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This is a simple write up about a community project initiated by Origine IT to help finding missing children globally with technology

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  1. 1. Find missing children globally SaveAChildToday helps to locate missing children worldwide, with Carrying smart devices, always the help of web, mobile, cloud and connect to internet, travel, take photos, share pictures, wanting to image processing technology, and help the current lifestyle. How it works ? Parent  upload  their   Public  or  travellers  found   missing  children’s   suspicious  street  kids  or  child   1 2 photo  and  profile  to   labors,  take  a  snap  and   the  website   upload  to  the  website   SaveAChildToday Photo  taken:     Last  seen:     Tokyo,  Japan  Bangkok,  Thailand     2012.Mar.06   2011.oct.10   A  face  recognion  and  matching  engine  links   up  faces  in  the  photos  that  may  look  a-­‐like.   3 Anyone  else  can  also  parcipate  to  link  the   pictures  up   The outcome Linking  up  all  the   informaon   together  –  the   subject,  locaon   and  date,  we  may   find  the  trend  of   movement  of  the   subject  from  one   locaon  to  another,   in  a  meline,  which   may  speed  up  the   invesgaon.  
  2. 2. SaveAChildToday.netFind missing children globally The Screen shot Default Home Page The home page displays all the photos uploaded in the form of collage. It can be switched to map view and timeline view. Timeline and Map View The timeline and map integration is done using Google’s Timemap library. Children Profile screen Users can see the comments from other users, and pictures linked to the child in map and timeline view. Mobile app will be developed to simplify and speed up the process of photo taking and upload to the website. Instant face matching will be enabled in future release.
  3. 3. SaveAChildToday.netFind missing children globally Technology Plan Database Web Presentation Development Platform HTML5 MySQL / Cloud JQuery Microsoft .NET / C/C++ Timeline / Map Web Service API Image Processor Google’s Timemap REST OpenCV Mobile Platform iOS / Android / Windows 8
  4. 4. SaveAChildToday.netFind missing children globally SaveAChildToday is an initiative from Origine IT to encourage technopreneur to contribute their technical skill and expertise, and spare resources in making the world a happier place to live. However, this project can only be succeed with the collaboration from various parties. We are seeking for partners to participate in these areas, Social Media Web Graphic Cloud Hosting engagement Design for 3 years To create online media To make the website To provide a space to awareness about this more user friendly and host the website project presentable Local and foreign NGOs Face recognition experts engagement To provide ongoing support to •  To share the guideline and advices in improve the face recognition dealing with human trafficking and algorithms missing children •  To invite local and foreign NGOs to share the missing children database •  To find the project taker that can bring Project Taker this site to next level To fund or take up the ownership of the project Mobile App Web Development Development Please  contact  us  via  email  :  if  you  wish  to  know  more  about  this  project