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De-mystifying contributing to PostgreSQL


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PostgreSQL is a great community. They are open-minded, friendly, agreeable and so on. You feel like helping them.

The problem is you are shy and you look at community people as gods. On top of that you don't want to mess up with their work or bother them with obvious and silly (to them) questions!

This conference talk is based on my own true story. I will tell you about how I submitted my very first patch to the community. After some background presentation about how the community works, I will try to answer the following questions:

What can I do to help (and you'll see that even without coding you can do a lot!)?
What's a contribution?
What's a patch? How can I create one?

And I hope that sooner or later you'll come and join the community and you'll feel so proud of yourselves!

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De-mystifying contributing to PostgreSQL

  2. 2. �LOXODATA @l_avrot WHO L�titia Avrot PostgreSQL consultant and teacher DBA PostgreSQL for more than 10 years (and also Oracle and SQL Server) @l_avrot
  3. 3. �LOXODATA @l_avrot LOXODATA Company built on 3 essential pillars PostgreSQL DevOps Cloud
  4. 4. �LOXODATA @l_avrot WHAT Contributing to PostgreSQL The PostgreSQL community The PostgreSQL projects and tools The story of my patch How you can help
  5. 5. �LOXODATA @l_avrot THE COMMUNITY
  6. 6. �LOXODATA @l_avrot
  7. 7. �LOXODATA @l_avrot The core team 5 members Independant Act as project managers
  8. 8. �LOXODATA @l_avrot Committers More or less 15 members Have git push permissions Responsible for code quality
  9. 9. �LOXODATA @l_avrot Developpers C code Need to comply with Need to comment (a lot) style guide
  10. 10. �LOXODATA @l_avrot Reviewers No need to be a dev But technical background needed If you don't understand it, others won't
  11. 11. �LOXODATA @l_avrot Translators No need to be a dev Software messages Documentation Others (press releases...)
  12. 12. �LOXODATA @l_avrot Advocacy Promote PostgreSQL use Share informations about PostgreSQL Regional press contacts
  13. 13. �LOXODATA @l_avrot Associations Small to large groups of users National or international
  14. 14. �LOXODATA @l_avrot
  15. 15. �LOXODATA @l_avrot Local User Groups and Meetups User gathering Sharing thoughts, use cases, issues...
  16. 16. �LOXODATA @l_avrot
  17. 17. �LOXODATA @l_avrot PROJECTS
  18. 18. �LOXODATA @l_avrot
  19. 19. �LOXODATA @l_avrot
  20. 20. �LOXODATA @l_avrot
  21. 21. �LOXODATA @l_avrot
  22. 22. �LOXODATA @l_avrot
  23. 23. �LOXODATA @l_avrot
  24. 24. �LOXODATA @l_avrot
  25. 25. �LOXODATA @l_avrot The road map 1 major release per year 1 minor release per quarter (minimum)
  26. 26. �LOXODATA @l_avrot Commitfests 1 month long When most patches are commited Needs a commitFest Manager
  27. 27. �LOXODATA @l_avrot
  28. 28. �LOXODATA @l_avrot TOOLS
  29. 29. �LOXODATA @l_avrot Websites
  30. 30. �LOXODATA @l_avrot Websites
  31. 31. �LOXODATA @l_avrot Mailing-lists Bug submission (use the ) pgsql-novice for newcommers Special lists for associations and local groups pgsql-hackers (be carefull, these guys are SO chatty) form
  32. 32. �LOXODATA @l_avrot Security issues :
  33. 33. �LOXODATA @l_avrot IRC Chanel #postgresql on Live chat with other PostgreSQL users Don't ask to ask, just ask!
  34. 34. �LOXODATA @l_avrot
  35. 35. �LOXODATA @l_avrot Twitter Stay in touch with other PostgreSQL users Brand new community account : @postgresql
  36. 36. �LOXODATA @l_avrot Other ways to stay in touch Postgres Postgres Forums (as ) Slack hangout stackexchange
  37. 37. �LOXODATA @l_avrot Git if you don't know git, don't be afraid git clone git pull (--rebase) git diff Use the PostgreSQL Wiki page
  38. 38. �LOXODATA @l_avrot MY FIRST PATCH
  39. 39. �LOXODATA @l_avrot What's a patch? Source : Wikipedia A patch is a piece of software designed to update a computer program or its supporting data, to x or improve it.
  40. 40. �LOXODATA @l_avrot My story Missing section in ALTER TABLE documentation Discussion with peers Bug reporting Patch creation with guru mentors Patch submission
  41. 41. �LOXODATA @l_avrot Creating the patch PostgreSQL git clone Copy/Paste missing section from CREATE TABLE to ALTER TABLE Re-building documentation from source code Building from source code Building documentation from source code
  42. 42. �LOXODATA @l_avrot git diff With context Use the wiki pageCreating clean patches Format your git diff output
  43. 43. �LOXODATA @l_avrot But sometimes, even the best men don't follow instructions...
  44. 44. �LOXODATA @l_avrot git diff without context to the left, git diff with context to the right
  45. 45. �LOXODATA @l_avrot My submission Use the Wiki pageSubmitting a patch
  46. 46. �LOXODATA @l_avrot The result
  47. 47. �LOXODATA @l_avrot Patch corrected
  48. 48. �LOXODATA @l_avrot Commit fest
  49. 49. �LOXODATA @l_avrot Oh no!
  50. 50. �LOXODATA @l_avrot And another section was missing!
  51. 51. �LOXODATA @l_avrot It's ready!
  52. 52. �LOXODATA @l_avrot And it's committed!
  53. 53. �LOXODATA @l_avrot ... Now I can die without regret!
  54. 54. �LOXODATA @l_avrot What next ? Correcting some spelling errors in french translation Studying the code Observing revewing in January Commit fest Proposed conf talks (and got accepted each time for now)
  55. 55. �LOXODATA @l_avrot HOW YOU CAN HELP
  56. 56. �LOXODATA @l_avrot Simple contributor use PostgreSQL share your experience answer other users' questions
  57. 57. �LOXODATA @l_avrot Great Contributor Create/help organizing user group/Meetup Create/help organizing event Invest time/money in PostgreSQL Associations
  58. 58. �LOXODATA @l_avrot Super Contributor Report bugs Create patches Review patches
  59. 59. �LOXODATA @l_avrot CONCLUSION
  60. 60. �LOXODATA @l_avrot It's all about you You're already contributing So, next step ?
  61. 61. �LOXODATA @l_avrot
  62. 62. �LOXODATA @l_avrot Please join us!
  63. 63. �LOXODATA @l_avrot QUESTIONS ? The end We're hiring! Thanks to Dimitri, Greg, Vik, Robert and Alvaro for your patience and time Thanks to Frits Ahlefeldt, Freepik, Grzm, Alvaro Herrera, Pixabay and for illustrations and photos