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Variadas imagens de Tiago Hoisel

Published in: Internet
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  1. 1. All copyrights belong to the artist Tiago Hoisel - Tiago Hoisel is a digital artist from Sao Paulo, Brazil, who specializes in creating cartoons, caricatures, and digital characters. Tiago Hoisel: I was born in Salvador, capital of Bahia in Brazil, but grown up in Ilheus, a small town in the interior of the state. Today i’m 25 years old, graduated in Graphic Design from the University of Bahia – UNEB. I started working in the printing area of this college as an illustrator, because despite of graduating in design i always focused my studies in illustration. After that time, i worked in a television company called TV Bahia for 2 years. Today I am working in São Paulo, in a illustration studio called Techno Image. I’ve always liked to draw, mainly caricatures. For sometime i’ve been studying motivated by humor illustration contests… Fortunately my personal work started to open some doors to me and even while i was still in Salvador i started to make some freelance illustrations for advertising companies. Through the blog i created in the web, my work started to disseminate and Agencies from São Paulo and Europe started to reach me. I love humor. Besides the caricatures, i like to draw animals and humanize them, creating funny situations. I Enjoy to create images that tell a funny story, that suggest soothing beyond what’s illustrated. Many times i am working in a project and suddenly stop it just to study an idea that lit up inside my head. Most of my personal illustrations start from a study of a character that i was doing and in the middle of the ideas something with a funny context arose. I think the key to my success was – and still is – my personal work. I am always searching something that will be great for me on those moments.Thanks to that my professional work has lots to do with the personal and this proximity makes the identity of my work stronger and make easier for the auto-dissemination to happen. I always try to invest the time i am studying in things i like, and avoid to influence my self with visual tendencies and technics. Clic 
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