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10 Things I'm Thankful for in 2014

  1. More Michigan farmers join the voluntary program for environmental stewardship. <br>
  2. Sparty On.<br>
  3. More people are getting the chance to chase their dreams rather than being steered into predetermined outcomes.<br>
  4. The goal was $100 billion. And Michigan’s agri-food system reached $101.2 billion. <br>
  5. The future is bright for the Motor City.<br>
  6. Couldn’t be happier to see the finish lines of the Boston, Detroit and Lansing marathons.<br>
  7. Lowest since March 2008.<br>
  8. A friend and I sign the bill making sure the “r-word” is no longer used in state laws and forms. <br>
  9. Michigan scrapped its burdensome tax on capital investment while protecting local communities.<br>
  10. Seriously. They're the best.<br>