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Lightblue project


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New technologies for Java and how to move projects to the cloud. This presentation is about new technologies and paradigms in the market. For example the project called Lightblue demostrate how to solve the problems with your old system such as the scalability and maintainability.

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Lightblue project

  1. 1. Lightblue: Re-thinking the old way Lessons of How to turn internal Fog into a simple Cloud
  2. 2. DISCLAMER ● The views expressed in the following slides are solely those of the author, which aims just to share knowledge and help the community ● Putting this in another way, the contents of this presentation do not necessarily represent the views or policies of anyone else than the author
  3. 3. Introduction ● Luan Cestari ● Software Engineer ● @BR_LuanCestari and ● You can interrupt me to ask me, I'm here to help =)
  4. 4. Agenda ● Quick story: from small first application in a company to a big interconnected services ● Some problems that may occur ● The Lightblue project that aims to fix those problems ● Some details of the techonologies behind Lightblue ● Bonus: Some interressting collections libraries
  5. 5. The Beginning
  6. 6. The Application Delivery
  7. 7. The Company and the systems grow
  8. 8. A Simple Change Involves a Lot of Systems
  9. 9. The Result of Change
  10. 10. What are the patterns that you may find? ● Very hard to maintain services ● Services which too much specific and compled ● Slowness ● Hard coded ● Static content ● Hard to garantee the security end to end ● Hard to deploy in different enviroment
  11. 11. What some people thought ● To re-write the services creating an open source solution – Using cutting edge tecnologies, good practices and techniques – Make it simple to use and maintain – Make it fast but it also needs to have monitoring – Need to be flexible for changes – Make use a good techonologies which can provide some of the Cloud characteristics (Measured service,Rapid elasticity,Resource pooling,Broad network access,On-demand self-service) – Need to be very secure
  12. 12. This is Ligthblue
  13. 13. Lightblue ● It aims to be capable to provide high availability, resiliency, consistency, and performance integrating with others SOA Services ● To provide a high level of flexibility, it is metadata driven project ● You can easily extend and change its behavior ● You can use it for your own business
  14. 14. Lightblue: Overview
  15. 15. Lightblue: Simple Deployment
  16. 16. Lightblue: Deployed on the Cloud
  17. 17. Features: Hystrix
  18. 18. Features: Hystrix ● Hystrix: Latency and Fault Tolerance for Distributed Systems – Can be used with Servo for monitoring (Graphite and CloudWatch) ● ● Is there overhead? –
  19. 19. Features: Hystrix
  20. 20. Features: MongoDB ● ●
  21. 21. Lightblue: more information ● ● ●
  22. 22. Bonus: Beyond JDK Collections ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● colt
  23. 23. Bonus: Beyond Others ● ● ● ● ● ● ●
  24. 24. Conclusion ● There are a lot of other tecnologies other than Java EE which are very good to use ● Migrating to Lightblue can help you with some hard to maintain services
  25. 25. Thank you! ● Thank you for watching and sharing your ideas ● @BR_LuanCestari and Any questions?