Overcoming SSD Reliability and Safety


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George Crump, Founder and Chief Steward of Storage Switzerland, presented the latest in SSD technology issues including: flash endurance, flash reliability, and flash security.

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Overcoming SSD Reliability and Safety

  1. 1. Addressing FlashEndurance, Reliability and SecurityWhat Are the Flash Endurance Issues?What Are the Flash Reliability Issues?What Are the Flash Security Issues?Addressing Endurance, Reliability andSecurity
  2. 2. Agenda• Storage Swiss Background• State of Flash in The Enterprise• What Are the Flash Endurance Issues?• What Are the Flash Reliability Issues?• What Are the Flash Security Issues?• Addressing Endurance, Reliability andSecurity
  3. 3. Background• Analyst firm covering storage, cloud and virtualization markets• Knowledge of these markets is gained through product testing,real world implementations and interactions with users andsuppliers• The results of this research are found in the articles, briefingreports, case studies and lab reports on our web sitewww.storage-switzerland.com
  4. 4. 4
  5. 5. The State of Flash In The Enterprise• Becoming the "go to" option forStorage PerformanceBUT• Reliability and Endurance remaintop concerns• Security of discarded flash isbecoming an increasing concern• Vendors are ineffective incommunicating performancebenefits
  6. 6. Flash EnduranceEndurance Remains a top concern for usersand even legacy storage vendorsWhat is the Endurance Problem?Flash wears outIt gets worse from SLC to MLCIt gets worse with each generation6
  7. 7. Flash EnduranceFor most enterprise flash products,endurance has been fixed using:Over-ProvisioningIntelligent Writing of Data for enhancedreads, writes and life expectancyHeavier use of DRAM buffers to betterorganize writes and coalesce them7
  8. 8. Flash Reliability8Redundancy requires Flash AwareRAID to not exacerbateendurance challengesYou need more than just RAIDNeed for power management becauseof DRAMWhat is DRAM doing in FlashAppliancesThe DRAM ProblemNePower Failure can cause data lossand long restart times
  9. 9. Flash Reliability9Flash redundancy is slowlybecoming a standard offering inFlash AppliancesFlash RAIDIn-Place Chip FailRedundant ComponentsBigger problem is dealing withpower failuresRequiring UPS is not enoughCapacitors are riskyNVRAM is Key
  10. 10. Flash Security10Securely Erasing Flash isProblematic - all flash cells are notaccessible for secure erasefunctionsEndurance fixes like over-provisioning hides cellsReliability fixes like hot flash swaphides read only cells
  11. 11. Flash Security11Securely Erase is basically falsesecurityEven if special tools are created toaccess hidden areas, how do youfix erase charge-less cells?In-line, Always on Encryption is theonly viable solution for a fullunderstanding of the exposurerisk
  12. 12. Next StepsUnderstand the Endurance TrickDifferencesOver-provisioning is not enough and may betoo muchUnderstand the Reliability Issues especiallyas it relates to power failRequiring a UPS is not enoughBe aware of the security risks andunderstand what level of protection youneed
  13. 13. Thank you for Attending!George Crump, Lead AnalystStorage Switzerlandgcrump@storage-switzerland.comMore resources:Web Sitehttp://www.storage-switzerland.comStorage Swiss on Twitterhttp://twitter.com/storageswissStorage Swiss on YouTubehttp://www.youtube.com/user/storageswiss