Expenses 2012 include website maintenance, web hosting for 2012, photo introspective storage and PR firm. Non-Cash Donations and Expenses 2011 include website maintenance, website building, photo introspective printing, framing, materials and labor, travel , booklet printing and PR firm.
  13. 13. Grants and corporate donations Speaking program Non-cash donationsA very special thank you to everyone.
  14. 14. Donors over $200 V. Achtemeier L. Miller D. Bainter S. Muskin G. Baker R. Roberts H. Bancroft M. Schneider R. Clayton R. Singer B. Garrett AFF Mortgage H. Katz Boyler Car Dealership SCV Chamber of Com- M. Lockridge merce S. Mackey Young Republicans To everyone who donated time, money, gifts-in-kind or all of theabove, we at Tempered Steel, alongside our Wounded Warriors want toissue a very special thank you for making 2011 so great. We look forward to working with you in 2012 and sincerely appre-ciate your involvement in our organization. Your belief in our missionallows us to go forward into the future to tell “The Stories Behind theScars and Wounds of War”. By creating a platform of understanding we are creating a changein our futures and the future of our Wounded Warriors.
  15. 15. Tempered steel, iNC. 16039 274th Rd Atchison, KS 66002 (800) 294-5039 www.TemperedSteelInc.org info@temperedsteelinc.orghttp://www.youtube.com/user/TemperedSteelInc