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bmds briefing 2012

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Bmds briefing12

  1. 1. Ballistic Missile Defense OverviewDISTRIBUTION STATEMENT A. Approvedfor public release; distribution is unlimited. To: 10th Annual Missile Defense Conference By: LTG Patrick J. O’Reilly, USA Director Missile Defense Agency March 26, 2012Approved for Public Release12- MDA-6631 (21 March 12)
  2. 2. Military Technology Breakthroughs Overwhelming Capabilities Without An Effective Counter MOBILITY RANGE Precision-engineering increased range/accuracy Personal protection for close combat Defeated by Mobile, long-range Cavalry advantage firepower Mongols invade Europe 200 yard “kill shot” AIR/SPACE BATTLE Unbeatable “Wonder Weapon”? Destruction from the air 40,000 British killed Early detectionApproved for Public Release RAF has 2,698 kills12- MDA-6631 (21 March 12) 2
  3. 3. Can We Hit A Target Moving 15,000 m.p.h?Approved for Public Release12- MDA-6631 (21 March 12) 3
  4. 4. Ballistic Missile Proliferation Threat - Growing 2010 Ballistic Missile Force Levels - Unpredictable Not Including - Anti-ship ballistic U.S., China, Russia or NATO missiles threaten flow of commerce Missile Range Quantity - Threatens regional 300-1,000 km 5,000-5,500 stability 2,000-3,000 km 500-700 North Korean Taepo Dong-2, April 2009 3,000-5,500 km <40 > 5,500 km 0-10 Totals 5,550-6,250 Sources: NASIC, Ballistic and Cruise Missile Threat, 2009; DIA, Iran’s Military Power, Statement before the Senate Armed Services Committee, 14 APR 10; DIA, Annual Threat Assessment 2008; MSIC, e-mail, RE: Unclassified Force Level Numbers, 7 February 2011; DNI, Unclassified Report to Congress on the Acquisition of Technology Relating to Weapons of Mass Destruction and Advanced Conventional Munitions, Covering 1 JAN to 31 DEC 29, FARS News Agency. Open Source Center (OSC), Iranian TV shows footage Iranian Salvo Launch, 28 June 2011 of “under ground launch silos” IAP20110627950192, 27 June 2011 Iranian SRBM, 20 August 2010Approved for Public Release12- MDA-6631 (21 March 12) 4
  5. 5. Resistance to Revolutionary Technology Resistance Persistence • Vision “A pretty mechanical toy” • Accepting need for change 1901 1917- Moving, crushing armor 1916 - 30,000 dead, Somme, France Major Cambrai victory 1916 - First tanks break down FixApproved for Public Release12- MDA-6631 (21 March 12) 5
  6. 6. Homeland Defense – Last Year’s Accomplishments – Missile Assembly Building For GBI Integration 2nd Fort Greely Fire Control Node Missile Field #2 Construction Completed Thule Radar Integrated Into The BMDS Clear Early Warning Radar GBI UpgradesApproved for Public Release 12- MDA-6631 (21 March 12) 6
  7. 7. Regional Defense – Last Year’s Accomplishments – USS Monterey SM-3 IA FTM-15 Aegis BMD 3.6.1 with SM-3 Block IA Loading AN/TPY-2 Radar in Kurecik, Turkey FTT-12 FTT-12 Combined Air Operations Center Ramstein GermanyApproved for Public Release 12- MDA-6631 (21 March 12) 7
  8. 8. Ballistic Missile Defense Testing – Last Year’s Accomplishments – FTM-15 FTX-17 FTM-16 Event 2 FTT-12 √ April 2011 √ July 2011 X September 2011 √October 2011Demonstrated Launch on Remote Initial Operational Test & Evaluation • Intercept of an IRBM with • Short Range Air • SM-3 IB and Aegis • Simultaneous Aegis 3.6.1 and an SM-3 Launched Target BMD 4.0.1 flight test engagement of SRBM Block IA • Tracked by multiple and MRBM class targets • Forward-based AN/TPY-2 sensors including FTT-12 radar in fire control loop AN/TPY-2, Beale UEWR, STSS, ABIR and NFIRE THAAD USS O’Kane Unexpected Energetic SM-3 IA Event InterceptApproved for Public Release12-MDA-6631 (21 March 12) 8
  9. 9. International Cooperation – Last Year’s Accomplishments – U.S.-Poland U.S.-Turkey Spain agrees to host BMD Agreement BMD Agreement U.S. Aegis BMD Ships Spanish Prime Minister Zapatero U.S. Secretary of State Clinton President Barack Obama NATO Secretary General Rasmussen Polish Foreign Minister Sikorski Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan U.S. Defense Secretary Panetta September 2011 September 2011 October 2011 UAE THAAD Foreign U.S.-Romania Joint U.S.- Israel Arrow Military Sales Case BMD Agreement Weapon System Flight Tests U.S. Secretary of State Clinton Romanian Foreign Minister Baconschi December 2011 December 2011 Arrow 3 – 2nd QTR FY12Approved for Public Release Arrow Block 4 – 2nd QTR FY1212-MDA-6631 (21 March 12) 9
  10. 10. This Year’s Focus – Reliability And Testing – Ground-based Midcourse Defense Aegis Ballistic Missile Defense FTM-16 E2a FTM-18 Reliability 3QFY12 3QFY12 FTM-19 4QFY12 GM CTV-01 FTG-06b SM-3 IB TestingApproved for Public Release 12- MDA-6631 (21 March 12) 10
  11. 11. Flight Test Integrated (FTI-01) BMD Demonstrate regional BMDS OPIR Participation Target 1 ability to defend against a raid of STSS Stereo Collect E-LRALT up to five simultaneous threats in MRBM an operationally relevant Hickam CENTCOM scenario UTCO / ADAFCO (Upper/Lower Tier Coord) Wake Island Roi AEGIS 3.6.1 Engages SRBM (ARAV-B) BMD Target 2: and Air Breather (BQM-74) ARAV-B AN/TPY-2 SRBM Forward Based Mode (Cueing Sensor) Omelek BMD Target 3: FMA Sea Launch Meck SRBM Reagan Test Site Patriot: Engage Kwajalein Atoll THAAD: Engage SRBM (FMA) and/or Target 4:BQM-74 Target 5: MQM-107 Air Breather (MQM-107) MRBM (E-LRALT) Air Launch Launch from Roi or SRBM (FMA) FTI-01 Largest Integrated Live Fire Missile Defense Test in HistoryApproved for Public Release 12- MDA-6631 (21 March 12) 11
  12. 12. Flight Test Maritime (FTM-15) – Enabled By Remote Sensing – FTM-15 April 2011Approved for Public Release 12- MDA-6631 (21 March 12) 12
  13. 13. Networked Remote Sensing Networked Remote Sensors Improved Track Quality Data Data Fusion Aegis Data Position Track THAAD Time System Data Wide Track Threat Missile Patriot Launch • Expands Battle Space - Organic - Launch on Remote - Engage on Remote • Increases Raid Size Capacity - 2-10 TimesApproved for Public Release12-MDA-6631 (21 March 12) ncr-114060 / 021512 13
  14. 14. Future Developments – PTSS And SM-3 Block IIB – Precision Tracking Space System Standard Missile-3 Block IIB - Persistent, precision missile tracking - Engages ICBMs early in flight as first tier - Any networked shooter for Homeland of layered defense Homeland defense and Regional defense - Expands battle space against MRBMs - Pre-positioning, indications & warning, and IRBMs and host nation agreements not needed - Cost-effective shot firing doctrine PTSS SM-3 IIBApproved for Public Release 12- MDA-6631 (21 March 12) 14
  15. 15. Integrated Nature Of Ballistic Missile Defense Combatant Commands Military ServicesApproved for Public Release12-MDA-6631 (21 March 12) International Partners 15
  16. 16. Approved for Public Release12-MDA-6631 (21 March 12) 16